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Published on May 31, 2014

Author: al-nashra

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2014/5/29 -NO. (492) PAGE 2 SNC to be diplomatically represented IF starts suicide attacks ISIL sells 6000 oil barrels Car blast kills ISIL leader in Raqqa PAGE 3 PAGE 3 Darayya awaits reconciliation ISIL” distorts Syrian revolution PAGE 2

Page NO.2The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )492( 2014/5/29 ISIL” distorts Syrian revolution IF starts suicide attacks Car blast kills ISIL leader in Raqqa “Al-Baghdadi-led ISIL is distorting Syrian revolu- tion”, Islamic front senior official Hassan Aboud said.” Islamic front has signed with some factions on Revo- lutionary Honor Charter two weeks ago in order to topple Syrian regime , not to fight over immature partisan vi- sions “, Aboud stressed in a TV interview. SAA foiled an attempt to en- ter a rigged car into the coast- al city of Tartus. The car, rigged by Islamic Front for the first time, was discovered by an ‘explosive detective A car blasted near Lazord hotel, Ar-Raqqah, killing a number of ISIL leaders “the blast aimed to kill ISIL’s device’ at a military check- points, forcing the driver to explode the car before reach- ing the city. “the car blasted at Homs refinery checkpoint “, media sources stressed. spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, who was expected to attend the meeting with his comrades”, sources added.On its part, al-Fedayeen, a fac- tion linked to Kurdish Peo- ple Protection Units admitted responsibility for the blast.

Page NO.3The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )492( 2014/5/29 Syrian government seeks civil fighting Darayya waits reconciliation SNC to be diplomatically represented ISIL sells 6000 oil bar- rels Syrian government es- tablishes “Arabs Protec- tion Units” in Al-Ha- sakah province, headed by Faiz al-Nemes, activists said.”Syrian government seeks to ignite civil fighting and confrontations among Syrian and Kurdish tribes “, activists added. Syrian government has dispatched a reconcilia- tion committee to Darayya to hold truce negotiations with opposition fighters.” SAA should release all Syr- ian detainees and retreat from the city, allowing peo- ple to return to their homes “, opposition’s committee Syrian national coalition’s Political Body decided to call on UN to approve on a coalition representative, cutting off relations with Syrian government bodies. Political Body also decided to assign the SNC Secre- tary General-Badr Jamous and Secretary of the Politi- cal Body Hadi Bahra were “ISIL have sold 6000- oil barrels in Deir Ezzor, with overall cost 880 000 U.S. dollar “, opposition fight- ers stress. said.”opposition fighters should retreat from the city, negotiating a partial deploy- ment “, government –affili- ated committee stressed.” opposition freighters can remain with SAA in Daria city in limited numbers”, government committee added. assigned to form a diplo- matic body to supervise embassies and appoint am- bassadors and workers.In the same context, the Body decided to visit Croatia to hold a meeting with Croa- tian officials and Syrian community, and eventually assign a coalition represen- tative in “Zagreb” .

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