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Published on November 13, 2008

Author: josecarlos.gonzalez

Source: slideshare.net


Profile of the company DAEDALUS: language and content technologies, semantic web, web technologies, business technologies, content management

DAEDALUS, S.A. Company Profile

Contents About DAEDALUS   Introduction   Core competences and capabilities   Reference clients and partners   Positioning   Products   Projects   R&D   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-2 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Introduction DAEDALUS is a privately held corporation   established in Spain Spin-off from the Technical University of Madrid in   1998 Core business: language and content technology,   web technology and business intelligence Our mission is innovation   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-3 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Core competencies Language and content technology:   Multilingual and multimedia resources and tools   for content management Web technology:   Specialized search engines (text/ image/ video/   audio) Web analytics   Semantic web, Service-oriented architectures   Business intelligence:   Data mining, business rules, prediction,   modelling, simulation, optimization MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-4 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Capabilities Experts in IT: software engineering, databases,   intelligent systems Development of complex and interdisciplinary   systems R&D capabilities, with experience in international   projects Integration of its own technology with third-party   solutions and for any client platform MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-5 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Reference clients DAEDALUS provides specialized products and solutions,   integrating them for large clients as: Yell, PRISA, Unidad Editorial, Telefónica, Iberdrola, SGAE, SM, Amper, Cervantes Institute MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-6 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Partners Business partners of:   Developers/integrators of:   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-7 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Products and solutions MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-8 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

STILUS® line Product line in language and content technology   Solutions:   STILUS Corrector: high quality spell, grammar and style   checker (Spanish and Italian) STILUS Core: language analysis   STILUS Sem: semantic expansion and specialized terminology   STILUS Ner: named-entities extraction (persons, organizations)   STILUS Geo: geo-positioning   STILUS Class: automatic classification   STILUS Trans: search-oriented translators: Spanish/ Catalan/   Basque/ Galician/ English/ French/ Italian/ German/ Arabic Reference clients:   Instituto Cervantes, El País, El Mundo, Yell, Defence   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-9 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

K-Site® line K-Site: the Knowledge and key site of an organization   Product line in Knowledge management   Reference clients:   Yell, Telefónica, SDAE, Instituto Cervantes, INDRA, Unidad Editorial   Solutions:   K-Site Index: multilingual indexing and search system   K-Site Fuzzy: “did you mean” search in structured and non-structured   objects K-Site Crawler: internet crawling system   K-Site Rules: business rules management systems   Languages:   European (including Russian and Bulgarian)   Asiatic (Chinese, Japanese and Korean)   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-10 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Lawerinto® line On-line, real time web analytics   Internet audit circulations   Follow up of marketing campaigns   Reports by Email and SMS   Adaptability to clients   Reference client: Grupo SM   20 corporate web sites and 200 client web sites   4 million pages/month   Awarded the Telefónica – New Internet   Applications Prize 2002 MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-11 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Projects in Content Management (I) Semantic search engines – Semantic web   Amper, Yell, Grupo PRISA   Multilingual Search   Futurespace (Defence)   Specialized text search   Hispanic search engine (Telefónica Soluciones, Instituto Cervantes)   Multimedia content search   AMPER (Defence), Societies managing authorship rights: SDAE, AIE   Fuzzy and semantic search   “Did you mean...” for Yellow pages and telephone information systems   (Yell) Automatic content translation   Translation Spanish/Catalan/Basque/Galician for 11888 (Yell)   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-12 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Projects in Content Management (II) Information filtering and extraction in tax inspection reports   National Tax Agency   Photo/image search (fuzzy/semantic)   StockPhotos   Automatic multilingual answering, document classification   Linguaserve   Information system for R&D regional programmes   Regional Governments of Asturias and Murcia, in partnership with   AZERTIA/INDRA Digitalization, publishing, indexing and search of contents in web/CD   Government of Castilla y León   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-13 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Projects in Business Intelligence Intelligent Energy   Telefónica Soluciones   Competitive Intelligence   Foundation of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid   Local, short-term forecasting of weather, pollution and power production in   wind farms Iberinco, Grupo Iberdrola   Churning detection in mobile network operators   TeleSP, Brazil, in partnership with Telefónica I+D   Market forecasting for the Pharmaceutical industry   Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical, Denmark   Scheduling of Public Works   Ministry for the Environment   Main issues: optimisation, modelling, simulation and data mining in complex   systems Integration of third-party’s products: Xpress MP, Powersim Studio, DataEngine   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-14 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

R&D Activities MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-15 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Representative R&D Activities (I) Projects   Contents on Demand (AVANZA, Ministry of Industry, 2008-2010)   Personalized news delivery and recommendation system   Partners: Germinus XXI, Agencia EFE   Investment: 1,2M€ (total), 132K€ (DAEDALUS)   DISUIPA (AVANZA, Ministry of Industry, 2008-2010)   Platform for the access of handicapped people to public Internet facilities   Partners: Fractalia, UC3M, Consultec   Investment: 650K€ (total), 200K€ (DAEDALUS)   CANTIGA (PROFIT, Ministry of Industry, 2007-08)   Cataloguing and federate search for Digital Music Contents   Partners: Germinus XXI, Fundación Albéniz, UPM, UC3M   Investment: 1 M€ (global), 140K€ (DAEDALUS)   ITECBAN (CENIT, Ministry of Industry, 2006-09)   Architecture for Information Systems in the Banking Industry   Partners: INDRA, CajaMadrid, Sun Microsystems, Grid Systems   Investment: 33,3 M€ (total) 1,5M€ (DAEDALUS)   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-16 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

Representative R&D Activities (II) Projects (cont.)   EDDENN (PROFIT, Ministry of Industry, 2004-05)   Information Extraction in non-structured documents from digital images   Partner: IPSA. Investment: 775K€ (total), 235K€ (DAEDALUS)   Omnipaper (European Union, IST Programme, 2002-04)   Distributed and multilingual access to news services   Partners: Univ. Leuven (coordinator) and others   Investment: 2,8M€ (total), 423K€ ()   European Research Networks and Platforms   ONTOWEB: Ontology-based Information Exchange for Knowledge   Management and Electronic Commerce KDNET: Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence   CLEF: Cross Language Evaluation Forum   FLaReNet: Fostering Language Resources Network   NEM Platform: Networked and Electronic Media   ARTEMIS Platform: Embedded Systems   MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-17 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

DAEDALUS, S.A. Central Office: López de Hoyos 15 E-28006 Madrid Technical Office: Vallausa II Building Albufera 321 E-28031 Madrid Tel: +34 913.32.43.01 info@daedalus.es http://www.daedalus.es MK-2009-2-DAEDALUS-01-18 © DAEDALUS - Data, Decisions and Language, S. A.

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