Curriculum Planning as a Pedagogical system

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Information about Curriculum Planning as a Pedagogical system

Published on May 27, 2008

Author: Milasunshine


: 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 1 Standards-Based Education Unit Plan Design Dr. Ludmilla Smirnova UP The Essential Questions : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 2 The Essential Questions for this PPP are: How does the implementation of Effective Unit of Study Design maximize students’ learning? and What do you have to do for EUSD to maximize students learning? Topics of Discussion : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 3 Topics of Discussion 5 characteristics of SB classroom Course Concepts, defined Unit of Study elements Design Steps The Relationship of Curriculum, SBE and EUSD : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 4 The Relationship of Curriculum, SBE and EUSD Effective Design & Teaching of Unit of Study SBE National, NY Learning Standards Lesson Design Standards-Based Education, defined : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 5 Standards-Based Education, defined The focus is always on student learning The instructional plan identifies explicitly the learning standards and performance indicators. Assessment results are used to inform the teacher about the effectiveness of the curriculum and instructional decisions. SBE, (cont.) : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 6 SBE, (cont.) Effectiveness of instructional practices is measured by student progress toward meeting the learning standards and objectives Expectations for learning are the same for all the students even those who traditionally performed at low levels 5 Characteristics of SBE : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 7 5 Characteristics of SBE The Teacher… Develops the UP with an essential question Displays the Learning Standards Informs students how they will demonstrate their understanding at the end of the Unit Displays the Rubric that sets criteria (levels of performance) for the assessment Keeps the students informed throughout the Unit The Students… Participate in the design. Know what the Unit of Study is and what the essential question is Know the Learning Standards they are learning Know how they will be assessed Know the criteria for levels of performance on the assessment Are informed what they are learning and why Course Concepts, Defined : Course Concepts, Defined 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 8 What is Curriculum? – Think - share Exploring Curriculum Types with Leslie Wilson Discussing Factors that influence CURRICULUM Slide 9: 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 9 Curriculum, defined Anything and everything that teaches a lesson, planned or otherwise.  Humans are born learning, thus the learned curriculum actually encompasses a combination of all of the types -- the hidden, null, written, political and societal etc.. Since students learn all the time through exposure and modeled behaviors, this means that they learn important social and emotional lessons from everyone who inhabits a school. Effective Unit of StudyDesign (EUSD) : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 10 Effective Unit of StudyDesign (EUSD) Definitions A Unit Plan is a relatively small and manageable segment of the curriculum involving planned instruction about some central theme, topic, issue for a period of several days to several weeks; A Lesson Plan is a subdivision of a Unit plan, usually taught in a single class or 2-3 successive periods. UP is a A GRAPHIC ORGANIZER for planning Standards-Based Instruction. Role Provides a forecast for embedding higher level thinking skills in instruction Key Concepts of SBE & EUSD : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 11 Key Concepts of SBE & EUSD Curriculum – Content (What) The distinct course of studies which is aligned with the NY LS Learning Standards Explicit statements of what the students will know and be able to do mandated by NY Frameworks Key Ideas & Performance Indicators Mental learning outcomes that are reflected in the locally developed GRADE LEVEL expectations related to the learning standards UNIT Plan Key Concepts : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 12 UNIT Plan Key Concepts Rationale – An Overview of What is going to be taught and Why, how it is going to be presented, assessed, and for how long it will be taught. Essential Question A question whose answer will indicate an overarching understanding, stress higher level thinking skills and drive the students’ participation in the unit of study Assessment The means by which students demonstrate what they know and are able to do. Diagnostic, Formative and Summative Rubric A set of specific criteria which assesses levels of students performance Stop and Ponder : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 13 Stop and Ponder Visualize Teaching Process as a building. Where will you place the elements of the process that are involved in it into the parts of the building? Use the concepts: Curriculum/Standards, Instruction, Assessment, Students’ Learning. The Relationship of: Curriculum (Standards ), Instruction, Assessment and Students’ Learning : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 14 The Relationship of: Curriculum (Standards ), Instruction, Assessment and Students’ Learning Developing EUS: Steps : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 15 Developing EUS: Steps Identify Theme /Topic Begin the formulation of the Rationale and Essential Question(s) Identify the main concepts, skills, procedures – conduct a Content Analysis Estimate the length of the Unit (4 weeks) Identify Learning Standards & Performance Indicators Formulate the Learning Objectives – measurable, observable Objectives Design, select the Culminating Project Align the methods and Activities with the objectives Develop all types of Assessment, select/design the Rubrics, checklists, etc. Revisit the Rationale/ Essential Question/ Finalize it Plan Context and learning experiences How to Identify the Theme or Topic for the Unit Plan : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 16 How to Identify the Theme or Topic for the Unit Plan Differentiate among: Essential to know Important to know Interesting/nice to know Think of the challenge/intrigue the students will face while studying the theme. Reflect this challenge in the TITLE of the Unit Plan. Length and Scope of Unit : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 17 Length and Scope of Unit Length - From Two (2) lessons to six (6) weeks and more. For this course – design a Four Weeks UP Scope - The decision about the breadth and depth of the content to be covered. Unit Development WEB : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 18 Unit Development WEB AudioVisual Presentation Motivation Discussions TOPIC focus Introduction Starting Unit Activities Assessment Association with Topic Background Experience Determination Of Goals Culminating Activities Organizing of Findings Development Study guides Group activities ELAs DRLs Graphic Organizers Materials Dramatization Written Oral Visual Arts Audio Visual Suppli- mentary Textbooks Presentation of Findings Reports Evaluation of Effort Group Discussion Merging of Info from diverse Sources Application of Information Techniques Self-Assessment of understanding the steps of EUSD : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 19 Self-Assessment of understanding the steps of EUSD Thinking about Unit’s Theme, Goals and Objectives Focusing on Students’ Learning and Achievements on Higher Levels of Thinking Establishing Learning Context according to specified Goals Selecting Assessment Tools to measure identified LS Specifically identifying Standards, KI and PI EUSD class essential questions:Why does EUSD maximize students’ learning? What should you do to create an Effective Unit of Study? : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 20 EUSD class essential questions:Why does EUSD maximize students’ learning? What should you do to create an Effective Unit of Study? Name the steps: Theme/ Topic Rationale/Essential Question Content Analysis Learning Standards/ PI/Objectives Culminating Projects/Tasks/Enabling Activities Assessments/ Rubrics Context & Learning Experiences Useful Internet sites: : 5/27/2008 Curriculum Planning and Development 21 Useful Internet sites: Unit Plan design PPT & manual Unit Plan design sites for ideas: INTEL Education , Sites4eachers, 4Teachers (teaching with technology)

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