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Published on January 5, 2014

Author: AurelkysEstevezMS



This was a presentation for my Graduate Research class, the topic was ''waiting lines''.

How waiting lines affect customers’ satisfaction at Subway AURELKYS ESTEVEZ N O V E M B E R 7 TH, 2 0 1 1

Customer satisfaction *Images were retrieved from Google.

Research purpose -Thesis statement  To analyze the waiting lines during weekends at the subway located at Wal-Mart, in order to find a more efficient way to serve the customer so they can save time and therefore accomplish customer satisfaction. -Researcher stance  Identify the main characteristics of the waiting lines at subway.  Identify things to improve in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Methodology - Research Design  Mixed method  Quantitative  Surveys: questionnaires  Actual wait time will be measured

Methodology - Qualitative  On site observation  Takes notes on:  Elements to make waiting environment more comfortable.  Weakness of waiting in line and the ordering – buying process.  Customers’ interaction during the service delivery process.

Cost / benefits of design - Cost:  Low  Hire staff to hand out the questionnaires.  Hire staff to conduct the interviews. -Benefits:  The results can be used to implement a solution right away.  Location: -Subway

Study instruments/Data collection -Quantitative  5-point Likert scale  Self-completion questionnaire  Analysis:  Code data

Study instruments/Data collection -Qualitative  Interviews  Analysis:  Transcribe the interviews and identify common issues described by customers.

Safeguards  Information will only be shared with Subway executives.  Confidentiality of respondents.  Questionnaires will not ask for personal information.

Limitations  Participants  Nature of the visit to the location  Response rate

 Questions / Comments?  Thank you

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