Culture And Society Short Stories Essay

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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: marcginsberg


“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Quotes have many meanings, but every quote has a message. To me this quote means people should be treated equally, so everyone should have the same equal rights. It shouldn’t matter where they come from, their culture, their race, the color of their skin, but what they’re able to achieve, accomplish, and succeed. In Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, and A is for Afro by Sara Catania are about a main character that is treated different by color of their skin and one is changed by what there able to achieve. Both stories have something in common one character is forced to leave another was forced or obey. Each story shows us some things that are still going on today. In “A is for Afro” Sara and her sisters go through one of these problems. They go to a majority African American school. It’s around 1970 and the beginning of the integration of schools. Sara In her school was not accepted because she was white, and was not given the equal rights as her black classmates. Sara hoped things would change and that she will one day be accepted. Sadly things didn’t change; many blacks didn’t want to accept her because of the whites not accepting the blacks before the integration.

Sara and her sisters never found the acceptance, so they had to leave the problem, and not find a solution to it. In Harrison Bergeron here you have this ruler or person who made everyone equal. Everyone looked, thought, and acted the same. There was no one smarter then another person. There was no one uglier or more good looking then another person. There was no one stronger, weaker, or better then another person. The handicapper general made everyone wear a mask. She would put an ear piece on a smarter person, so that when they would think of something it would make this very loud beeping noise. Everyone was equal in every way. At the end of the story Harrison gets shot and dies and his mom and dad are not able to react because they had forgotten that they saw there son died. I would never want to live in a world like that where everyone is the same. I just want to live in a world where everyone has the same equal rights. I don’t think everyone should be the same, because if they were this would be a boring world and completely different. There wouldn’t be any new things like clothes, games, est. everything would be the same. I can relate to A is for Afro because Sara felt left out different in her school, and in a way I feel left out because I no I do not have the same equal right as American citizens. Like I want have the chance to go to college or get my

drivers license, but now I know there are scholarships. In a way I still think every person should get the same equal rights. To me theirs really no point in not giving every single person in America the same equal rights. I just don’t feel it is making our world a better place. I think America is just trying to avoid changes instead of accepting them. To me it would just be better if one day America just accepts the changes that are going on. I also think that even though these incredible people helped us overcome some changes, people are still just forgetting some important ideas these people said or have done. Like Martin Luther King speech and the Declaration of independence. Its not that people are forgetting them its just that people (the government ) are forgetting the main idea. If everyone had the equal rights I'm sure that we would be living in a better world.

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