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Published on April 11, 2012

Author: osiron


Customer Service Guidelines: Customer Service Guidelines Presented By: Ron Chorzewski Customer Service Guidelines: Customer Service Guidelines Working Towards Yes The Mehrabian Rule The Arc of Distortion Customers on the Organizational Chart Words that Convey Commitment Setting the Stage Dealing with Difficult Patients Saying You’re Sorry Working Toward Yes: Working Toward Yes What does Working Toward Yes mean?. If they sense that we are doing everything in our power to meet their requests then situations rarely get out of hand. “Mr. Jones, I am doing everything I can to meet your request but it conflicts with our departmental policy. Would you like to speak with my supervisor?” A Smile can be Seen and Heard: A Smile can be Seen and Heard The majority of information communicated from one person to another is received through non-verbal communication. A smile goes a long way. The Mehrabian Rule: The Mehrabian Rule Albert Mehrabian is a professor of Psychology at UCLA. He breaks down the message received through communication in the following way: 7% Words 38% Tone of Voice 55% Body Language The Arc of Distortion: The Arc of Distortion Every time we speak we are trying to convey a specific message to another person. The message received by the person we are speaking to is never completely the same as the message we intended. This is partly due to the effects of non-verbal communication and tone of voice. The difference between the message we intended to send and the message the person received is called the Arc of Distortion. The Arc of Distortion: The Arc of Distortion To minimize the Arc of Distortion, listen to your customers for tone changes and read their non-verbal communication as well. If someone has misunderstood you, then quickly apologize and clarify your message. Proactively address a customer you think may not be completely satisfied with their experience and take the steps needed to make things right. Feel free to refer patients to Maureen or myself if you feel they have needs or expectations that we are unable to meet. Why “Customers” and not “Patients”: Why “Customers” and not “Patients” As employees of Agility Orthopedics we serve more than patients. We serve their Family Members. We serve the Physicians. We serve the Physician Extenders. We serve Each Other. We serve the Physicians who had faith enough in us to refer their patients. How Important is the Customer?: How Important is the Customer? One message we should be conveying to our patients through our words and actions is that they are at the top of the organizational chart. Our customers need to clearly understand that we are a department that is committed to exceptional customer service. Words that Convey Commitment: Words that Convey Commitment Words that convey commitment to exceptional customer service: The following 10 slides contain words and phrases that help to send customers the clear message that you are committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations. Use them often and you will notice the power you have to shape the customer service experience. A Crash Course in Customer Service: A Crash Course in Customer Service The 10 Most Important Words: “Is there anything else you need? I have the time.” The 9 Most Important Words: “I apologize for our mistake. I’ll make it right.” The 8 Most Important Words: “I’m not sure, but I will find out.” Adapted from Eric Harvey and the Walk the Talk Team, Performance Systems Corporation, 1999. A Crash Course in Customer Service: A Crash Course in Customer Service The 7 Most Important Words: “Do you need more information or assistance?” The 6 Most Important Words: “What is most convenient for you?” The 5 Most Important Words: Imagine yourself in their shoes. Adapted from Eric Harvey and the Walk the Talk Team, Performance Systems Corporation, 1999. A Crash Course in Customer Service: A Crash Course in Customer Service The 4 Most Important Words: “My name is ________.” The 3 Most Important Words: “How are you?” The 2 Most Important Words: “Thank You.” Adapted from Eric Harvey and the Walk the Talk Team, Performance Systems Corporation, 1999. A Crash Course in Customer Service: A Crash Course in Customer Service The Most Important Word: Yes Adapted from Eric Harvey and the Walk the Talk Team, Performance Systems Corporation, 1999. Make our Patients Say “Wow”: Make our Patients Say “Wow” When you exceed the expectations of a customer with legendary customer service, you create a loyal fan who will recommend your facility to family and friends. Happy customers make for a happy work place. What does it mean to Set the Stage: What does it mean to Set the Stage This is a Disney concept. Our stage is everything and everybody who is visible to our customers and patients. Setting the Stage means to make sure there is nothing visible that will detract from the patient experience. Examples of Setting the Stage include: Cleaning patient rooms Organizing magazines in waiting room Having appropriate shows playing on the television. How we are dressed. When Things Go Wrong: When Things Go Wrong It is important to realize that when a patient is complaining, everyone around them, even though they look like they are reading a magazine or watching the television, has their attention focused 100% on how the situation is going to be handled. They may look at the person make the scene and say to themselves “What a jerk”. or… We can give them the opportunity to get to know us better.: We can give them the opportunity to get to know us better. Our