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Information about D2L Community Webinar - Setting Online Faculty Expectations

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: D2LBarry

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Webinar slides from March 18, 2014. Video recording available on the D2L Community website.

Desire2Learn Community Webinars Twitter #D2Lwebinar For More Information: Community.Desire2Learn.com

Barry Dahl, D2L Community Desire2Learn Community Webinars • #1: Feb. 18 – Recording available at Community website. • #2: Tues. March 4 (today) • Setting Expectations for eEducation: Faculty Edition (Higher Ed focus) • Recording and resources will be posted soon. • https://community.desire2learn. com/2014-webinar-archives/

Barbra Thoeming, D2L Community Desire2Learn Community Webinars • #3: Tues. March 18 • Translating the Traditional to Virtual: Creating a Classroom Culture that Engages Students and Promotes Success • #4: Tues. April 1 • Blended learning: Enhancing communication and student feedback using D2L • Guest: Jaqi Broadbent of Deakin University

At Desire2Learn… • We believe that the world is improved when people are able to reach their full potential through learning • Our solutions represent a shift from the simple course management capabilities of the LMS to a highly pervasive, perceptive, and personal experience with an Integrated Learning Platform.

Today we focus on faculty, so let’s quickly review the… Desire2Learn Assignment Grader

Desire2Learn Assignment Grader Access and Assess Student Assignments Anywhere

Desire2Learn Assignment Grader Allowing instructors to manage, grade, and provide feedback on digital assignment submissions in either offline or online mode.

Setting Online Faculty Expectations for an Effective Digital Learning Experience Faculty Edition Higher Education Twitter #D2Lwebinar

Great Expectations

You Already Have Expectations The questions are … How clearly have they been communicated? How easy are they for the following to find? Students? (Feb. 18) Faculty? (Mar. 4) Staff and Administration? (Both)

Have you clearly defined the following items? • What the college expects from online students. • What online students should expect from your college. (Feb. 18) • What the college expects from online faculty members. • What the online faculty should expect from the college.

Why Expectations Matter http://ccrc.tc.columbia.edu/media/k2/attachments/variation-across-stakeholders.pdf

Your Mileage May Vary There are at least three major items that may change the way you approach faculty expectations

Your Mileage May Vary Faculty union? Curriculum policies? Fully-remote faculty?

Where do faculty usually learn about the expectations? Faculty Agreement (Contract) Student information on the Online Learning website Online Faculty Training Course Design Rubric Conversations with Leaders/Admin

Where should faculty learn about the expectations? Single document or website Group document or website College-wide Expectations Departmental Expectations

Why should we bother with clarifying faculty expectations? Establish a baseline set of expectations, creating consistency, and providing the basis for performance evaluations. Decide whether to allow faculty to set different expectations on a departmental basis. College-wide Expectations Departmental Expectations

College expectations of online faculty Sample of possible topics: • • • • • • Course design • Teaching loads • Student interaction • Course outlines/syllabi • Online office hours Feedback/response • time • Final exams Proctored exams Due dates/times Sick/Personal leave Course technology usage (D2L, etc.) Accessibility & copyright compliance

Shaping Expectations

Push/Pull between Students & Faculty? Studentfriendly Facultyfriendly

Example: Quiz Grading Times Studentfriendly Next day Same day Facultyfriendly 48 hours One week Two weeks

Cartoon Panel 1

Cartoon Panel 2

Cartoon Panel 3

Cartoon panel 1 Reversion to mediocrity?

College expectations of online faculty Example: Online Office Hours … each faculty member is expected to maintain one office hour (or hour of student availability) per week for each three credits taught, to a maximum of five hours. Online faculty are expected to post information about their available weekly hours within the online course shell, including information to inform the students of the various modes in which the instructor is available to students. Faculty who teach a combination of online and on-ground classes are expected to be available to students who are on campus and also those who are at a distance. Modes of communication can include (but not limited to): faceto-face, telephone, email, live chat, instant messaging, webinar room, Skype or similar Internet calling service, etc.

Online faculty expectations of the college Sample of possible topics: • • • • • Course offerings • Program offerings • Evaluation & oversight • New online faculty • Feedback/response • times • Workload/overload Class size limits Technology support Off-campus faculty Prof. development Intellectual property claims

Online faculty expectations of the college Example – New online faculty • Faculty teaching online for the very first time should expect the following: • to receive instruction and help in online teaching from the eCampus staff. that a first online class will not be canceled if it receives at least ten student enrollments. • that a first online class will have a reduced maximum class size of 20 students.

