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Published on January 30, 2008

Author: Sebastiana


CUSTOMER FORUM NOVEMBER 15, 2007:  CUSTOMER FORUM NOVEMBER 15, 2007 Communications Customer Service WELCOME TO THE AGENDA:  AGENDA Welcome Introductions & Opening Remarks New Cellular Program Update on Services Voice Mail Upgrade Conferencing Services ACD/Call Center Management Upgrade Cellular Services Emergency Notification System Break SSN Project Update Telecommunications RFP – WTC Initiative Questions & Answers Welcoming Comments:  Welcoming Comments Dan Jacobsohn Director Customer Support Services CITES Cell Phone and PDA Pilot Policy:  Cell Phone and PDA Pilot Policy Sandra Ehler Executive Director OBFS - University Payables Terry Thompson Director OBFS – University Tax Reasons for New Policy:  Reasons for New Policy To ensure that the University is in compliance with IRS substantiation requirements (see IRC Sections 274(d)(4) and 280F(d)(4)) To alleviate the significant administrative burden, on both employees and the University, of providing the extensive substantiation required to fulfill IRS reporting requirements Reasons for New Policy:  Reasons for New Policy The IRS is auditing higher education institutions, specifically for cell phone / PDA substantiation UCLA and a few universities in Utah are currently being audited Big Ten peers have either already implemented or are in the process of adopting similar stipend programs IRS Substantiation Requirements:  IRS Substantiation Requirements Time and date of each call Business purpose of each call Explanation of business relationship with all participating parties on each call The following information must be maintained for each and every call: Goals:  Goals To relieve employees and units of the burden of strict IRS substantiation requirements To improve efficiencies throughout the University by processing employee stipends Cell Phone / PDA Service Options:  Cell Phone / PDA Service Options Currently, employees needing cell phone / PDA service for University business purposes may: Receive a University-provided cell phone / PDA; service contract is in the University’s name Use their personal cell phone / PDA. The service contract and the equipment are the property and responsibility of the employee Reimbursements processed through invoice voucher Electing to Opt In or Out of the Stipend Program:  Electing to Opt In or Out of the Stipend Program Units as a whole elect to either opt-in or opt-out of the program A unit is considered an academic college or an administrative department Opting-Out:  Opting-Out By opting-out of the program, the unit is required to maintain the documentation required by the IRS to meet substantiation rules on all University provided phones. Collect reimbursement for listed personal calls Reimbursement requests for employees using personal cell phones / PDAs for business purposes must include all substantiation required by the IRS when submitting reimbursement vouchers to UPAY Opting-In to the Stipend Program:  Opting-In to the Stipend Program New Stipend Option:  New Stipend Option No IRS documentation required No need to distinguish between personal and business calls More convenient for employees No need to track calls or carry an extra phone Intended for employees who currently receive regular monthly reimbursements, or currently have a University phone and contract Actual amounts are determined by unit heads and based on substantiated records of prior payments/charges Stipends are paid through Payroll Academic colleges or administrative departments must elect to opt-in or opt-out as a whole Annual review of stipend and form updates completed annually (October) This is a pilot! More details to come regarding processes and procedures through OBFS announcements, including information on stipends for high-speed internet Opting-In Equipment:  Equipment In general, employees of those units opting in to the stipend program need to acquire and maintain their own equipment Verizon has agreed to transition University contracts to the employee if requested. A new phone will be provided to the employee. No costs involved for selected models – employee will be responsible for payment of any upgrade in equipment or service. The employee must return the University provided phone to their department for disposal. If employee elects to keep the University-owned equipment, departments must complete “Equipment Loan Form” and keep on file within their department Transitioning from a University Contract :  Transitioning from a University Contract Guidelines will be provided on how to transition from a University contract to a personal contract Determining a Stipend Amount:  Determining a Stipend Amount OBFS will provide criteria to consider when determining stipend amounts Units should use the opportunity to evaluate frequency and level of business need Exceptions to Stipends:  Exceptions to Stipends If unit has opted-in, but employee