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Published on September 27, 2015

Author: wahyuprimadi


1. CURRICULUM VITAE WAHYU PRIMADI Personal Info Sex Male Place and birth date Ternate, 08 June 1980 Marital Status Married Home Address JL. Rawa Indah No. 70 Jatiwaringin, Pondok Gede. +62 896 36 888 887 +62 897 851 21 56 Education Formal Education College (2001 – 2005) Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer “STMIK Sinar Nusantara Surakarta”  S.Kom, Information Technology.  First graduate student at the same year with GPA 3.01 scale 4.  Title of thesis “Membangun Distro Linux Berbasis Grafis” – Yeah, I make my own custom Linux system . Senior High School (1995 – 1998) SMUN 1 Tambun Bekasi. Junior High School (1992 – 1995) SMPN 8 Bekasi. Elementary School (1986 – 1992) SDN Duren 08 Bekasi Timur. Non Formal Education Art and Design Academy (2001 – 2002) Web Design and Web Programming LPK Pratama Mulia (2000 – 2001) System Analyst and Design Program LPK Alfa Bank (2000) Windows and Office Applications

2. Skills Programming Language (Windows) Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2010 RealBasic (Real Studio 2010) Programming Language (Linux) Gambas BASH Scripting RealBasic (Real Studio 2010) Programming Language (Mac) RealBasic (Real Studio 2010) Web Programming PHP CodeIgniter PHP Framework HTML XHTML-MP (Mobile Profile) JavaScript DOM AJAX jQuery + jQuery UI VBScript (Visual Basic Script) CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Database (DBMS) Microsoft Access Database MySQL (and MariaDB) Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Oracle Operating System Microsoft Windows 9x/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 Slackware Linux CentOS Linux Brainbench Certifications Web Design Concepts Score : 3.81 Strengths : HTML Knowledge, DOM Scripting (JavaScript), WWW (World Wide Web) Knowledge, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Accessibility, CSS Knowledge. PHP 5.3 Score : 3.97 Strengths : Language Structure, Object Oriented PHP, Language Functions. Weak Areas : Databases, Communication Function.

3. Visual Basic 2008 Fundamentals Score : 2.97 Strengths : Functions and Modules, User Interface, Data Types and Structures. Weak Areas : Objects and Namespaces, Program Control Structure, Language Operations. ASP.NET 4.0 Score : 3.00 Strengths : .NET Framework Weak Areas : Web Forms, Security, Data Access, Troubleshooting, Web Applications. HTML5 Score : 3.40 Strengths : Resource Handling, Data Elements, Application APIs, Document Styling. Weak Areas : Page Structure, User Interactions, Tags. Data Warehousing Concept Score : 3.00 Strengths : Dimensional Data Model Weak Areas : Business Considerations, Data Transformation, Data Warehousing and Data Marts. View my online transcript at : Organization Experience 2000 – 2001 GEBRAK (Gerakan Bersama Rakyat Kampus) 2002 – 2005 KSL (Linux Study Club) Experience 2013 – now Co-founder, System Analyst and Project Manager at LittleOrange. 2013 – now CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) at PT. Perdana Global Intermedia 2013 – now Assistant Manager, IT Service Desk Team Leader at Transvision (formerly known as TelkomVision)

