Daily life in Athens and the Pelopo. War

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Information about Daily life in Athens and the Pelopo. War

Published on February 13, 2009

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Daily Life/The Peloponnesian War : Daily Life/The Peloponnesian War 3 questions : 3 questions Can you describe a typical day for a man in Athens? What about a woman? Or child? How was life for the metics and slaves? Can you describe it? Describe the main events in the Peloponnesian War. What was the turning point in the war? Daily Life of Males : Daily Life of Males Morning Men debated the issues of the day at the agora. Dressed in Greek fashion – Tunic – cotton & linen Assembly Walked a long ways Daily life of Male : Daily life of Male Afternoon – men exercised in one of the outdoor gymnasiums. Evening – men socialized Daily life of Women and Children : Daily life of Women and Children Women – spent most time in looming room Kitchen – women baking bread -Sons- at age of 7 they went to school -Daughters – stayed home and learned household tasks ****Married around age of 15 Evening : Evening Women ate in different room than husband. Allowed to have social guests The Peloponessian War : The Peloponessian War Athens formed the Delian League—more of an empire than an alliance Members paid tribute to Athens How does this make Sparta feel? Why? Sparta formed the Peloponessian League (see map p. 370) Why did Athens lose? : Why did Athens lose? Plague Slaves flee Delian League falls apart—why? Athens looses their fleet at Aegospotami Slide 9: The battle of Aegospotami in 405 BC was the destruction of the Athenian navy in the Peloponnesian War, and led directly to Athens' final defeat by Sparta in the following year. After an Athenian victory, Conon took the fleet to the small river mouth at Aegospotami in the Hellespont. The Spartan fleet was close by on the opposite side of the Hellespont, and for four days Conon rowed his fleet over to it, trying to engage the Spartans, who for their part stayed put. On the fifth day, after repeating this maneuver once more, the Athenians returned, beached their ships and scattered to look for food, Aegospotami being too small to have a market. Slide 10: However, the Spartan commander Lysander had sent a couple ships as scouts, to shadow the Athenians and report back. Upon hearing that the ships were unguarded, Lysander quickly brought his troops across and burned nearly all of Conon's 170 ships, only 9 escaping in time, the flagship Paralus returning to Athens and the others fleeing to Cyprus. This fleet was nearly the entirety of Athens' naval power, which was in turn the basis of her empire, so when Lysander sailed up to the Athenian port Piraeus and blockaded it, no allies appeared to help, and after holding out for a few months, Athens surrendered. Its walls were torn down, Sparta imposed a new government, and the Peloponnesian War was over. Golden Age Ends : Golden Age Ends Sparta creates a new government Democracy and free expression do not recover Socrates’ death is a good example of the “new attitude”

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