Customer Service Quality at Weill Cornell Medical College IT Call Center

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Information about Customer Service Quality at Weill Cornell Medical College IT Call Center
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Published on March 11, 2014

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End-of-summer presentation for the Customer Service Quality Project. It's mission was to determine what the Weill Cornell technology users thought of the IT Call Center's service and what areas to improve customer satisfaction

p. 1 User Support Group Customer Service and Quality John Scrugham Customer Service Quality Intern 503.789.0078

p. 2 What I’m doing here • Customer Service Quality Analyst – User Support Group – Directly report to Robert Pereda • Cornell job posting • Start May 22 Job Customer Service Quality Project • What the users think of the ITS service • What areas to improve customer satisfaction

p. 3 Roadmap  Overview of Project  Findings  Solutions  Next Steps

p. 4 Findings: data collection and insight 1. USG one-on- one Interviews Qualitative Data 2. Department Focus Groups 3. Follow-up Calls Analysis of Interactions 4. Survey data 5. Call Monitoring 6. Best Practices Customer Employee Handout

p. 5 1. USG Interviews • Service Desk – Ownership – Understanding the customer • Desktop Support – Ownership – Documentation

p. 6 2. Department Focus Groups • Web of Support—Customers are asking for tools: – to better troubleshoot their own issues – to train their own employees on basic IT tasks so they don’t have to wait for ITS to come by. • Checklists – Missing points: Onsite techs are not completing the job 100%, customer needs to handhold them to make sure they don’t forget anything. • Variability in agent service • Priority – Function and problem • Business Relationship Managers Handout p.2

p. 7 3. Follow-up Calls: what the customers had to say • Communication of process • Making sure issue is solved

p. 8 Findings: data collection and insight 1. USG one-on- one Interviews Qualitative Data 2. Department Focus Groups 3. Follow-up Calls Analysis of Interactions 4. Survey data 5. Call Monitoring 6. Best Practices Customer Employee

p. 9 4. Survey: summary of satisfaction 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Percentofsurveys Month Customer Satisfaction: 17 months Very Satisfied Satisfied Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied 2011 2012

p. 10 Time to complete email request and wait time with online request and desktop support are major issues 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 Call Email Online Desktop Rating Channel of Customer Ticket Ratings across all channels satisfied time_complete wait_time knowledgeable priority clear

p. 11 Time to complete a case and agent knowledge are strong determinates of customer satisfaction Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.847 R Square 0.717 Adjusted R Square 0.716 Standard Error 0.454 Observations 1656 ANOVA df SS MS F Regression 7 861.7951999 123.1136 596.6603 Residual 1648 340.0447759 0.206338 Total 1655 1201.839976 Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Intercept 0.65 0.0471 13.814 3.77E-41 time_complete 0.30 0.0170 17.702 2.47E-64 wait_time -0.02 0.0075 -2.488 0.012954 knowledgeable 0.32 0.0206 15.382 5.38E-50 priority 0.08 0.0175 4.755 2.16E-06 clear 0.07 0.0149 4.408 1.11E-05 helpful 0.06 0.0117 5.450 5.8E-08 one_person_handle 0.04 0.0138 2.632 0.008564

p. 12 Time is most important to customer indicated in survey free response 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Time Helpful Resolve(d) Knowledgeable Wait Response / Respond Nice/friendly NumberofOccurances Word used in free response Top 7 Things Our User's Value When Dealing With USG Positive Neutral Negative

p. 13 5. Call Monitoring 1. Agent quality/ performance 2. Service desk quality in 4 areas of performance measurement Handout p.6

p. 14 Agent quality/ performance is highly variable 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1 PercentAchievedinEvaluation Agent Agent Skill Range (ordered by “service”) Process Effectivenes Service Documentation

p. 15 Documentation is the biggest problem with only 65% of process correct and with high variability 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1 Effectivenes Service Process Documentation PercentAchievedinEvaluation Call Monitoring Section Call Monitoring Agent Skills Average Range Energetic (57%) Review (58%) Verify user information (63%)

p. 16 Findings: data collection and insight 1. USG one-on- one Interviews Qualitative Data 2. Department Focus Groups 3. Follow-up Calls Analysis of Interactions 4. Survey data 5. Call Monitoring 6. Best Practices Customer Employee