does not qualify for a stipend: Occasional personal reimbursement is handled via an exception approved by the unit The unit needs to complete the Exception Form, and attach required IRS substantiation Termination of a Stipend:  Termination of a Stipend Stipends should be terminated at the same time services are terminated Stipends are tied to employee’s primary job Recertification and unit authorization is required if employee changes primary job Tentative Schedule:  Tentative Schedule OBFS currently has three groups participating in the pilot program – scheduled to go live in November 2007, December 2007, and January 2008 Training will be provided and scheduled around start dates OBFS is looking for a few more units to participate in the pilot program this spring – volunteers? Anticipated University-wide roll-out date is June 30, 2008 All units should have chosen to opt-in or out of the stipend program by the end of FY09 Points of Contact:  Points of Contact OBFS – University Payables Sandy Ehler, Exec. Director 217-265-8129 Jim Martinie, Director 217-333-0780 Sarah Crane, Project Mgr. 217-333-0783 OBFS – University Payroll Laurie Pitner, Exec. Director 312-996-1922 OBFS – University Tax Terry Thompson, Director 217-333-9062 Carl Patterson, Asst. Director 217-265-6951 OBFS needs your unit’s contact person’s information (name, phone, email). Please provide this information to Sarah Crane at the email address listed below Telecommunications Services:  Telecommunications Services Urbana Campus Larry Liddle, CITES Manager, Communications Customer Service 217-333-8499 Perry Morris, Specialist Comm. Services 217-244-6083 Chicago Campus Pat Jacobs, ACCC TeleCom. Operations Mgr. 312-996-1016 Springfield Campus Jamie Voyles, ITS Telecommunication Coordinator 217-206-7840 Update on Services:  Update on Services Larry L. Liddle Manager, Communications Customer Service CITES Voice Mail System Upgrade:  Voice Mail System Upgrade Upgrading current system with new hardware and new software. New hardware has smaller footprint and with greater reliability Provides additional features such as, Unified messaging Voice Mail System Upgrade Timetable:  Voice Mail System Upgrade Timetable 11/9/07 – Equipment Installed and Mailboxes from current system moved to new system. 11/12/07 to 1/15/08 – Testing new system and building Call Director (Call Agent) mailboxes. Week of 1/15/08 – Cutover to new system Conferencing System:  Conferencing System New Audio, Web Collaboration and Video Conferencing System Advantages Able to accommodate larger conference calls Total of 160 ports More flexible in managing capacity Provide additional feature Security code to join conference Web collaboration Video conferencing Recording of conference call Conferencing System Timetable:  Conferencing System Timetable Equipment in process of being installed Audio conferencing available by year end Web collaboration conferencing, First qtr ‘08 Video conferencing, Mid year ‘08 ACD/Call Center Management System:  ACD/Call Center Management System Current system at End Of Life Upgrading current system with new hardware and latest software Upgrade as opposed to replace due to pending Telephone RFP Phone RFP includes optional ACD function Estimated date of install of new system --January 28 & 29, 2008 New Micro Cells:  New Micro Cells Eight of the nine sites are operational Beckwith Hall Scott Hall Assembly Hall Main Library Lincoln Hall Illini Student Union Townsend Hall DCL Ice Arena (pending) Microcell Sites:  Microcell Sites Beckwith Hall Scott Hall Assembly Hall Main Library Lincoln Ave. Res. Illini Union Townsend – ISR DCL Ice Arena Cellular Services (continued):  Cellular Services (continued) VZW Worry Free Guarantee Details included with handouts VZW Warranty Replacement Policy Details included with handouts Special pricing on BlackBerries and PDA through 12/31/07. Contact Communications Customer Service for details Cellular Update (Continued):  Cellular Update (Continued) There has been a billing error since August 2006 on the minutes used on the State Flat Rate plan. Minutes have been billed at $0.10 instead of the correct amount of $0.15 Correction will be effective with the December 2007 billing cycle. Back billing will not be done. Emergency Notification System:  Emergency Notification System Mike Corn Director Security Service Information CITES Challenges:  Challenges Notify when and where? Main campus: 1468 acres and 272 buildings Options Email SMS Phone Pixie dust and bullhorns Setting Expectations “Text messages are instant” Email is instant Solutions - IT Role:  Solutions - IT Role CITES brought in to implement campus selection EEN system by Mutare Used by the Urbana and Springfield campuses Each campus system acts as the backup for the other Mutare is an asp based application with a MS SQL Server backend Status and Future Plans:  Status and Future Plans Preloaded ~75,000 F/S/S email addresses Now seeing ~6-800 logins / day to update info ‘Please sign up’ messages on Express mail Illinois Compass DI articles, Inside Illinois, WILL, etc… Testing continues - 3040 users on 11/2 All Faculty & Staff test at end of November Whole campus test by end of year Continue to watch ENS market for supplemental or alternative solutions SSN Program:  SSN Program Primary Documentation Unit Obligations:  Unit Obligations Account for SSN usage List individuals that have access List systems that store or maintain SSN Scan mass storage for SSNs Individual staff must scan and remediate SSNs Firefly:  Firefly The obligation is to remove SSNs not run Firefly! Firefly will help identify SSNs in files Once found - delete file, archive file, or minimally remove SSNs Update on WTC Engagement for Campus Voice System:  Update on WTC Engagement for Campus Voice System Stan Yagi, CITES Assistant CIO for Information Technologies (WTC = Western Telecommunications Consulting, Inc.) Full Scope of Work- Review:  Full Scope of Work- Review Centrex Modernization, i.e. campus voice system replacement Rate and Funding Strategy Outside Plant Assessment Disaster Mitigation Plan Circuit Analysis Wireless In-building Penetration Plan Spectrum Management Plan Contributing Committees:  Contributing Committees Policy Committee (Provost, V.Chancellor Research, CIO) Steering Committee Technical Working Group Rates and Funding Working Group Current Centrex Service:  Current Centrex Service Contract Extension was negotiated for all three campuses 2 years with 3-1 year renewal options Approved by Board of Trustees Voice RFP Purpose of Voice RFP:  Purpose of Voice RFP Explore options to replace current campus Centrex-based voice system Consider alternatives Document the business case Stay strategic Phase I complete Phase II in process Voice RFP Phase I:  Growth Rules Functional Requirements Configuration Alternatives Voice RFP Phase I Voice RFP Configuration Options:  Voice RFP Configuration Options Centrex benchmark Hybrid IP-PBX configured as TDM Voice over IP (VoIP), Server-based Vendor responses to include scenarios with and without Residence Halls Voice RFP Phase II:  Conduct Job Walks Voice RFP Phase II Create Request for Proposal Configuration Alternatives:  Configuration Alternatives Business issues Role of convergence Data network impact Communication Equipment Room readiness Configuration Alternatives:  Configuration Alternatives Strategic choices Centrex and keep separate data network IP-PBX and keep separate data network Converged voice and data Planning Assumptions:  Planning Assumptions Planning horizon is to 2019 Springfield and Chicago are out of scope Campus Housing priced separately Plan for growth of the networks Process Steps:  Process Steps RFP released April 17, 2007 Pre-proposal conference held May 2, 2007 21 Vendors attended Pre-qualification meetings held May 16, 2007 11 Vendors participated Vendors invited to participate were notified on May 25, 2007 Telecommunications Modernization Strategy:  Telecommunications Modernization Strategy Job-walk was held on June 7, 2007 Purpose – to allow vendors to visit 10 main node rooms to identify space, power, environmental requirements Conceptual Reviews held June 19-21, 2007 Purpose – to improve response quality UIUC team Individual with each vendor Clarify requirements before the response Provide vendor direction Opportunity for useful exchange 3 1/2 hours each Telecommunications Modernization Strategy:  Telecommunications Modernization Strategy Received Responses on August 22, 2007 Evaluated responses Technical Reviews held October 10-12, 2007 UIUC team Individual with each vendor 4 hours each Technical and Financial Telecommunications Modernization Strategy:  Telecommunications Modernization Strategy Technical Review Clarifications released October 17, 2007 Technical and Financial Responses received on October 25, 2007 Telecommunications Modernization Strategy:  Telecommunications Modernization Strategy UIUC team scored the non-financial responses based on evaluation criteria Overall quality of design and ability to meet the technical functionality of UIUC Stability, qualifications, references, and experience of system manufacturers Stability, qualifications, references, and experience of Vendor/installer Quality and completeness of the response Telecommunications Modernization Strategy:  Telecommunications Modernization Strategy WTC developed 11-Year life cycle models for each response Decision Process Issues:  Decision Process Issues Confidence in the vendor Manufacturer stability Represents complete solution Role of VoIP Ease of implementation Next Step:  Next Step Work with Purchasing on finalizing vendor choices to submit to Board of Trustees Confidentiality of process prevents giving specific details at this point of RFP Aiming for March 2008 BOT meeting Slide59:  Please help us by filling out a survey @ Slide60:  Next years Forum scheduled for November 13, 2008

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