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Published on March 13, 2009

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Health and Safety

Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regs 1999   Detection & warning  Means of escape  Fighting fire  Staff Training  Risk Assessment Management of H&S at Work Regs 1999 

Class A: Carbonaceous materials  Class B: Liquids or liquefiable solids  Class C: Gases  Class D: Metals  Class F: Cooking oils or fats 

Identify potential fire hazards  Decide who might be harmed and how  Evaluate risks and decide whether more  needs to be done  Record findings – tell employees  Review from time to time and revise when necessary


Other examples:   Smokers materials  Heating equipment  Cooking  Lighting equipment  Arson  Static electricity  Friction  Metal impact

Flammable liquids, solvents and chemicals  Wood  Paper and card  Plastics, rubber and foam  Flammable gases  Furniture  Textiles  Waste material  Consider construction of building 

Main source is air around us:   Natural airflow (doors, windows etc.)  Mechanical air conditioning) Some chemicals (oxidising materials)  Oxygen supplies from cylinder and piped  systems

Identify:   Who may be at risk of fire;  How they will be warned; and  How they will escape. Consider employees, customers, visitors,  contractors etc. and where they may be

Decide whether existing precautions are  adequate, or whether more should be done  Consider:  Chance of fire occurring;  Precautions in place;  Warning systems;  Means of escape; and  Means of fighting fire.

Convection  Radiation  Conduction  Direct Contact 

Ever-deepening layer of smoke Smoke rises

If more than 5 employees  Record significant findings & people at risk  Record could be simple list (see below), or  layout plan, or a combination of both Significant hazards People/groups at Existing controls Further action risk from hazards and risks which are required not adequately -by when? controlled -by who?

Review when no longer valid or significant  changes  No need to review in light of trivial changes  Fires or near misses should initiate review  Ensure precautions are working effectively

Shouting “Fire” may be sufficient in small  workplaces  Electrical fire warning system with manual call points is likely to be required  Automatic fire detection may also be necessary  Alarm should be loud enough for everyone to hear it

Should normally be an alternative means of  escape Each escape route should be independent of  any other Should lead to a place of safety  Should be wide enough for number of  occupants Should not normally reduce in width  Should be available for use and clear at all  times

Consider what people are doing when alarm  sounds:  Operating machinery that will have to be switched off  Sleeping etc. Disabled may need help to evacuate  Corridors should be 1m wide  Stairways should be of sufficient width  Should be sufficiently lit, and have  emergency lighting where necessary

Portable fire fighting equipment:   Water (red)  Foam (cream)  Powder (blue)  Carbon Dioxide (black)  Halon (green)

POWDER CO2 FOAM WATER New extinguishers

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