Daily Life In Ancient Greece

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Published on July 25, 2009

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Year 7 research into Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece By Jaimie and Ali

Daily Life of Ancient Greece Houses Most houses were built from stone or clay. The roofs were covered with tiles, or reeds, and the houses had one or two storeys. Larger homes had a kitchen, a room for bathing, a men's dining room, and sometimes a woman's sitting area.

Clothing The Greeks wore light, loose clothes as the weather was hot for most of the year. The main item of clothing for men was a tunic, called a chiton, These were big squares of cloth, held in place by pins at the shoulders and a belt round the waist.

Food The Ancient Greeks grew olives, grapes, figs and wheat and kept goats, for milk and cheese. They ate lots of bread, beans and olives.  The Greek diet was very healthy.

The Legacy The legacy was how Ancient Greece influenced modern day culture. The influence of the Ancient Greeks are still felt by us today. The major impact in our lives today are in: Arts, philosophy, science, maths, literature and politics. ect

Religion Gods and Goddesses Zeus was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods. Hades is the brother of Zeus. He was also lord of the underworld

Oracles The word oracle in Greek can mean several things. It can mean a god who predicts the future. It also means the priest who hears the message. The Greeks believed that you could communicate with the gods at certain places, times, people, and that the gods would give you advice and tell you what was going to happen in the future.

Sacred Places Mount Olympus towers up from the centre of the earth. Here the major gods live and hold court. The underworld is hidden in the earth. It is the kingdom of the dead and ruled over by Hades. Tartarus lies far beneath the disk of the world. It is used as the ultimate of prisons, unpleasant and inaccessible.

The Calender Of all ancient calender systems, the Greek is the most confusing. The Greeks had a lunar calendar

Festivals Ancient Greece had yearly festivals for athletics, drama and religious occasions. The festivals included processions, singing and dancing.


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