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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Electricpowermultiplier


Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 2 PWM INVERTERS, CONTINUOUS ELECTRICITY AND ALTERNATING ELECTRICITY. Continuous electricity, discovered in the year 600 BC by the Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus, is a universal energy that exists on our planet as demonstrated by natural magnets, lightning and many other manifestations. Alternating Electricity is not a universal energy and only exists on our planet since Tesla invented it in February 1882, whilst walking in the park in Budapest with his friend Szigeti, while reciting some of his favorite lines from Faust. Alternating Electricity (invented by Tesla) is very different to continuous electricity in its nature, rationale, principles, applications, etc. Please read our document: Scientific foundations of the new Ortigosa Renewable Electricity (ORE), file: Scientific Foundations of the ORE.docx. As is well known, knowledge of continuous electricity is prior to that of Alternating Electricity. It is worth recalling the disputes between Thomas Alva Edison, defender of continuous electricity and Nikola Tesla inventor and defender of alternating electricity, known as "The War of the Currents". The war of the currents from today´s perspective is meaningless because Tesla and Edison defended two completely different types of electricity that do not allow comparisons. The differences from their intrinsic nature to its multiple dimensions, applications and advantages, make them incomparable. The PWM inverters are the part of the variable continuous power that holds the greatest interest for the purposes of this study. PWM stands for "Pulse Width Modulator", an ancient technology used to transport low frequency signals that cannot travel alone through space, such as music, voice or sound without harmonic sinusoidal waveforms, to which we refer to especially. Low frequency signals cannot travel alone through space, but can do if carried on a higher frequency called carrier, which can travel in the same manner as people get on a plane to travel through space.

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 3 To upload the low frequencies on the carrier a device called a Modulator is used, in this case, Pulse Width Modulator, much the same as when people board the plane needing a device called stairs. There are several types of modulators such as: AM (Amplitude Modulator), FM (Frequency Modulator) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulator). The variable DC voltage can have any waveform, amongst them the sinusoidal and will remain being continuous voltage with different waveforms that remain being continuous electricity. The sinusoidal waveform is of special interest for this study because Tesla´s Alternating Electricity had and continues to have a sinusoidal waveform, although it can have any other waveform and will remain being Alternating Electricity. According to the above, a sound of 60 Hz with sinusoidal waveform, may be transformed into a varying DC voltage via a microphone, but remains the same sound now represented by a variable DC voltage and can also be amplified with an audio amplifier and sent to speakers where it can be heard amplified, because it is still the same sound The same sound transformed by the microphone into variable continuous voltage can also be loaded on a carrier with a PWM modulator and be sent by radio or TV to any part of our planet, where it is heard again on other speakers because it is still the same sound. This simple, everyday fact, known all over the world, can only be done with Continuous Variable Electricity and is impossible with Real Alternating Electricity The PWM Inverters are the result of applying the PWM modulator to the Chopped Continuous Electricity voltage in impulse packets of the same voltage, which remain being chopped continuous voltage packets, used as a Carrier where the PWM modulator uploads the same sound described in the previous paragraph transformed into variable continuous voltage. The sinusoidal waveform uploaded or modulated in the impulse packets must be demodulated or dropped from the packets with a demodulator, in this case a suitable filter formed by inductors and capacitors, that at the filter output remain being continuous voltage packages with sinusoidal waveform which remains being Variable Continuous Electricity with sinusoidal waveform with no possible comparison with Real Alternating Electricity nor with Ortronic® Alternating Electricity For those who continue to ignore Tesla´s Secrets, amongst which is the secret of the coil, it is possible that no reasonable justification can be found to help them understand the results of the new dimensions of Real Alternating Electricity, amongst them Reverse Resonance without capacitors. From experience we know that many who are unaware of the new dimensions of Real Alternating Electricity, are content with the scientific foundations and irrefutable practical demonstrations; but we also know that others will only accept what they can justify on the basis of their knowledge. Reactive power exists only when inductive loads (motors and others) are powered by Real Alternating Electricity

