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Published on October 29, 2007

Author: Freedom

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Overview:  Overview Agenda:  Agenda What is DAMA International DAMA International Products & Services Recent Accomplishments Current Goals DAMA International:  DAMA International DAMA International:  Vendor Independent Technology Independent Methodology Independent DAMA I is … DAMA International DAMA International History:  DAMA International History Information Resource Management Association of Canada (IRMAC) founded mid 1970’s Data Administration Users Group (DAUG) founded late 1970’s First DAMA Chapter: Los Angeles, founded October, 1980 Other early chapters: San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; Chicago, IL; & Washington, D.C. First elected DAMA International Board - 1988 DAMA International History:  DAMA International History D.A.M.A. International Presidents: David Ells Seattle 1988 - 1989 Ron Shelby Washington,D.C. 1990 Pat Cupoli Chicago 1991 Volodymyr Lyczmanenko Boston 1992 Carol Mugaas Minneapolis 1993 Wolfgang Krell Dallas 1994 Denise Strenglein Chicago 1995 Wayne Olsen Seattle 1996 - 1997 Lynn Tenney San Francisco 1998 Adele Bell Dallas/Ft. Worth 1999 Mike Brackett Seattle 2000 - 2003 Larry Dziedzic New Brunswick, NJ 2004 - Mission & Purpose:  Mission & Purpose DAMA (DAta Management Association) International is a professional, non-profit association dedicated to advancing the concepts & practices of Data and Information Resource Management. DAMA’s primary purpose is to promote the understanding, development, and practice of managing data, information, and knowledge as key enterprise assets. Strategic Positioning:  Strategic Positioning To be the leading professional association and organization of choice in advancing the state-of-the-art in Data, Information, & Knowledge Management (D/I/KM) world-wide. To provide a world-wide presence with a DAMA website that is informative and adds value to the personal and professional growth of those in the DAMA Community. To be the key professional ‘resource’ network associated with the D/I/KM body of knowledge for individuals, organizations, and business enterprises. To provide training, knowledge transfer and professional development opportunities for those in the field. To promote and support the development of D/I/KM industry standards. DAMA International Goals:  DAMA International Goals Define & clarify the role of Information and Data Resource Management Demonstrate to corporate management the effect of DRM / IRM on the “bottom line” Provide a focal point for addressing DRM / IRM issues Establish academic & professional certification programs for DRM / IRM professionals Bestow achievement awards to recognize individuals who have positively impacted our industry Chapters & Membership:  Chapters & Membership Member Services Chapter Membership ≈ 3,450 members Global Chapter Membership ≈ 300 members Chapter Services Chapter Liaison Program Assistance New Chapter Formation Chapter Directory maintained online Presidents Council Meetings Administrative Services Slide11:  DAMA Global Chapter (virtual) National Capital Region Philadelphia Central PA New Jersey New York City Greater Boston * * * * * * * * * * * * * St. Louis Dallas/ Ft. Worth Houston Carolinas * * * * Los Angeles * Portland Metro Puget Sound Rocky Mountain Region * * * * * Central Ohio SW Ohio * Heart of Texas * * Chicago Wisconsin Minnesota Atlanta Kansas City Nashville Michigan * * * Rochester/ Upper NY Sacramento San Francisco Phoenix * Florida * Central Virginia * Recognized Chapters of DAMA-International Key Active Chapter Forming/Reforming Chapter * Iowa * * Pittsburgh Updated October 17, 2005 Page down for non-US chapters San Diego * * Midsouth Nebraska * Slide12:  * Finland * * * * * * * * * Recognized Chapters of DAMA-International Melbourne Canberra Sydney Bangalore Toronto United Kingdom Scandinavia Deutschland (Germany) Switzerland Benelux * DAMA Global Chapter (virtual) * Key Active Chapter Forming/Reforming Chapter * * Updated October 17, 2005 Page up for US chapters Nigeria * * Delhi/NCR * Kolkata * Southern Africa Singapore * Seoul * * Philippines * Netherlands Gurgaon * Conferences & Education:  Conference Services Annual DAMA International Symposia Annual DAMA Europe Conference Annual DAMA Australia Conference Promotional booths at industry conferences Conference planning handbook Educational Services Sponsor ICCP specialty exam – Professional Certification Coordinated speaker tours Listings of Academic and Commercial training in Data Management Conferences & Education Products & Services:  Products & Services Publications Quarterly DAMA International Newsletter Chapter and Conference News DM Review Monthly DAMA Column 4th Edition “Guidelines for Implementing Data Resource Management” Vendor Discounts Industry vendor discounts Products & Services (Cont’d):  Online Services DAMA website (www.dama.org) Online Job Listings for Data Professionals Membership Management System International Recognitions Annual Individual Achievement Awards Industry Services Committee Sponsorship Speaker Directory Products & Services (Cont’d) Recent Accomplishments: Symposiums:  Recent Accomplishments: Symposiums 2005 Symposiums DAMA International Symposium Orlando, Florida (May 22-26) DAMA International Europe Symposium London (Nov. 7-10) DAMA International Australia Symposium Canberra (Oct. 19-21) Recent Accomplishments: Other Services:  Recent Accomplishments: Other Services Expanded Presence Internationally New Chapters: The Netherlands Forming Chapters: Delhi/Gurgaon, Nigeria, South Africa, Bolivia, Seoul, Philippines DAMA Global Chapter (virtual) has 300+ members world-wide Expanded Presence in the US New Chapter: Midsouth (Memphis, TN) Forming Chapters: Pittsburgh, San Diego Finalized the Membership Management System Members are now able to upkeep their personal information, upkeep their membership, etc., over the web Expanded online web services Developed Professional Certification Program for data management disciplines in conjunction with ICCP Current Goals:  Current Goals Develop Additional Certification Programs for data management disciplines in conjunction with ICCP Affiliation with other professional organizations Enhance partnership with DM Review Partnership with Association of Data Warehouse Professionals Partnership with TDAN.com (the Data Administration Newsletter) Partnership with the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) Increase the Deployment of Professional Groups Formed: Stewardship Initiated: Data Quality Forming: Oil & Gas Industry Current Goals (Cont’d):  Current Goals (Cont’d) Develop CD-ROM version of DRM Guidelines Make the 2006 Symposia the most successful ever! Expand advisors’ roles Improve DAMA International’s Understanding of its Members’ Needs and Expectations Conduct the first Annual Member Survey Grow DAMA membership Increase and Improve membership benefits Questions? www.dama.org:  Questions? www.dama.org Serving the Data and Information Management Community Since 1980

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