Culture Design to Leverage Transition Times

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Information about Culture Design to Leverage Transition Times
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: LarissaConte



This is a modified version of my presentation from my class, Culture Design Workshop: Leveraging Transition Times, hosted at PARISOMA on Feb 25, 2014.



DEFINITION CULTURE The set of shared beliefs, values, & behaviors amongst a group.

CULTURE SHAPES AND IS SHAPED BY Beliefs o  Values Worldviews, o  Explicit values Mindsets o  Implicit values (=What’s good, valuable, true, etc.) Behaviors o  o  o  o  o  o  Language Systems Processes Leadership Artifacts Feedback o  o  o  o  o  o  Communication Decision-making Place-making Rituals Attire Taboos

DR. CAROL DWECK THE POWER OF MINDSET Growth Mindset Fixed Mindset Intelligence is static Intelligence can be developed Leads to desire to look smart Leads to desire to learn

DR. CAROL DWECK MINDSET AND COMPANY CULTURE “We know from our studies that people with the fixed mindset do not admit and correct their deficiencies. And a company that cannot selfcorrect cannot survive . . . Instead of learning, growing, and moving the company forward, everyone starts worrying about being judged . . . It’s hard for courage and innovation to survive a company-wide fixed mindset.”


JON YOUNG WE ARE CYCLE-BASED BEINGS The 8 Shields is an map of development & change based on nature’s patterns. Integration Reflection Inspiration Celebration Orientation Relaxation Motivation Perspiration *This is an interpretation of the 8 Shields map

THE MOST BASIC CYCLE Beginning End Middle

STAGES IN CYCLES There are certain tasks and feelings that characterize each phase. Beginning Middle End Inspiring Investigating Implementing Welcoming Testing Delivering Clarifying Learning Celebrating Orienting Drafting Reflecting Observing Prototyping Integrating


THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF CYCLES IN COMPANIES o  o  o  o  o  Company lifecycle Leadership lifecycle Product lifecycle Employee lifecycle Partnership lifecycle o  o  o  o  o  Annual cycle Quarterly cycle Monthly cycle Weekly cycle Daily cycle

THESE CYCLES OFTEN DIFFER IN PHASE When differences in phase across scales are unreconciled or unacknowledged, things can feel disjointed for one or more parties. EXAMPLE Company Engineers New Hires Packing up to move offices In the middle of product launch Just starting

LOSING THE POWER OF TRANSITIONS In the absence of acknowledged transitions, people can have difficulty shifting their behavior and can miss learning opportunities. This is especially true for endings and beginnings. Beginning End Middle

INVESTING IN THE HARVEST One of the biggest opportunities for individual and team learning is at the end of cycles. Taking time to reflect and share learnings serves as rocket fuel for the next phase. Beginning End Middle

ALIGNMENT AS A DESIGN CHALLENGE Leaders and culture designers need to create systems that allow all cycle stages to flourish simultaneously in the business ecosystem.

THANK YOU Larissa Conte @larissabconte

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