Examples of Faculty Expectations Mohawk College (ON) St. Petersburg College (FL) Penn State University University of Nebraska Omaha Colorado Community Colleges Online

Mohawk College Examples of posted expectations for Faculty: Each Mohawk College course shall use eLearn@Mohawk (Desire2Learn) as the platform for online learning • Overall Course Design Considerations • • • • • Course tools properly configured All links work properly Consistent text formatting Apply accessibility principles Correct grammar, spelling & punctuation https://elearn.mohawkcollege.ca/shared/Documents/AcTrans/EssentialElements.pdf

St. Petersburg College Examples of posted expectations for faculty: Engagement with students via Learning Management System from first day of term through the last day. Exam marked within 7 days of due date. Respond to email within 24 hours, 5 of the 7 days a week at the instructor’s discretion. Routine updates to all students at least every 7 days. Assignment marked within 7 days of due date. http://www.spcollege.edu/ecampus/help/expectations.htm

Penn State Changing expectations for faculty: Previously posted: The instructor is asked to grade and submit to students all digitally formatted assignments and exams within two business days of receipt. Current posting: Communicate to your students, in advance, when you will grade and return all assignments and exams. http://facdev.e-education.psu.edu/teach/bestpractices

University of Nebraska Omaha Posted expectations for Faculty: Notify students openly and promptly if problems or unexpected events (e.g., sickness/medical emergency, death in the family, computer or internet access issues) will impact your participation in or access to the course for more than 48 hours. http://www.unomaha.edu/cas/docs/facultyexpectations.pdf

University of Nebraska Omaha Posted expectations for Faculty: Notify students openly and promptly if problems or unexpected events (e.g., sickness/medical emergency, death in the family, computer/internet access issues) will impact your participation in or access to the course for more than 48 hours. What about the college Dean or H.R. office? What do online-only faculty do about sick leave? Does this mean that sick time < 48 hours need not be reported?

Instructors are evaluated as follows: 1. The Program Chair reviews each course the Thursday before a term begins to ensure that all courses are ready for the new semester. 2. The QA Coordinator evaluates the course discussions of each new instructor by the third week of a semester. 3. During the semester, the QA Coordinator measures instructor participation in course discussions according to the QA rubric. 4. Students complete course evaluations near the end of each term. Results are available to instructors after the term ends. https://www.ccconline.org/Instructor_Resources/Instructor_Handbook/

The Graduate School Posted expectations for faculty: • Organize class activities to take place mostly in the online classroom, rather than by email, phone, or mail. • Respond to student inquiries within two business days, even if it is just to let students know that the instructor is working on the inquiry and will reply fully as soon as possible. http://www.umuc.edu/faculty/facsupport/facultyexams/upload/ TGS_Faculty_Expectations_new.pdf

Posted expectations for faculty: Responsiveness to Students’ Circumstances Assignment deadlines and testing periods should not be set so that they fall within the typical work day. Instructors should keep track of religious holidays and other observances that might preclude participation for individual students. hybrid.commons.gc.cuny.edu/files/2012/09/BCC-Online-Teaching-Guide.pdf

Lawrence Tech University LTU Online – Faculty FAQ Why are we focused on asynchronous rather than synchronous online courses? What will be the rate of compensation for developing and teaching online courses? Are online classes taught within load or as an overload for fulltime faculty? What about ownership of intellectual property? http://www.ltu.edu/ltuonline/faculty_faq.asp

All expectations need a certain amount of synergy and consistency. Student Expectations Faculty Expectations Influence faculty expectations Influence Student Expectations

All expectations need a certain amount of synergy and consistency. Student Expectations Faculty Expectations Influence faculty expectations Influence Student Expectations Expectations of College Admin

Lake Superior College Example of what students should expect of the college: Grading Students can expect to find a clear explanation of the instructor’s grading policy in the course syllabus. Students can expect to find their grades for all assignments and other course requirements in the online grade book inside Desire2Learn. http://blogs.lsc.edu/expectations/student-expectations/

An Invitation Community Groups Using Wiggio Will open week of March 24

Client Collaboration with Wiggio

What do Groups do in Wiggio?

FUSION 2014 • Desire2Learn’s Annual Users Conference • Registration is open! Early bird available until May 1 • Why should you attend? • • • • • Join the discussion on the most heated topics in eLearning Build your network, share best practices and techniques Learn about updates and future direction of Desire2Learn Participate in hands-on training workshops Be inspired by world renowned industry keynotes • Main Conference Dates: July 14 – 16 • Post Conference Dates: July 17 – 18 • Pure Product Training will be offered • Venue: Music City Center, Nashville, TN • More information – visit www.Desire2Learn.com/FUSION


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