Customer Experience: From Bits and Bytes to Flesh and Blood

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Information about Customer Experience: From Bits and Bytes to Flesh and Blood

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: anniepettit



A two part presentation first showing how people talk about their customer experiences in general and with banks. Followed by a case study of how Royal Bank handles customer experience via social media.

Customer Experience: From Bits and Bytes to Flesh and Blood Michelle Slater Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media at RBC Royal Bank Annie Pettit Chief Research Officer EXAMPLE ONLY REPLACE IMAGE 1 Please tweet! #CMACX

What does research tell us about the customer experience? By Annie Pettit 2 Please tweet! #CMACX

Your consumers will complain online even if you ignore them 3 Please tweet! #CMACX

People complain about banking customer service too. A lot. 4 Please tweet! #CMACX

Banking has a poor reputation Percent of online comments that are POSITIVE 5 Please tweet! #CMACX

Most Common Service Problems N > 90 000 social media verbatims about customer service in the Canadian banking industry 6 Per cent of verbatims that are negative Please tweet! #CMACX

WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW • The 9th circle of hell is reserved for slow bank tellers • I'm pretty sure hell is like a never ending bank line with slow and dumb tellers • The tellers at my bank are by far the slowest moving human beings on the planet • you've pissed me off for the last time! I'm closing my account because your service sucks and your tellers are SLOW! 7 Please tweet! #CMACX

STOP TALKING • Hate when people slow down the bank teller by striking up a convo • Short lines at the bank >>>>> slow ass service doe. Why you asking all them questions? Just cash yo check & go! I'm hungry!!! • Made small talk with the bank teller. Talked about the weather. Exhausting. • Small talk w bank tellers hurts my soul 8 Please tweet! #CMACX

STOP SCREWING UP • When the teller at TD gave me a card a month ago, she warned me to keep them away from radiators bc they melt. You want design flaws?! • just wasted my lunch break at work trying to rectify your incompetent employees mistakes. • Identy theft yet again and made to feel like I'm at fault. worst customer service ever! • that bank sends its tellers to lunch at the wrong time... 9 Please tweet! #CMACX

Most Loved N > 90 000 social media verbatims about customer service in the Canadian banking industry 10 Per cent of verbatims that are positive Please tweet! #CMACX

You’re So Cute! • I like going to the bank because there's this cute bank teller named Diana. I will find any reason whatsoever. Lol. • I'll go to that bank just bc of the cute teller • NEW way to make errands more exciting: cute bank tellers. • I could've used the atm, but chose to take my chances of being helped by the cute bank teller 11 Please tweet! #CMACX

You Go Out of Your Way • The teller at our bank just gave my dogs 2 treats cause he saw them in the car with us. #socute • A cute bank teller just winked via the monitor & sent me a cherry lollipop through the drive thru tube. What a great way to start the day. • Its always nice when the bank tellers sing you happy birthday a day early 12 Please tweet! #CMACX

You Give Me Free Stuff! • At my bank they give advice for free. Just come in and they will sit you down with a finicial consultant. • When I dropped the deposit off at the bank today one of the tellers gave me a free smoothie. Felt like Christmas. • the northampton bank serves free donuts on mondays and fridays. now thats my kind of bank 13 Please tweet! #CMACX

So how do brands respond? By Michelle Slater 14 Please tweet! #CMACX

RBC’s Approach › Team of specialized Community Managers from across Canada › Authentic and genuine: – Sign their name / initials at the end of every post – Photos on Facebook and Twitter – Will call or email clients directly to address concern › Authority and responsibility to Make It Right 15 Please tweet! #CMACX

› Have a sense of humour › Bring a human side to our brand › Offer personalized responses 16 Please tweet! #CMACX

Customer Service Fundamentals Delight Improve customer experience Enhance Processes, Improve Products & Service Address customer inquiries in real time 17 Please tweet! #CMACX

Addressing Client Inquiries 1. Acknowledge 2. Apologize 3. Act 18 Please tweet! #CMACX

1) Acknowledge We Heard You and We Want to Help • Real Time - within an hour • Meaningful and Respectful 19 Please tweet! #CMACX

2) Apologize Say “We’re Sorry” and Mean It! • Be Sincere 20 Please tweet! #CMACX

3) Act Make It Right for our Clients › Maintain client privacy › Don’t make the client do any more work › 1 point of contact › Post a follow-up message 21 Please tweet! #CMACX

Improve Customer Experience • Listen, Listen, Listen • Robust Escalation Process • Share Insights Broadly • Result: • • • 22 Enhanced products and services Improved Processes Happier Clients Please tweet! #CMACX

When was the last time you were delighted by your bank? 23 Please tweet! #CMACX

24 Please tweet! #CMACX

Ranked #1 by Forrester Research 25 July XX, 20XX Name of presentation Please tweet! #CMACX

Thank you! Michelle Slater Senior Marketing Manager Social Media RBC Royal Bank @michelle_slater Annie Pettit Chief Research Officer Peanut Labs @LoveStats 26 Please tweet! #CMACX


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