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Published on November 15, 2008

Author: aSGuest3273


Slide 1: DIVINE MERCY Slide 2: On February 22, 1931, Sister Faustina records in her Diary “I saw Jesus dressed in a white garment. He held one hand raised in blessing and the other hand was touching his garment at the breast. From under the garment came two rays of light, one red the other pale”. Slide 3: Jesus said “ paint a picture according to the vision you see and with the signature, Jesus, I trust in You, I desire that this picture be venerated first in your chapel and then throughout the whole world”. Later Sr. Faustina’s Spiritual Director told her to ask Jesus what the rays signified and Jesus explained to her - “The rays represent the Blood and Water which gushed forth from the depths of my Mercy when My agonizing Heart was pierced on the cross. The pale rays symbolize the water, which cleanses and purifies the soul: the red rays represent the blood, which gives new life to the soul. These rays will shield the soul before the justice of My Father. Fortunate are those who live in this shelter, for the justice of God will not reach them there”. Slide 4: St. Faustina writes in her diary: “The Lord permitted me to see the immensity and greatness of His Mercy. If souls could only realize how much God loves them! Earthly human understanding, is only a pale shadow of the reality,” Jesus pleaded for help in seeking the return, through His mercy, of all who have lost their faith and offended God. Write, the greater the sinner, the greater the mercy. Summon all those to confidence in the incomprehensible depth of My Mercy for I desire to save all. The well of Mercy was opened wide with a lance on the Cross, for all souls. I do not exclude anyone.” Slide 5: Again and again, Our Lord visited Sister Faustina and repeated His appeal to sinners calling them to His open arms. “Know, my daughter, that My Heart is Mercy itself. From this sea of mercy graces pour out upon the whole world. No souls that come to Me depart without being comforted. All misery vanishes in My Mercy: and every grace, redemptive and sanctifying, stems from this source”. On another occasion, Jesus complained of our lack of trust in Him “Distrust tears at My Heart. The lack of confidence in chosen souls hurts me most. Despite my inexhaustible love, they do not trust me. Tell ailing mankind to draw close to My Merciful Heart and I will fill them with peace. Mankind will not find solace until it turns with confidence to My Mercy and love.” Slide 6: Who Was Sr. Faustina? Helen Kowalska was born the third child of ten on August 25th. 1905 in the village of Glogowiec, Poland. The family were poor but very rich in the Love of God and respect for other people, virtues that characterized her whole life. She entered the apostolic congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in 1927 and lived within the community as a humble and hard-working sister until her death just thirteen years later in the convent at Lagiewniki in Cracow. Her short life was always devoted to the Divine Mercy of Jesus and her beatification process began when her remains were transferred from the cemetery to the convent chapel. Slide 7: On the first Sunday after Easter, April 18, 1993, in St. Peter's Square in Rome, Pope John Paul II declared her one of the community of the blessed. On the following day during his general audience he said: "God has spoken to us through the spiritual wealth of Blessed Sister Faustina Kowalska. She left to the world the great message of Divine Mercy and an incentive to complete self-surrender to the Creator. God endowed her with a singular grace that enabled her to experience His mercy through mystical encounter and by a special gift of contemplative prayer. Blessed Sister Faustina, thank you for reminding the world of that great mystery of Divine Mercy; that 'startling mystery', that inexpressive mystery of the Father, which today every individual and the whole world need so very much." Sister Faustina was canonized in Rome on the first Sunday after Easter, April 30, 2000 by the Holy Father John Paul II. Slide 8: The message of Divine Mercy is at the heart of the gospel and presents the truth and the call of the gospel " introduce into life the mystery of mercy, supremely revealed in Jesus Christ." from Rich in Mercy, an encyclical by Pope John Paul II. What God wants most is for us to turn to Him with trust. To trust God and to rely on Him who is mercy itself, knowing that He is God, and that He loves us and cares for us. By placing our trust in Him we receive His infinite and merciful love. Jesus wants to have mercy on all of us but He waits for us to turn to Him in trust, never taking over our gift of free will.

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