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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: martinaolbertova



Article published at about Clients & Agencies Report 2012 on Creative Advertising in Czech Republic conducted in cooperation with Hullabaloo.

More information can be found here:

At  the  beginning,  there  was  one  simple  ques;on:  “What  can   we  do  in  order  to  improve  both  crea;ve  and  professional  level   of  adver;sing  in  the  Czech  Republic?”       Hullabaloo  contacted  Mar;na  Olbertova  Consultancy  to  help   them  form  a  valid  methodology  and  conduct  this  unique   research  for  them  in  order  to  start  a  debate  in  the  local   adver;sing  circles.  The  research  was  conducted  on  the  sample   of  84  respondents  including  some  of  the  largest  adver;sers  on   the  Czech  market  and  most  significant  adver;sing  agencies   known  for  high  level  of  crea;vity.         "We  o&en  hear  agencies  blaming  clients  and  clients  blaming  agencies.  The  bo6om  line  is  we  are  all  responsible   for  the  adver;sing  produced  in  this  country.  If  the  product  is  not  outstanding,  we  are  all  to  blame.  We  hope  the   research  will  in  some  small  way  help  us  all  towards  be6er  work.  We  would  like  to  conduct  it  annually.  Hopefully   next  year  we  will  get  more  respondents  than  this  year,"  says  Tim  Hennessy,  CEO  of  Hullabaloo.       The  research  findings  for  example  showed  that  the  expecta;ons  of  both  clients  and  agencies  are  very  similar,   however,  from  some  reason  neither  of  the  sides  are  able  to  give  one  another  what  they  crave  for.  Some  of  the   coverage  in  Czech  marke;ng  media  made  a  parallel  of  the  clients/agencies  rela;onship  to  the  ;e  of  a  loveless   long-­‐married  couple,  which  is  unable  to  communicate  and  is  only  lus;ng  a&er  what  they  once  knew  they  loved   about  each  other....  Those  were  the  ;mes!       A  significant  problem  of  Czech  adver;sing  detected  on  both  sides  of  the  adver;sing  fence  was  a  strong   inclina;on  towards  mediocrity  and  a  general  fear  of  risk.  Big  issue  for  agencies  is  that  clients  are  only  approving   “standard”  crea;ve  solu;ons  resembling  to  a  “walking  brief”,  on  the  other  hand  clients  o&en  struggle  with   inflexible  agencies  unwilling  to  try  new  things  and  single-­‐mindedly  repea;ng  their  version  of  the  crea;ve  idea  is   the  best  possible.       Lack  of  dialogue,  trust  and  mutual  respect  is  at  stake  here.  The  author  of  the  research,  independent  marke;ng   &  research  consultant  Mar;na  Olbertová  of  Mar;na  Olbertova  Consultancy  adds:  “Personally,  I  find  much  more   interes;ng  than  the  detailed  findings  the  no;on  that  the  people  working  in  the  communica;on  business  are   paradoxically  unable  to  effec;vely  communicate  with  one  another.  I  believe  that  opened  dialogue,  the  art  of   listening,  collabora;on,  mutual  respect  and  tolerance  will  be  the  biggest  challenge  for  the  future  of  adver;sing   in  the  Czech  Republic.”       If  you  are  interested  in  more  detailed  findings,  you  can  read  and  download  the  full  report  here:  h6p:// hullabaloo-­‐  

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