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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: DaveChaffey



Customer Experience Management - CXM - doesn't have enough attention IMO given its importance in delivering and evaluating marketing effectiveness from a customer's POV.

In this webinar and breakfast briefing Adobe UK asked me to deliver I introduce the CXM and give 10 practical techniques across the Smart Insights RACE framework to improve experience.

1 Managing CXM 10 practical techniques A webinar and briefing for Adobe UK Marketing Cloud Dr Dave Chaffey CEO: Digital Marketing Advice

2 About Dave Chaffey About Dave Chaffey • Author of 5 bestselling marketing books • Responsible for CXM at -- a marketing advice site with Expert members in over 50 countries using our planning guides, templates and online courses to improve results. • Insights Director @ search conversion agency ClickThrough Marketing


4 What is Customer Experience Management? Source: As defined by Forrester in 2011

5 CXM = effective brand customer communications “Right Touching” is: A Multi-channel Communications Strategy Customised for Individual Prospects and Customers Which… Delivers the Right Value Proposition Accompanied by the Right Message With the Right Tone At the Right Time With the Right Frequency and Interval Using the Right Media / Communications channels To achieve… The right balance of value between both parties Source: Dave Chaffey (2005, 2012): Digital Marketing Strategy: Implementation and Practice

6 Do you have a person or team RESPONSIBLE FOR CXM?  Vote!

7 Technique 1. Personas & Customer journey mapping Smart Insights Persona Toolkit

8 B2C Persona example For each persona define preferences for:  Platforms (web, email, mobile)  Platform usage (hours)  Content consumption: General site types & category-specific  Social media - content creation & participation  Search behaviour  Trusted brands Insights Persona Toolkit : See also Mental content model mapping technique

9 Technique 2: Define Brand OVP


11 Developing your brand personality?  Personality is the unique, authentic, and talkable soul of your brand that people can get passionate about.  Personality is not just about what you stand for, but how you choose to communicate it. It is also the way to reconnect your customers, partners, employees, and influencers to the soul of your brand in the new social media era. Source: Tip: Refine how content enhances Personality and supports brand storytelling


13 Improving Reach Key success factors  Define success criteria  Select appropriate mix  Optimise most effective channels:  Search marketing  Outreach  Social media marketing

14 Technique 3. Targeted lifecycle media

15 Example: Online value proposition: Selection and Purchase value

16 Tip: Use paid and natural Site links to explain and persuade

17 Effectiveness (potential sales volume) Investment(resourceneeded) SEO Long Tail AdWords Remarketing Facebook custom audiences AdWords Generic Social amplification Media related PR Influencer PR Integrated content campaigns Blog marketing Sponsored Tweets Instagram POE media targeting prioritisation FBX Retargeting Facebook Promoted Posts LinkedIn Promoted Posts Tip: Review Display Network and Remarketing options AdWords Tail AdWords PLA AdWords Mobile (Enhanced campaigns) SEO Generic Example: Review effectiveness for your sector

18 Increasing InterACTion Key success factors  Define key customer journeys for different platforms  Use Analytics to improve effectiveness  Select content to engage audience  Manage creation and promotion of content

19 Technique 4. Relevant Scent  Vote!


21 Sites focused on users’ top tasks

22 Technique 5: Strategic Content Marketing

23 Does your content engage and persuade?

24 Technique 6. Marketing Automation Automated Email Sequences > Targeted > Behavioural

25 How sophisticated is your email marketing? Customers Welcome email Behavioural Cross sell Regular marketing emails Site segmented Activity flagging RFM Predictive Lapsed / Churn By product Site down apology Birthday / Xmas Emails Repeat abandoner Future Release alert Back in stock alert Lapsed Activity Non cross sell Not returned in 14 days Not re-purchased in 14 days Process abandonment X-sell programme By product Newsletter Not transacted By content group visited Content triggers Entry level 5 - 8 triggers Medium level 17 – 30 triggers Upper level 20 – 50 triggers Nirvana 50 – 500 triggers Nursery program Site Activity programFull marketing email program Customer service emails Source:

26 Email 1: 45% Open 8.4% CTR Email 2: 38% Open 3.5% CTR Intent follow-up – click on Category

27 Increasing Conversion Key success factors  Create a CRO / optimisation process  Understand multi-channel conversion

28 Technique 7. CRO

29 International CRO at


31 Technique 8. Smart Merchandising

32 Testing email offer in an abandoned shopping cart email sequence  1. Generic branded follow-up email : +10% conversion rate.  2. Personalised remarketing email with a promotional code for a 5% discount time limited to 72 hours: +100% conversion rate.  3. Personalised remarketing email with a promotional code for a 5% discount time limited to 48 hours: +200% conversion rate. Source: Smart Insights case study

33 Improving Engagement Key success factors  Understanding the satisfaction gap  Effective sharing through social media marketing  Effective and efficient email marketing

34 Technique 9. Understanding loyalty drivers

35 Customer feedback tools HiPPO support tool = and

36 Technique 10. Map your customer lifecycle touchpoints and Optimise :Halfords case study

37 Source: Philips presenting on

38 Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome Plan | Manage | Optimize Free, Basic member tools  Sample planning templates  Planning infographics Premium, Expert member learning  7 Step Guides to all digital marketing  Online courses  DIY Planning and optimisation templates in Word, Excel and Powerpoint  member-reasons

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