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Published on March 11, 2014

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Credentials & Portfolio of Crown Ventures NY,

CVNY is a reputable digital marketing agency that specializes in online advertising and innovative communication strategies.

It is a dynamic agency that is dedicated to providing high-quality services in the areas of online marketing, social media development, and web development.

Crown Ventures NY is involved in several exciting associations with firms spread across the globe, ranging from production facilities and industry experts to creative artists, online analysts, and service providers. Their goal is to be at the top of the regional industry and they are already building an impressive reputation of notable clients.

The people behind CVNY are a group of talented and eminent figures in various industries, all of whom have a high proficiency in marketing, advertising, and IT services.

A Gate to the Digital Era! 1

! CVNY is a fully fledged digital marketing agency that specializes in online advertising and communication strategies.! ! The way we do digital marketing is different from others, ! we have the marketing background and expertise's. hence we look at things from the client's and consumer’s perspectives not only a classic scope of advertising.! In CVNY we deliver a business proposition that is marketing oriented, supported with media & advertising mix, technologically updated, result & value driven, with several rich reflections on brand equity, word of a mouth, and of course the ROI.! ! ! & therefore we do it really well! who we are?! 2

by the way, when we collect data… we use it!! Social Media Marketing/ Optimization! Online Asset Management ! Online reputation management! what we do! 3

some of our strategic partners! 4

where can we play?! this is our playground! 5

this is how we used to think! ATL ! Above The Line! BTL! Below The Line! Radio ! TV! OOH! Print! Online Advertising! Direct Marketing! Sampling! On-Ground Brand Activation! Online Brand Activation & Events! Consumer! ! Rating! Frequency! CTR! GRP! Reach! ! ! ! Engagement! New Customer! Leads! Likes! ROI! CPL! ! ! 6

the new thinking, the POE media model! Paid! Owned ! Earned! ROI using the power of the PAID media! Paid media helps in making our own content easy to discover! Owned media drives engagement and understanding! Earned media will build brand advocacy, word of mouth & peer to peer recommendations.! 7

POEM in details! Paid! Owned ! Earned! Strangers! Customers! Fans, Likes, Followers…! ROI using the power of the PAID media! Search "! TV "! Radio "! OOH "! Gaming "! Print "! Display "! Reputation Management "! Likes "! Tweets, views "! 8

our innovative kitchen! CVNY Innovative Kitchen is a smart department delivering digital marketing services of any complexity that you may require. ! In a friendly and creative work environment, we have gathered a group of web developers, programmers, designers, copywriters, planners, and creative artists. All of these innovative professionals work with passion and open-minded creativity to provide our clients with differentiated business solutions.! In addition to this, we maintain joint-venture agreements with the best digital marketing consulting firms and experts in the UK and USA.! In this way, we deliver to our clients the most advanced, up- to-date, and reliable services on the market.! 9

our business philosophy! 10

why us?! We never stop improving our services, because the requirements of our clients never stop changing. This includes constantly updated business methodologies, innovative engineering practices, cutting- edge marketing techniques, and top-of-the-industry standards to enhance our team’s abilities to increase customer satisfaction.! We are committed to quality, which is why we use and follow world- class metrics and monitoring tools as a way to verify the credibility and efficacy of the work we do and assure our clients about their investments.! 11

our happy clients! 12

languages we speak! 13

some of our works! Forums – June 2013! Tyche Awards Site – Sept. 2012! 14

some of our works! – Feb. 2012! Tamashee ecommerce ! 15

some of our works! Allinque Site– March 2013! 16

some of our works! Ittihad FC Saudi Arabia Portal & Mob. App. – June 2013! 17

some of our works! SWATCH N2O Facebook Contest – July 2013! 18

some of our works! FMP Mobile Carnival – Sept. 2013! Samsung Note II Facebook Photo Contest – Nov. 2013! 19

some of our works! Time Center FB Gift Tab – August 2012! SWATCH fb Memory Game – Dec. 2012! 20

some of our works! Galaxy Note III Photo Contest – Oct. 2013! 21

some of our works! FMP Dream– Nov. 2013! 22! 23

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