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Published on November 18, 2013

Author: mohammad89


Introduction CVs are ‘first impression’ in the selection process that could land you on a new career path. CV is a summary of your career history, and the skills and experience you have gained.

Introduction Put as much effort into your CV as you do into your exam and interview. The CV is your opportunity to be in the spotlight.


Reasons for Writing a CV Attract attention. Create a good impression. Show that you have the necessary qualities and qualification to do the job you applying for.

What they like ?? Career Stage Information to emphasise Post-graduate Study • • • • • Qualifications Any work experience, including visits Awards Community involvement Personality/life skills Key challenges for your CV • • • • Show that you are more than just a brainbox, that you are well rounded, are involved in things outside study. Demonstrate evidence of responsibility, leadership and, maturity. Show how you have progressed and what new skills you have learned during your undergraduate life. Show logical pattern in the study history that tells a story, and that this job is the logical next step.

Factors affecting your CV The candidate The position Knowledge The scores required to be accepted Skills The skills required to do the job Abilities Attitudes FIT The abilities to cope with a changing and to learn new skills The attitude required to be successful and to be accepted

Ways of Writing a CV Qualifications Experiences Chronological CV ✓ ✓ Functional CV ✓ Hybrid CV ✓ Skills Activities Achievement ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓  Hybrid CV: It combines the best of both the chronological CV and the functional CV.

4-S Rule Keep your CV Simple Structured Succinct Significant

Elements of a CV 1. Personal details. 2. Qualifications and standardized exams. 3. Jobs and Clinical experiences. 4. Conferences and symposiums. 5. Courses and workshops.

Elements of a CV 6. Lectures and seminars delivered. 7. Researches and publications. 8. Activities and voluntary works. 9. Academic interests. 10.References. 11.Personal interests.

Personal Details

Tip Avoid to use the following: Marital status Number of children Nationality Religion Gender Photograph Unprofessional e-mail: ex,

Qualifications & standardized exams.

Tip Keep it to the relevant and impressive stuff. List them in order. Don’t use abbreviation.

Jobs & Clinical Experiences

Jobs & Clinical Experiences List your most recent event first, and then move onto the previous. For each you should mention: Dates. Job title. City location.

Conferences & Symposiums

Courses & Workshops

Lectures & Seminars

Tip Necessary to mention: Topic of Presentation. Date. Location.

Researches & Publications

Activities & Voluntary Works

Academic Interests


Tip Necessary to mention Name. Positions these people hold. Working address. Full contact details.

Personal Interests

CV Layout Applicant’s name: Arial, 20 points in size, and in bold. Headings: Times New Roman, 14 points in size, and in bold. Subheadings: Times New Roman, 12 points in size.

Fonts Examples Curraculum Vitae (Tahoma)  Curraculum Vitae (Arial) ✔ Curraculum Vitae (Comic Sans MS) ✖ Curraculum Vitae (Times New Roman) ✔ Curraculum Vitae (Brush Script) ✖ Carraculum Vitae (Braggadocio) ✖

White Space Allow a generous margin of at least 2.5 centimeters on all sides. If you put too much writing on a page, your CV will be hard to read and look cluttered.

Important Layout Issues Don’t use underlined heading. Don’t use both side of paper. Use your CV laser-printed. Use high-quality paper that is white (cream paper). Don’t use colour in your CV. Don’t put clip-art, cartoons or other illustrations. Updated date.


Using Curriculum Vitae on the top of CV Name should on the top Unmatched E-mail Using photography No updated date Bad layout, CV looks busy

Using Curriculum Vitae on the top of CV Using Title Using photograph No contacts Unnecessary Details

Colours CV looks busy

CV Covering Letter Your letter should include the following information: Your personal details. The name of the person to whom you are writing Initial greeting. The position you are applying for. Brief introduction about your self.

CV Covering Letter Don’t overstate facts in the covering letter that can be obtained from reading the CV

CV Covering Letter

General Considerations Make sure you have correct grammar and spelling. The CV should contain a clear, concise and chronological format. Avoid being repetitive in your CV.

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