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Published on November 2, 2007

Author: liamgr


Cultural studies 2:  Cultural studies 2 Course overview Part 2: Other Voices Frantz Fanon (1925-1961):  Frantz Fanon (1925-1961) It is through the effort to recapture the self and to scrutinize the self, it is through the lasting tension of their freedom that men will be able to create the ideal conditions of existence for a human world Black skin white masks (1952) Julia Kristeva:  Julia Kristeva If we are readers of intertextuality, we must be capable of the same putting-into-process of our identities, capable of identifying with the different types of texts, voices, and semantic. syntactic. and phonic systems at play in a given text. Edward Said (1935-2003):  Edward Said (1935-2003) …studying the relationship between the ‘West’ and its dominated cultural ‘others’ is…a point of entry into studying the formation and meaning of Western cultural practices themselves Culture & Imperialism (1993) bell hooks:  bell hooks Feminist education — the feminist classroom — is and should be a place where there is a sense of struggle, where there is visible acknowledgment of the union of theory and practice, where we work together as teachers and students to overcome the estrangement and alienation that have become so much the norm in the contemporary university. Cornel West:  Cornel West I focus on popular culture because I focus on those areas where black humanity is most powerfully expressed, where black people have been able to articulate their sense of the world in a profound manner. Breaking Bread: Insurgent Black Intellectual Life (1991). Stuart Hall:  Stuart Hall Migration is a one way trip. There is no ‘home’ to go back to. Minimal selves (1987) Paul Gilroy:  Paul Gilroy Awareness of the indissoluble unity of all life at the level of genetic materials leads to a stronger sense of the particularity of our species as a whole, as well as to new anxieties that the character is being fundamentally and irrevocably altered Against Race (2000) Donna Haraway:  Donna Haraway There is nothing about being female that naturally binds women together into a unified category. There is not even such a state as ‘being' female, itself a highly complex category constructed in contested sexual scientific discourses and other social practices" Cyborg Manifesto (1991) Ngugi Wa Thiongo:  Ngugi Wa Thiongo We who went through that school system were meant to graduate with a hatred of the people and the culture and [instead with] the values of the language of our daily humiliation and punishment. I do not want to see Kenyan children growing up in that imperialist-imposed tradition of contempt for the tools of communication developed by their communities and their history. I want them to transcend colonial alienation. Decolonizing the Mind (1986) Noel Ignatiev:  Noel Ignatiev To hell with this. We do not wish to be white. We wish to recognize that other people, those fighting hardest against the injustices of this society, the most extreme victims of it--the black youth--who are doing their best to resist what American society is doing to them: therein lie our closest potential allies. In other words, we are not going to be white anymore. We're going to take a chance on being free. Judith Butler:  Judith Butler There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender... Identity is performatively constituted by the very 'expressions' that are said to be its results. Trin Minh-ha:  Trin Minh-ha Identity as understood in the context of a certain ideology of dominance has long been a notion that relies on the concept of an essential, authentic core that remains hidden to one's consciousness and that requires the elimination of all that is considered foreign or not true to the self, that is to say, non-I, other. Armand Mattelart:  Armand Mattelart Ever since communication--above and beyond the different meanings each era confers on it--undertook its trajectory in pursuit of the ideal of reason, the representation that has been made of it has been torn between emancipation and control, between transparency and opacity. On the one hand, there is the logic of emancipation from all hindrances and prejudices inherited from dogmatic thinking. On the other, there is the logic of constraint imposed by a social and productive order. Noam Chomsky:  Noam Chomsky The chaos that derives from the so-called international order can be painful if you are on the receiving end of the power that determines that order’s structure. Even tortillas come into play in the ungrand scheme of things. Starving the poor (2007) Emma Goldman (1869-1940):  Emma Goldman (1869-1940) No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution. . . . Revolution is but thought carried into action. If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution Liam Greenslade:  Liam Greenslade In diaspora there are no places which can be described as real points of origin, only a multiplicity of places where being occurs. A Complex Kind of Joy (2005)

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