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Published on October 31, 2007

Author: FunnyGuy

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Geopolitics, Empire and the Bush Doctrine:  Geopolitics, Empire and the Bush Doctrine Simon Dalby Carleton University www.carleton.ca/~sdalby Ages of Geopolitics:  Ages of Geopolitics Civilizational (1825-1875) European Dominance Naturalized (1875-1945) "Darwinist" competition Ideological (1945-1990) Cold War Duality Globalization (1990- ) (New) Imperialism? "New World Order - 1991":  "New World Order - 1991" George Bush Sr., Cheney, Wolfowitz etc War on Iraq - 1991 Pre-eminence - Defense Guidance 1994-99 "We won" the cold war Never again be vulnerable Dissuade competition RMA/Strategic superiority Pax Americana "Globalized" Violence in 1990s:  "Globalized" Violence in 1990s End of Bloc divisions U.N./Territorial Covenant? (Gulf War) “New” wars Somalia, Bosnia, Sierre Leone, Kosovo, East Timor …. Drug wars Terrorism "Ecowars" The "Bush" Doctrine:  The "Bush" Doctrine Deterrence no longer works With "us" or with the terrorists "Rogue" states/ "axis of evil" "Exercising power without conquest" Pre-eminence Pre-emption "Prevention" "Global War on Terror" "Calling 911":  "Calling 911" "Global" terror not global at all Saudi radicals - Bin Laden etc. Land of the two holy places/infidels US/911 as horizontal escalation Imperial centre and regional rulers Saudi Arabia and oil/Resource Wars Analogy with Rome? Defense Strategy 2005:  Defense Strategy 2005 “While the security threats of the 20th century arose from powerful states that embarked on aggressive courses, the key dimension of the 21st century – globalization and the potential proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – mean great dangers may arise from relatively weak states and ungoverned areas.” (p. 1.) Defense Strategy 2005:  Defense Strategy 2005 “America is a nation at war” Strategic Objectives Secure US for direct attack (extremists, WMD) Secure strategic access, freedom of action Strengthen alliances and partnerships Establish favorable security conditions Defense Strategy 2005:  Defense Strategy 2005 “Mature and Emerging Challenges” Traditional Irregular Catastrophic (WMD) Disruptive (cyber weapons, space etc.) Defense Strategy 2005:  Defense Strategy 2005 Accomplish Objectives Assure allies and friends Dissuade potential adversaries (developing our own key military advantages) Deter aggression and counter coercion (“rapidly deployable forces; resolve conflicts decisively on favorable terms” Defeat adversaries (“at the time, place, and in the manner of our choosing”) Defense Strategy 2005, Forces :  Defense Strategy 2005, Forces Defend the US Homeland Operate in four forward regions Europe Northeast Asia East Asian Littoral Middle East – Southwest Asia Swiftly Defeat Adversaries Conduct lesser contingencies Slide18:  2003 Defense Strategy 2005, Geography:  Defense Strategy 2005, Geography Facilities Main Operating Bases Forward Operating Sites Cooperative Security Locations Global Sourcing and Surge Combatant commanders don’t “own” units Legal Arrangements (ICC exempt!) Barnett's "Core" and "Gap":  Barnett's "Core" and "Gap" Globalization inevitable American lead program Economic freedom "Disconnection" the enemy Forcible regime change Strategy of "Shrinking the Gap" Leviathan forces System administrators/peacekeepers The Pentagon's New Map:  The Pentagon's New Map Empire!:  Empire! “Imperialism” as denunciation Mann Incoherent Empire Rome analogy – “Calling 911” Rome, Britain and now US Ferguson/ Empire & Collossus Hardt and Negri Empire & Multitude Globalization and Sovereignty Double exception Empire of Disorder?:  Empire of Disorder? This power which refused to conquer the world, only seeks to fill its own pockets. We are confronted with a global power that takes infinitely varied local forms while refusing to think of local variety except in terms of temporal uniformity; and it succeeds thanks to its ability to establish norms, not to conquer. It is now trying to sustain this unconquered empire by shirking the requirements that Machiavelli outlined: the obligation to enrich the conquered peoples as much as the conquerors. (Alain Joxe, Empire of Disorder 2002 p. 81) Empire of Disorder?:  Empire of Disorder? US military strategy Supremacy and preemption doctrine War on terrorism US policing/drug wars Rule without conquest International economic institutions Resource flow security? Rome and America?:  Rome and America? Grain/ petroleum Pax/ justice/ order Legions and garrisons Militarised culture Hegemony? Civilisation and salvation Which religious analogy? Britain and America?:  Britain and America? Ferguson historical comparisons? Navy and global trade? Finance capital? Industrial production? Communications: telegraph vs. internet? India? Singapore? Canada? Australia? Current Research Questions :  Current Research Questions How does Bush Doctrine “play” in India Australia Canada Singapore Implicit and explicit geopolitical specifications? Military role in globalization? Elucidation of politics of “Empire” Geopolitics, Empire and the Bush Doctrine:  Geopolitics, Empire and the Bush Doctrine Simon Dalby Carleton University www.carleton.ca/~sdalby

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