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Published on November 26, 2007

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Daniel Maia Microsoft Student Ambassador Platinum  Daniel Maia Microsoft Student Ambassador Platinum Report of ConferenceXP in Brazil June, 2005 ConferenceXp :  ConferenceXp Implementations The schools using:   Slide3:  Geographical Coverage São Paulo São José dos Campos 90 Km University of São Paulo:  University of São Paulo Medicine Faculty have the largest university hospital of country. And the center of reference in Latin America in Telemedicine Telemedicine discipline:  CETEC Units Tecnology units with video conference and internet telemedicine based. Telemedicine discipline Slide6:  ITA is a federal institute which has contributed for the development of the Aerospace industry in Brazil since 1950. ITA Embraer 170/190:  Embraer 170/190 CXP – Events I :  CXP – Events I Release of the Classroom of the Future ConferenceXP, University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil On October 18, 2004, the Theater of University of Medicine of USP, the first class on Brazil was presented, using Classroom of the Future with Profº Dr. Marcus Boulos - Director of the Surgical Center of the Clinics Hospital in São Paulo. In the event they were present 600 guests, besides Governor of the State of São Paulo Mr. Geraldo Alckmin. CXP – Events II :  CXP – Events II BrasilTech Anhembi, São Paulo, Brazil - Classroom The week of 16 to 20 the November, 2004, the Classroom was demonstrated in BrasilTech 2004, accomplished in the center of exhibitions of Anhembi in São Paulo, the classes was about the missing children's search in the state of São Paulo. ConferenceXP:  ConferenceXP Website Client Services Venue Archive Reflector Localization Works in development :  Works in development ConferenceXP Guide Works in development :  Works in development VPN Another challenge is in the connection of remote classrooms through the internet, due the support the multicast still not to be diffused in scale in Brazil and the same to be an obligatory requirement for the operation of the solution. Tests with reflectors multicast demonstrated little efficiency, difficult configuration and poor acting. Tends as requirements of high readiness, low cost operational, fast and easy implementation, began the tests and researches for the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) where seemingly will work. Works in development :  Works in development VPN Works in development:  Works in development AMD PIC Embedded Conference XP and E-learning content Virtual Man (Improve the relation between doctor and patients) + ConferenceXP Works in development:  Works in development AMD PIC – Specification Configuration Compact, ergonomically designed system case with optional accent colors Unit dimensions  5.5" wide x 8.5" deep x 2.5" high  3 lbs. AMD Geode GX processor Integrated DDR memory Audio controller with Stereo headphone & /microphone jacks 4 USB ports – support printers, Flash memory, disk drives, and network adapters 10GB 3.5" internal hard disk Internal 56K v.92 modem VGA and modem ports Outstanding features 32-bit x86 processor, at 266 MHz, with MMX instruction set support 64-bit SDRAM interface 2D graphics accelerator CRT interface TFT interface High quality NTSC/PAL TV encoder with flicker filter, hardware video accelerator, and capture video capability Supports Composite, S-video, and YCrCb output SC1201 includes *Macrovision 7.1.L1 copy protection CCIR-656 compliant video input port PCI bus controller USB interface, three ports, OpenHCI Rev. 1.0 specification compliant LPC bus interface Audio interface, AC97 and AMC97 Rev. 2.0 compliant Virtual System Architecture™ (VSA™) support Power management, ACPI 1.0 compliant Two IDE channels for up to four external ATA-33 compliant devices 432 enhanced BGA package Software and Applications Operating System – Windows CE 5.0 Web Browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 E-mail Macromedia Flash Player 6 Windows Media Player Presentation viewer for PowerPoint Windows Messenger chat Microsoft Windows CE 2D Game Pack Spreadsheet and Full Function Word Processor Image viewer – .jpg, .bmp, .png, and .gif filetypes Zip/Unzip compression utility Implementation Process:  Implementation Process Future Works :  Future Works 1.  Use of ConferenceXP in preparatory course for medicine school for poor students. 2.  Creation of the largest repository of debates of clinical cases of the Latin America in Clinics Hospital (Archive Service). And sharing of the debates for all community (students, doctors, surgeons) using the sharepoint. Future Works (II):  Future Works (II) Use of the Conferencexp in the Amazonian legal for the training in distant communities using the system SIVAM (System of Surveillance of the Amazonia) with approximately 800 points.  Amazonian legal is a group of 9 Brazilian states in the area of the amazon forest. It covers about 61% of the Brazilian territory. Schedule:  Schedule Milestones December/2005 a. Localization b. ConferenceXP Guide c. VPN d. AMD Pic e. + 3 deployments June/2006 a. Use of ConferenceXP in preparatory course b. Repository c. Use in the Amazonian legal region d. + 10 deployments Thank you!:  Thank you! ©2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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