Brand: Our Brand Our brand is essentially the perception people have of our organizational personality . They associate their experiences , both good and bad, with the organization. They form a strongly held understanding of the values of the organization through their collective experiences. As They Sometimes Will: As They Sometimes Will They may have their visit transformed by witnessing unanticipated problem solving that inspires loyalty to the Agility brand. Enhance the Agility Brand ! Our Brand is closely associated with our reputation.: Our Brand is closely associated with our reputation. Take Someone Off Stage: Take Someone Off Stage If a patient is becoming irate in the waiting room, one strategy that can be employed is to take the person off stage. This means to take them to a place that is not visible to other patients or customers. I will often take patients into a treatment room to minimize the influence that a particular issue can have on the experience of others. Dealing with Difficult Patients: Dealing with Difficult Patients The following five customer profiles were adapted from the second edition of Essentials of Services marketing: Concepts, Strategies, and Cases. This book was written by K Douglas Hoffman and John E. G. Bateson. Egocentric Edgar: Egocentric Edgar He does not believe he should stand in line for any reason. He will try to walk over front line employees to get to who is “in charge”. Edgar treats front line employees as well worn speed bumps that deserve just that much consideration. Dealing with Egocentric Edgar: Dealing with Egocentric Edgar The key to dealing with Edgar is to not let his ego destroy yours. Take action to demonstrate that you can solve his problem. This will impress Edgar. Avoid talking policy to Edgar because he thinks he is special and the rules do not apply. Say things like “For you Edgar, I can do the following…” and simply follow departmental policy. Bad Mouth Betty: Bad Mouth Betty Betty lets you know exactly what she thinks of you and your organization. If she cannot be right, she will be loud, vulgar, and insensitive. She is crude with other customers who are witnessing her unpleasant experience. Dealing with Bad Mouth Betty: Dealing with Bad Mouth Betty Because Betty is polluting the service environment you may want to take her “offstage”. Listen and try to get to the core problem and solve the problem. Use selective agreement to find agreement on some minor issues. If all else fails, let Betty know that you do not have to be subject to her abusive language. Dictatorial Dick: Dictatorial Dick Dick likes to tell everyone how to do their jobs because he has done it all before. Dick will provide you with a written list of instructions. If you do not meet his sky high expectations then it is your fault and he may think that you purposely sabotaged the process. Dealing with Dictatorial Dick: Dealing with Dictatorial Dick Do not let him push you around. Provide the service in an equitable and appropriate manner that is consistent with the original game plan. The best strategy is to tell him in a straight forward fashion exactly what you can do for him. If reasonable to do so, fulfilling his request will break his game plan and resolve the conflict. Freeloading Freda: Freeloading Freda Freda wants it all for free. Give her an inch and she will try to take much more. Question her credibility and she will scream to anyone and everyone who will listen. Dealing with Freeloading Freda: Dealing with Freeloading Freda In many cases, dealing with Freda involves bighting your tongue and pulling Maureen or myself in to deal with the patient. It is recommended that you avoid making policies to deal with her situations as they usually have a bad impact on the service experience of your honest/good customers. Saying You’re Sorry: Adapted from Stephen B. Goldberg, Eric D. Green, and Frank E.A. Sander’s Getting to the Table Prepared Saying You’re Sorry Barriers to Apology: Barriers to Apology In the United States, some view an apology as an admission of fault. If someone is apologizing, then they are providing proof of wrongdoing. To decrease vulnerability some may be adverse to offering apologies. Barriers to Apology: Barriers to Apology Rather than offer a timely apology some would rather explain the circumstances that led to a particular situation. The intended message may not reach the audience as expected. Instead of creating understanding, the explanation may be perceived as an excuse or an attempt to blame someone else. Also, such explanations can only delay the customer from achieving their expectations. The Arc of Distortion Barriers to Apology: Barriers to Apology Timing is a critical element of an apology. The sooner it comes the more powerful it will be. Delayed apologies allow the magnitude of conflicts to grow and make the achievement of a satisfied customer almost impossible. How to Apologize: How to Apologize You can apologize without admitting you even did anything wrong. You can simply apologize for the situation . “We try to be better than that.” Do not blame . That only magnifies feelings of resentment towards the institution. Timing is critical . The sooner the better. I am sure that we all appreciate the role that we play in shaping our customer’s first impressions of the provider they are hear to see. Strive to set our providers up for success.: I am sure that we all appreciate the role that we play in shaping our customer’s first impressions of the provider they are hear to see. Strive to set our providers up for success. Thank You!: Thank You!

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