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Published on December 8, 2008

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Wagner Albuquerque de Almeida São Paulo – SP / Brazil Tel: +55 11 5084-8360 (home) or + 55 11 8105-0037(mobile) - Professional Profile Innovative and seasoned Risk Manager with approximately fifteen year’s experience tested at well-regarded international financial institutions, having proved management skills (currently leading large group of people up to 120 analysts) and with ability to work in teams in a multicultural environment. Showing a successful and distinguished performance over the years, having worked for approximately 5 years in US (New York), The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Germany (Frankfurt). Own a diversified Risk Management knowledge (e.g. ranging from investment banking to retail businesses) and experienced with Brazilian and other Latin American markets. Experienced in most aspects and phases of the credit analysis and approval process (e.g. origination, financial analysis including socio & environmental aspects, transaction structuring, approvals, risk monitoring, financial restructuring & recovery). Voting member of credit committee (chairman and/or co-chairman; credit authority up to EUR 500mln for corporate and EUR 1bln for Financial Institutions). Reporting to the Latin America Chief Risk Officer and to the Head of Transaction Approval in Amsterdam, been a member of the Management Team of Risk Management Latin America. Professor of Credit Risk Management – Corporate at the FGV Risk Management MBA (taught course in 2008). Areas of Strength • Financial and business analysis including socio • Strong analytical, communication, and negotiation skills environmental risks • Identifying customer needs and business opportunities • Innovation • Experience with due diligence and integration process • Team building and leadership • Personal flexibility, ability to work in a multicultural environment, open to relocation for the right opportunity Relevant Professional Experience Banco ABN AMRO Real (formerly part of ABN AMRO Group; now part of Santander Group) Jan 2005 – Dec 2008 : (Brazil) Senior Vice President – Country Risk Officer for both Consumer & Commercial Clients and Wholesale Client Services. Jan 2004 – Dec 2004 : (Brazil) Senior Vice President - Head of Risk Management for Consumer & Commercial Clients in Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Jun 2001 – Dec 2003 : (Holland) Vice President – Corporate Center / Strategic Risk and Reporting. Jul 1999 – May 2001 : (Brazil) Assistant Vice President – Senior Credit Analyst / Latin America Risk Management / Regional Office for Latin America and Caribbean. • Manage a fast growing credit risk portfolio with sound portfolio quality. ABN AMRO Real has strategically set credit business as one of its pillars for sustaining business growth and shareholder value. ABN AMRO Real successfully became in 2006 the 3rd largest Brazilian private bank (from the 5th position 5 years ago) showing good credit risk portfolio metrics (by means of % growth, asset quality and returns). • Responsible for all credit and socio environmental analysis and approval process (approximately 50 thousand analyses per year), leading a group of 120 Full Time Employees. • Experienced with Brazilian and (to less extent) Large Latin American counterparties. Seasoned with Wholesale Business, Project Finance as well as Retail Business (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). • Voting member of the main ABN AMRO Real Risk Committees (Chairman and/or Co-chairman; credit authority up to EUR 500mln for corporate or EUR 1bln for Financial Institutions) and member of the Management Team of Latin America Risk Management. • In 2006 headed the first sale of a corporate non-performing portfolio in the Brazilian market (notional amount approximately BRL 900mln). • Created with FGV-SP the first in-house MBA program with focus on “Risk Management” in Brazil. Professor of Credit Risk Management – Corporate at the FGV Risk Management MBA (taught course in 2008). • Run in 2003 the Risk Management due diligence process of major acquisition of ABN AMRO Real in Brazil and in 2004 the integration process of existing Risk Management structures in both banks. • Liaised with external and internal parties such as ABN AMRO Group Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board, Regulatory Bodies, the Rating Agencies, Equity Analysts and Investors on all issues related to the ABN AMRO Global Risk portfolio. • Took part in several credit risk inspection process in Brazil, other Latin American countries and in The Netherlands.

Page 2 of 2, Wagner Albuquerque de Almeida, +55 11 5084-8360 (home), + 55 11 8105-0037(mobile) Deutsche Bank Group Jan 1998 – Jun 1999 : (New York) Assistant Vice President – Senior Credit Analyst / Credit Risk Management Latin America (Regional Office) / Global Corporate and Institutions. Jan 1992 – Dec 1997 : (Brazil) Senior Credit Analyst – Corporate Finance – Infrastructure Sector. Senior Credit Analyst – Corporate Banking. Credit Analyst – Corporate Banking. Trainee Program (joined Deutsche Bank through the “Deutsche Bank International Trainee Program”). • In charge of Latin American Corporate names. Involvement mainly with corporate finance, project finance and global markets transactions. • Produced credit applications, risk scores, financial analysis and projections as well as sector / peer analysis. Presentation to Credit Committees for final approval. • Monitored the Latin America credit portfolio and cross border exposures. • Credit analyst for Wholesale names with focus on infrastructure and deals related to the privatization process in Brazil. • Delegated credit authority up to USD 5mm. • Took part as a “Guest Reviewer” on a Credit Risk Review at Deutsche Bank de Barry – Netherlands. Professional Membership, Forum Participation and Academic Experience Fellow of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Speaker at the 5th Edition of the International Corporate Restructuring Forum Professor of Credit Risk Management – Corporate at the FGV Risk Management MBA (taught course in 2008) Education 2008 - Master in Global Management (with classes at Columbia Business School, Berkley, Babson and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; to be concluded in March 2010) - B. I. International 1990 - Bachelor Business Administration - Mackenzie University 1984 - Technician degree in Business Administration - Mackenzie College Languages Portuguese – Mother Tongue English – Fluent Other Training Courses • Leadership Development Program (18 months, including • Alumni (Basic and Intermediate English certificates) coaching section) • Several Risk Management courses and seminars in Brazil • ABN AMRO Senior Management Course - Leadership and abroad focusing: corporate, financial institutions, Development / Amsterdam credit & market risk, corporate finance, loan & transaction • ABN AMRO Leadership Development – Amsterdam structuring, fixed income & equity securities and • American Language Program - Columbia University, New derivatives York – Advanced Level

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