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Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Simeone

Source: authorstream.com

Bo Dahlbom:  Bo Dahlbom Professor at the IT-university in Göteborg Scientific Director at the Interactive Institute Makten över framtiden, Liber 2003 Sveriges framtid, Liber 2007 www.viktoria.se/dahlbom A fantastic:  A fantastic Technology Explosion The Impact of Internet:  The Impact of Internet Globalisation: a world without borders Automation: working tasks disappear Commercialisation: the market is expanding Systemisation: everything is connected Rationalisation: knowledge and competition Globalisation:  Globalisation The world becomes one, differences disappear One market, one culture, one society A global market, deregulation, competition Increased mobility, no local communities A global market:  A global market Products, services, labour och capital Offshoring, outsourcing, insourcing Bangalore the office of the world Global warming, pandemies, terrorism Automation:  Automation Machines emptied the country, gave us work in the factories in the city Computers emptied factories, gave us work in the offices Internet is emptying offices, giving us all work on the market Automation in Sweden:  Automation in Sweden From Factory to Market:  From Factory to Market Automation and globalisation have taken us from production to administration to services and sales A fantastic competence for production now forces us to focus on sales, marketing, design, brand Commercialisation:  Commercialisation From production to commerce Sales, negotiation, advice Markets, media, meetings Shopping, shopping, shopping The public sector:  The public sector Public sector and enterprise change together From factory to market (purchase) Customer orientation and competition Globalisation, automation and reorganisation The Healthcare Market:  The Healthcare Market Technology, money and your life Public base and private additions Food, clothes, housing, healthcare Organs, patient information on the market Healthcare as calling and commerce Systemisation:  Systemisation Systems for commerce, logistics, labour, energy, healthcare, education, defence, security, aid, environment, media, tourism, politics Internet and society as a system From Management Information Systems to Global Market Networking Service society:  Service society Automatic systems and self-service Mobile and distributed, personal services National expertise for development, evaluation, purchase Rationalisation:  Rationalisation Market, competition, knowledge Business intelligence, benchmarking Efficiency, innovation, diversity Results, increasing demands, faster School begins:  School begins Please, sit down! 21st century competence:  21st century competence We used to be competent workers, skilful, dependable, diligent, punctual – we were labourers, performing services Now we are expected to understand the processes, the business idea, the customers, strengths and weaknesses, vision and mission – we are all becoming managers Market Society:  Market Society Sales is interaction, working places become meeting places, we become nomads, technology becomes mobile A mobile trend: mobile homes, mobile production, mobile healthcare, mobile Internet services The Old Organisation:  The Old Organisation A society of its own, a well organized centre for production and distribution, a factory A well defined, autonomous organization, with its own goals, values, and quality control The New Organisation:  The New Organisation A losely connected, distributed and mobile sales force, with a web site A service network, adapting to market and customer movements and demands Life on the Market:  Life on the Market From production to commerce, from country to city In 1800, 3% of us lived in cities In 1900, 13% of us lived in cities In 2000, 50% of us lived in cities Life on the market is life in the city Tempo, Tempo:  Tempo, Tempo Technical development and competition force us to produce and consume more and more effectively, running faster all the time A networking society:  A networking society Factory life: working hours, leisure, unemployed, education, working life, retirement We used to have positions, definite tasks to perform in production or administration Now we take iniatives, increase sales, are innovative, change oriented and networking Life is a :  Life is a cocktail-party Market Demands:  Market Demands Packaging: well integrated Adaptation: reality adapted Focusing: cost effective Automation: self reliant Market and Reason:  Market and Reason Society is a garden surrounded by nature, an oasis of reason and cooperation in a nature dominated by struggle for survival Expedition 2020:  Expedition 2020 Life is an journey Select your travel companions well And don’t forget a map But what is your mission? Building:  Building Our Future Now, again, it’s:  Now, again, it’s summer

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