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Published on January 30, 2014

Author: romeo_reet


? Guess Who


Budhaditya Saha Arifa N. Khatoon Pritam Das Joyita Dev Surabhi Singh Presented By; Customer Relationship Management Amlan Mohanty Pallavi Roy 1/30/2014 3

Google Philosophy ? 1. Focus on the user and all else will follow. 2. It’s best to do one thing really, really well. 3. Fast is better than slow. 4. Democracy on the web works. 5. You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer. 6. You can make money without doing evil. 7. There’s always more information out there. 8. The need for information crosses all borders. 9. You can be serious without a suit. 10. Great just isn’t good enough. Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 4

Google Products Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 5

Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 6

Google "Don't be evil" Paul Buchheit Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 7

See No Evil, Speak No Evil!  "Don't be evil" is the informal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google.  "Don't be evil" form part of the sixth point in these Core Values, and in full states: "Do the right thing: don't be evil. Honesty and Integrity in all we do. Our business practices are beyond reproach. We make money by doing good things.“  As Google continues to grow rapidly and absorb more companies operating in a wider variety of areas, its operations and policies become, of necessity, more complex and murky, and the company's informal motto of "Don't Be Evil" becomes even harder to uphold in appearance and, perhaps, even in reality. Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 8

Serve Our Users 1. Integrity • All of our communications and other interactions with our users should increase their trust in us. 2. Usefulness • Our products, features and services should make Google more useful for all our users. We have many different types of users, from individuals to large businesses, but one guiding principle: “Is what we are offering useful?” 3. Privacy, Security and Freedom of Expression • Google is committed to advancing privacy and freedom of expression for our users around the world. 4. Responsiveness • We take pride in responding to communications from our users, whether questions, problems or compliments. If something is broken, fix it. 5. Take Action • Any time you feel our users aren’t being well-served, don’t be bashful—let someone in the company know about it. Continually improving our products and services takes all of us, and we’re proud that Googlers champion our users and take the initiative to step forward when the interests of our users are at stake. Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 9

Google Help Center Google Support Google Product Forums Feedback System Google Helpline Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 10

Thank You Customer Relationship Management 1/30/2014 11

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