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 4 The reactive power can never exist in the PWM modulator set connected to inductive loads such as electric motors, although they call them PWM inverters, with or without filters, with sinusoidal waveform or otherwise. THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCLUSIONS. With PWM inverters none of the breakthroughs listed below of Alternating Electricity are possible: 1. Energy efficiency of Alternating Electricity. 2. Profitability of Ortigosa Renewable Electricity, "ORE". 3. Complying with the universal law of conservation of energy with inductive loads. 4. The Ortronic® Electric Power Multiplier. 5. Electrical distribution without cables or losses. 6. Tesla´s electric car without batteries. 7. Inverse resonance. 8. Resonance without capacitors. 9. Electric cars that outperform traditional ones in autonomy, price and performance. With the PWM Inverters electric cars cannot compete with traditional cars powered by fossil fuels and much less with electrical cars equipped with the Ortronic® Electric Power Multiplier because they increase the battery power by a multiplication factor proportional to the quality Q electric motors. In our document: Scientific Foundations of the Ortigosa New Renewable Electricity (ORE), we demonstrate that the best solution known to date for electric cars is the multiplication of the energy stored in the battery.

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 5 THE PRESENT ELECTRIC CARS Study of current electric cars The data and conclusions of electric cars previously described, has been measured and demonstrated with the apparatus described below, which offer no doubt, and all of them can be repeated in our laboratory or simply measured with any other electric car of market. To ensure the effectiveness of the measures, we bought one of the top seller electric cars in Europe, and anyone can repeat buying an electric car because all of them have the same technology. In this study the hybrid cars have not been taken into account, because they are actually powered by fossil fuels, to which an electric motor has been added which is the same as that used by electric cars, with a small battery store for autonomy of less than ten minutes. As a result we have not considered that these cars contribute anything new to electric cars. The Executers The Spanish scientist Juan Ortigosa García, as inventor and developer of Ortronic® technology together with his team of I+I+D (Imagination + Investigation + Development), consisting of a team of four superior Industrial Engineers in the fields of: digital electronics, power electronics, physics, mechanics, automotive, microprocessors and telecommunications. A group specially qualified to further the development of the multiple applications of Ortronic® technology. The most revolutionary breakthrough of Tesla Alternating Electricity, hereinafter Alternating Electricity. R+I+D Laboratory

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 6 The power bench tester and the electric car. An Italian brand DINO-RACE roller power bench tester was installed, adjusted and operated by the specialized engineer from the Italian factory and the chosen electric car was one of Europe´s bestselling electric cars, manufactured in Japan. All the possible operating conditions on the road, motorway and city have been simulated. Right side view of the power bench tester Power bench tester and computerized systems control. Power bench tester

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 7 All the power and energy electrical measurements were taken and recorded with a Tektronix oscilloscope, model DPO3054. Tektronix, model DPO3054. Traction motor: According to the information received from the seller, published on the Internet and the measurements taken, it was found that the traction motor was an 8 pole, three phase motor, connected to a star Y4F1 model, manufactured by the Japanese company MEIDENSHA CORPORATION, specially designed to work with PWM inverters, which are actually Continuous Voltage Choppers that generate Chopped Continuous Electricity The Y4F1 motor is powered by a PWM inverter which is not alternating electricity, as is shown in the current and voltage graphs shown in the following figures: Electric motor model Y4F1 Figure 1

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 8 Figure 1 shows a medium voltage cycle in one of the Y4F1 motor phases, where we can see that it is chopped continuous electricity and not Alternating Electricity. Figure 2 shows a cycle of current, measured in the same phase of the Y4F1 motor, where we can see that it is chopped continuous electricity and not Alternating Electricity. Figure 3 shows the voltage and current together in the same phase of the Y4F1 motor, where it is confirmed that it is chopped continuous electricity and not Alternating Electricity. Juan Ortigosa García President of Ortronic Technology, S.L. Madrid, June 16th , 2013. Figure 2 Figure 3

Current Electric Cars (with PWM inverters) vs Mechanical Cars 9 HEADQUARTERS ORTRONIC TECHNOLOGY, S.L. Edificio Twin Golf “B” C/ Perú, 6, 2ª Planta 28290 Las Rozas (Madrid) Tel.: (34) 91 630 80 80 Contact:

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