Customizing Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

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Information about Customizing Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: serina_four


Customizing Your Emergency Preparedness Kit: Customizing Your Emergency Preparedness Kit PowerPoint Presentation: Every home, every family, should have at least one emergency preparedness kit on hand in the event of a disaster. These kits can be readily purchased at any number of online retailers but it is important to customize the contents to reflect your individual needs. PowerPoint Presentation: Food and water are the first two basic needs that should be met with such a kit. Storing enough non-perishable food to last your family a few days should be the bare minimum. Consider things like granola or protein bars, dried fruit, crackers, canned tuna and/or chicken, and peanut butter. The food should be ready to eat, rather than things that need to be cooked. PowerPoint Presentation: Water though is heavy, a little over 8 US pounds per gallon. FEMA and other sources recommend a minimum of one gallon per person, per day. That figure includes very minimal personal cleaning. A safer estimate would be two gallons. For a family of four, to set aside enough for three days would be 24 gallons of water. In addition to storing water, add in water filtration and purification supplies. This allows you to make found water, such as rainfall or snow melt, potable. Basic first aid supplies are critical. Antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze, splints, alcohol wipes, and anything else necessary to treat minor injuries. Add to those the basic OTC remedies for stomach troubles, pain relievers, and fever reducers. PowerPoint Presentation: In the event you need to evacuate your area, you should include in your emergency preparedness kit copies of important papers, such as insurance policies and bank accounts. A small amount of cash and coins will allow you to possibly make purchases along the way. A credit card would be a worthy addition but keep in mind in the event of a localized disaster, retailers may be unable to accept them due to power outages or computer lines being down. PowerPoint Presentation: Having the means to start a campfire will provide warmth as well as improving the overall mood. Basic fire starting supplies for the emergency preparedness kit would include at least two ways to light a fire (butane lighter, magnesium striker, strike anywhere matches, flint and steel) as well as ready to light tinder. Dryer lint is excellent for this purpose and is essentially free. Just put a quantity of it in a plastic bag for later use. Flashlights are a necessity and consider adding an inexpensive headlamp to the kit. This allows you to work hands free, which is essential when cleaning dishes and completing any number of necessary tasks. Be sure to have extra batteries in the kit for each of your lights. PowerPoint Presentation: Personal hygiene is another need that must be met by the kit contents. Toilet paper, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and basic personal cleaning items like soap and toothpaste should all be included. Being able to keep reasonably clean will not only help stave off disease and infection but provide a much needed boost to morale. Your kit should be stored in a cool, dark place that is easily accessible. A closet or basement for example. Aside from the water, kits should be portable so pack the contents in a duffel bag or backpack. If you have multiple family members, consider making smaller kits for each person. This provides a way to divide up the contents and overall weight. The idea behind having an emergency preparedness kit is to provide for your family's basic needs until such time the crisis passes and order is re-established. The time to put together a kit is now, before it is needed. PowerPoint Presentation: Sources:

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