4. 2013 Lecturer (Dosen) at LP3I, currently teaching:  Pemrograman berorientasi objek II (Web/AJAX)  Pemrograman Visual II (VB.NET) 2011 Enterprise Application Specialist at TelkomVision by Telkom Indonesia. 2009 Senior Programmer at Sigma Pro Komunika 2009 Programmer at EPPS (EDDY PRAKARSA PERMANA & SIDDHARTA) 2008 Programmer at Datacom Solusindo, West Jakarta. 2008 Lecturer (teach) Desain Informasi (Web Programming: HTML, Dreamweaver MX, PHP, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Security Concept) at BPSDM (Pusdiklat) Departemen Hukum dan HAM, Jakarta, November 2007. 2007-2008 SysAdmin at AnchorNET 2007-2008 CEO and Lead Programmer at Rekamedia Group 2006-2007 Programmer at ZeenRG (Software House), Surakarta. 2006 EDP Staff (Programmer) at PT. Rosalia Indah Surakarta, Karanganyar. My Projects 2015 Custom website and application for MisterDEALS, Makassar. 2014 Database Industri Kabupaten Karanganyar WinForm application for Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Kabupaten Karanganyar, Surakarta, Central Java. 2014 Distribution and Activation System (DAS) application at for PT. Sirkulasi Kompas Gramedia (SKG) – Corporate Circulation. 2014 Installed and implemented ManageEngine Service Desk Plus application with PostgreSQL database, it installed on VM server. – at Transvision (formerly known as TelkomVision). 2013 AutoReport Engine, pure stand-alone engine with built-in scripting and as a tool for handle autoreport for PHP scripting (we call it: Client HTTP Wrapper), - at Transvision (formerly known as TelkomVision). 2013 Isolir Utility a small, stand-alone, extremely faster database operation and advanced tool to temporarily disconnect postpaid customers who have pending payments, - at Transvision (formerly known as TelkomVision). 2013 DRMS (Daily Reporting Management System) web-based dashboard application to provide

5. management report, sales (postpaid & prepaid) report, performance report, etc at Transvision (formerly known as TelkomVision). 2012 Point Reward application using PL/SQL script (Oracle Database) at TelkomVision. 2012 Public custom dashboard for TelkomVision partners at TelkomVision. 2012 AAUI (Asosiasi Asuransi Umum Indonesia) company website. 2012 Point Reward BBM application for TelkomVision 2012 Autobots IPC Core Engine application to handle reconnection service for direct payment from ATM, Bank, Host-to-Host, Point-to-Point, and other payment method via Finnet channels at TelkomVision. 2012 Autobots Core Engine application to handle new registered customer services at TelkomVision. 2011 C3MR (Cash Collection Current Month Ratio) web-based dashboard application to provide subs, payment, and other data at TelkomVision. 2011 TelkomVision company website for TelkomVision. 2011 Created many AutoReport tools to provide custom data to users at TelkomVision. 2010 eNewsletter application for CIMB Niaga. 2010 HC (Health Certivicate) Online web-based application for Kementrian Kelautan dan Perikanan (KKP). 2010 Connection log parser and snort log parser for PT. Indonet (console/Linux application). 2010 Company website for PT. Pulau Mas Utama. 2010 Modified Sun Life web based application. 2010 Custom website with built-in CMS (Content Management System) for Pusdiklat Kejaksaan Agung RI ( 2009 Parser Engine application “Perkara Khusus” and “Perkara Umum” for Kejaksaan Agung RI ( 2009 One of team members that created website for Kejaksaan Agung RI ( 2008 PHP Encryptor an small utility that will help you to encrypt your PHP files. Ths is my personal project, just for fun . 2007 Custom company website with built-in CMS (Content Management System), both front-end and back-end for Nakamura – The healing Touch. 2007 Website with full CMS support for Dinas PDK Wonogiri, Surakarta, Central Java. 2007 POS (Point of Sales) application for Swalayan Mar-

6. Mar 2, Bejen, Karanganyar, Surakarta, Central Java. 2007 POS (Point of Sales) application for Toko ASNA, Bantul, Jogja. 2006 POS (Point of Sales) application for Swalayan Mar- Mar, Sumber, Solo, Surakarta, Central Java. 2006 Inventory and Transaction Automatically for PD. Fitria Sentosa, Kalimalang, East Jakarta. 2005 POS (Point of Sales) application for Mikro Mini Market, Cemani, Surakarta, Central Java. 2005 One of team members that created website for Dinas Pariwisata Makassar (www.pariwisata- with Glossy Multimedia Production, Yogyakarta. 2005 WahyuLinux OS 2.10 (code name: Monumental Disaster) is a custom Linux distribution system based on Slackware packages with custom kernel. Over 25+ apps (system tools and utilities) that I was build for the system. Short Description Honest, creative, like to create and build an idea, hard working. Tips The best way to reach me is calling on cell phone between 09.00 AM – 21.00 PM or by email.

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