p. 17 6. What are the best customer-centric companies doing? 1. 2011 Temkin Experience Ratings Report 2. Beyond Satisfaction: J.D. Power 2012 Customer Service Champions Report 3. BusinessWeek Customer Service Champs 4. StellaService Best Customer Service Companies

p. 18 Entrepreneurial empowerment Welcome to Nordstrom We're glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Set both your personal and professional goals high. We have great confidence in your ability to achieve them. Nordstrom’s Employee Handbook gives employees complete freedom to satisfy customer Does the same:

p. 19 Aggressive, customer-focused new hire training for all Does the same:

p. 20 Customer-centric values 10 Core Values: 1. Deliver WOW Through Service

p. 21 Values lead to actionable employee expectations 20 Basic Expectations: 7. Guest incident action forms are used to record and communicate every incident of guest dissatisfaction. Every employee is empowered to resolve the problem and to prevent a repeat occurrence.

p. 22 Reinforce values through daily meetings “Lineup”15-minute meeting “Wow story" of the day Recognize an employee’s commitment in front of his or her peers and to reinforce a service value. Does the same:

p. 23 Solutions A. Service-focused culture and structure B. Entrepreneurial empowerment C. Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) D. Minimize perceived wait time Qualitative Data Analysis of Interactions Best Practices Handout p.1

p. 24 Supporting Activities A. Service-focused culture and structure ITS Mission/Purpose USG Mission/Purpose SD DS Customer-Centric Values and Goals Agent Expectations and Standards New Hire Training Feedback/ Reinforcement -Lineups -Call Monitoring

p. 25 New Hire Training ITS Customer Training • Department shadowing • Call center training USG Components of Measurement 1. Process: If this, then this scenarios 2. Effectiveness: Knowledgeable 3. Service: Helpful, nice, professional, clear 4. Documentation: User information, good writing

p. 26 Feedback/ Reinforcement: Call Monitoring 1. Education 1. Suggestions 2. Holes 3. Call recording 2. Motivation Suggestions: 1. If the problem is not solvable, specifically by the service desk, work hard to explain the circumstance and that we cannot service the product. We will help out initially, but no more. We should not have spent 32 minutes on this call. 2. Good job taking ownership of issue and looking at all aspects of the problem. 3. Why didn't you close out the case in Heat after you worked on it? Service Personable 0.5 Energetic 0.4375 Willing to Help 0.67 Empathized 1 Courteous 1 Handout p.10

p. 27 B. Entrepreneurial Empowerment • Checklists • Cross training – Self-assign with ETAs • Case flow (next slide)

p. 28 Case from birth until death User has issue Handle yourself. Escalate to self if possible. Escalate outside. Warm transfer. Case Closed User receives email: Case closed correctly? Yes: Ok. Customer’s case is done. No: Resolve problem and put priority. No Response: : If survey is not filled out after 2 days, call customer back. Ensure case is resolved. Direct to survey either way.

p. 29 C. Business Relationship Managers • Overview: Serve as a link between USG and WCMC departments so that we can better get user feedback and address their needs. • Additionally: – Individually train main contacts to make super users – Department-to-department communication and best practices – Personal relationships

p. 30 D. Minimize perceived wait time • Updates(Apple) • ETAs of current queue (The Ritz-Carlton) • Automated call dialogue: ETAs when user calls service desk (Disney) *not addressing overall wait time issues because not addressing the system

p. 31 Next Steps: Solutions Phase 1 • Service-centric – Now: daily meeting “lineups” – Now: 2 calls/ month/ agent. Review in 10 minute monthly meeting – Top-level decisions: values/purpose – Draft expectations with agents – Collect training material • Empowerment – Draft “new connects” checklist for each department – Have requester sign off when completed • BRMs – Roles/ responsibilities

p. 32 Next Steps: Customer Feedback • BRMs: weekly meetings. Submit meeting minutes to manager • Agent follow-ups: 5 follow-ups will have feedback questions – Directing to survey

p. 33

p. 34 Questions? John Scrugham Customer Service Quality Intern 503.789.0078

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