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Published on February 8, 2010

Author: fussy

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ANNAPURNA TIFFIN CARRIER BUSINESS PRESENTED BY : ANNAPURNA TIFFIN CARRIER BUSINESS PRESENTED BY NAME ROLL NO HEENA BAROT : 02 POOJA JAISWAL : 09 FAUZIA SHAIKH : 17 INDEX : INDEX 1 INTRODUCTION 2 HISTORY 3 PRESENT 4 NUTAN MUMBAI TIFFIN BOX SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION 5 HOW TO START TIFFIN CARRIER BUSINESS 6 IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE BUSINESS (A) ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE (B) MARKETING PLAN (C) FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS (D) SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS 7 MODERN TECHNOLOGIES 8 CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION Tiffin Carriers In India is known as “DABBAWALA”. Lot of VARITIES HOME MADE FOOD ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES HISTORY : HISTORY The concept of Dabbawala was started in 1880. They have been honored by Six Sigma Certificate. Due to their prompt process of service they had been invited for guest lecture from top business schools.   This service was introduced in 1880. In 1890, Mahadeo Bachche, started this service with only 100 men. In 1956, a charitable trust was registered in the name of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust. PRESENT : PRESENT RATINGS (A) Error Rate : 1 in 16 million transactions (B) Six Sigma performance (99.999999) (C) Technological Backup : Nil. (D) Cost of service - Rs. 200/month ($ 4.00/month) (E) Standard price for all (Weight, Distance, Space) (F) Rs. 50 Cr. Turnover approx. (G) “No strike” record as each one a share holder Earnings -5000 to 6000 p.m NUTAN MUMBAI TIFFIN SUPPLIERS ASSOCATION : NUTAN MUMBAI TIFFIN SUPPLIERS ASSOCATION History : Started in 1880 Charitable trust : Registered in 1956 Avg. Literacy Rate : 8th Grade Schooling Total area coverage : 60 Kms Employee Strength : 5000 Number of Tiffin's : 2,00,000 Tiffin Boxes Time taken : 3 hrs HOW TO START TIFFIN CARRIER BUSINESS : HOW TO START TIFFIN CARRIER BUSINESS WHO WHEN WHERE WHAT WHY HOW HOW MUCH UNIQUE BENEIFT “Qualitative and Quantitative” QUALITATIVE = QUANTITATIVE IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE BUSINESS : IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE BUSINESS (1) ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE (A) President owner of the business (B)Vice president (C)General Secretary (D)Treasure (E) Director (F)Then employees MARKETING PLAN : MARKETING PLAN DISTRIBUTION OF FREE SAMPLE FOOD GOOD QUALITY HOME FOOD COST FACTOR I.E REASONABLE COST HOME DELIVERY SERVICE QUICK SERVICE CLEANLINESS MODES OF PAYMENT FINANCIAL DATA : FINANCIAL DATA In Tiffin wala business we need vegetables or non vegetables stuffs according to customer demand how much it will cost. (A) Gas bill while cooking food. (B) Tiffin luggage basket pass (C) Maintenance of cycles (D) Maintenance of wooden boxes (E) T.C, police robbery of Tiffin (F) Organizational fee SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS : SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS LEGAL DOCUMENTS [ LEASES , CONTRACT & AGREEMENT] OWNERS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS CREDIT REPORT PERMISSION LICENSE FOR OPENING BUSINESS RESUMES OF OWNERS AS WELL AS EMPLOYEES MODERN TECHNOLOGIES : MODERN TECHNOLOGIES E-COMMERCE BOOKING THROUGH SMS OR PHONE LINES ON-LINE BOOKING PROPER DRESS CODE OF EMPLOYEES DELIVERING FOODS ON BIKE INSTEAD OF CYCLE CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION This was about our Tiffin carrier business, from this we get conclusion that even from home we can progress like bill gates. By removing unemployment problem. It is like man who was riding on bicycle one day will come in car or bike.

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