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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Michelangelo


Customer-Friendly Is More Than An Attitude:  Customer-Friendly Is More Than An Attitude An Infopeople Workshop December 2004-April 2005 Elaine Z. Jennerich Agenda:  Agenda Introductions Customer-friendly attitude and actions Confusing the customer Listening When saying “no” Introductions:  Introductions Name Library Position One thing you like about serving your library’s customers Slide4:  “To create a positive first impression, we need to know how to connect immediately with others regardless of their age, gender, ethnic background, mood, or the situation.” …Jeff Mowatt Rapport:  Rapport Making the customer feel important Small talk = Big return Exercise #1: Building Rapport :  Exercise #1: Building Rapport Break into small groups Look at the “library users” in the pictures:  Look at the “library users” in the pictures Create rapport building questions or comments for each picture Share one example with whole group Artistic Give And Take Exercise:  Artistic Give And Take Exercise Sit back to back Artist assistant describes picture Artist creates the picture Reverse roles GIVE AND TAKE OF COMMUNICATION…:  GIVE AND TAKE OF COMMUNICATION… What happened? Language/terminology Nonverbal Feelings/emotions Outcome? What did you learn? What would you do differently? Customer-Friendly – Basic Attributes:  Customer-Friendly – Basic Attributes Expect to have a good day Smile Greet the customer Eye contact Simplify language Make the customer feel important Open body language Listen, listen, listen Ask open-ended questions “Is there anything else I can do?” Thank the library user Personal Action Plan:  Personal Action Plan Write down one action you can take to improve rapport with your library users. Confusing The Customer:  Confusing The Customer “If confusion is the first step to knowledge, then I must be a genius.” ….Larry Leissner Clear Explanations And Directions:  Clear Explanations And Directions Remember the Artistic Give and Take? What did you learn about giving clear explanations and directions? Avoiding Biblio-Language:  Avoiding Biblio-Language What is the alphabet soup in your library? Jargon? Abbreviations? Acronyms? Biblio-language? Exercise #2 Simplifying The Language:  Exercise #2 Simplifying The Language Write down ten biblio-language examples. Create sentences Exchange sentences Simplify sentences Personal Action Plan:  Personal Action Plan Write down one action you will take to simplify communication with your customers. Exercise #3: Customers With A Difference:  Watch video…..then take the quiz “Communicating with ESL Customers” Exercise #3: Customers With A Difference Phone Customer (ESL) :  Phone Customer (ESL) What techniques work for you? What doesn’t work? What difficulties do you have? What difficulties do your customers have? Personal Action Plan:  Personal Action Plan What action will you take to improve your interaction with users who are not native English speakers? Listening:  Listening We have 2 ears and one mouth; obviously, we should be listening twice as much as we speak. ….anonymous Listening Myths:  Listening Myths Listening is a natural skill. Listening is passive Interrupting is bad form. You can stop listening when you get the general idea. Listening and hearing are the same. 4 Types Of Listening:  4 Types Of Listening Inactive Selective Active Reflective Main Barriers To Listening:  Main Barriers To Listening Noise Distractions Movement Physical surroundings Additional Barriers To Listening:  Additional Barriers To Listening Other barriers to listening? Just React :  Just React Licorice Liberal Crutches Toddler Muslim Retarded Stutter Piercings Hockey Teriyaki Hip-hop Prayer GED Old Librarian Disfigured “Emotional” Reactions:  “Emotional” Reactions The human mind always takes the “emotional road” first. Listener Filters:  Listener Filters Prejudice/bias Assumptions Listener thoughts Feelings about topic Feelings about speaker Conflict of values Difference in style Listening Exercise:  Listening Exercise In your group, discuss what you might do to overcome at least 3 barriers and 3 filters from the list that are assigned to your group. Someone from your group will report to the whole class. Personal Action Plan:  Personal Action Plan What specific step will you take so that you will be listening to users more effectively? Saying “No”:  Saying “No” “No” Situations:  “No” Situations In what types of library situations are you unable to fill requests or have to say “NO”? Let’s create a list of some those situations together….. Can’t Fill A Request?:  Can’t Fill A Request? Do you understand the problem? Form a team with customer What can you do? Create a “neutral zone” on paper Neutral Paper Zone:  Neutral Paper Zone Takes emphasis away from feeling and makes it more tangible Focuses on facts Lessens effects of personality and biases Creates teamwork Stresses options, solutions…. Neutral Zone Examples:  Neutral Zone Examples Personal Action Plan:  Personal Action Plan You must say “no” to a customer or can’t fill a request. What is one way you will do that better? Let’s Review the Day:  Let’s Review the Day What did you learn today? Personal Action Plan:  Personal Action Plan Using the 5 actions you chose throughout the day, write a paragraph describing your overall action plan! Slide38:  Please fill out your evaluations

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