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Published on March 14, 2016

Author: BOLAdvisoryGroup


1. BOLAdvisory Group Culture Clash

2. All that nonsense being spoken only offends me ΞA highly intelligent process thinker: “Your ambitious project will never work, you are trying to do the impossible” ΞTruthful response: “It’s already finished”

3. This kind of work is going to disappear really soon Go back to the office and wait patiently Somebody screwed up really bad Charge to a credit card everything you need to succeed, then send them the bill TheywanttogiveitTheydon’twanttogiveit They have the cash They don’t have the cash The Cash Flow Matrix

4. … 1 2 3 Hand of justice This ensued What happened? New money The aftermath

5. At the moment Me

6. Whether you are standing next to the Chicago Bean or on a ship in the South China Sea Everybody knows what it means to be FREE

7. What compels seemingly normal people to lose their cool the moment they step onto a boat? “We’re backing out of the deal, but you’re invited on our boat next weekend!” “Trust me, we’re not assessing you during this company boat outing, so have fun!” “He just does his job all year long with no complaining, he deserves to get wasted during a spring break cruise!” Rich Lonely Unhappy A? Average Content Boring Dead-end B?

8. #andthenweallgetrich #thatsthesmellofhardwork

#andthenweallgetrich presentations

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