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Published on February 24, 2008

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The Cultural Impact of Hispanics in Tennessee: Latino 101 By Dr. Loida C. Velázquez :  The Cultural Impact of Hispanics in Tennessee: Latino 101 By Dr. Loida C. Velázquez Goal: To inform workshop participants about this ethnic group culture, values, and customs in order to create a safe and respectful space for their interactions. Agenda :  Agenda The Latinization of the South The Latino Sociological and Legal Profile The Latino impact on the region Recommendations for Cultural Sensitive Relationships 2006 Census Update:  2006 Census Update 42,700,000 or 14% of total population 58.5% Mexicans 9.6% Puerto Ricans 3.5% Cubans 4.8% Central Americans 3.8% South American 60% born in the USA 2050 Projection: 102.6 millions The Latinization of the South:  The Latinization of the South Latino Growth in the South:  Latino Growth in the South Limits of census information Top Counties: 4 are in North Carolina; 3 are in Georgia: 2 are in Arkansas Latinos in Tennessee 2000 census: 125,000 An increase of 278% from the 1990 census. From 2000-2005 it has increased 40% Knox county Latino population reached 1.5% of the total population in 2006. The African American population decreased to 0.8 East Tennessee:  East Tennessee 3 Waves of immigration: 1960-80 Professionals 1995-2000 Laborers 2003-Present Bilingual Professionals Who is a Latino?:  Who is a Latino? Not a homogeneous group: people from 23 countries and 3 continents Not a race but an ethnic group Aspects shared: history of colonization and language of the colonizer 4 major areas of immigration: Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean America or the United States?:  America or the United States? Un canto de amistad De buena vecindad Unidos nos tendrá eternamente Por nuestra libertad Por nuestra lealtad Debemos de vivir gloriosamente   Un símbolo de paz Anuncia el porvenir De todo el continente Americano Fuerza de optimismo Fuerza de hermandad Será este canto de Buena voluntad   Argentina, Brasil y Bolivia Colombia, Chile y Ecuador Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela Guatemala y El Salvador Costa Rica, Haití y Nicaragua Honduras y Panamá Norteamérica, México y Perú Puerto Rico, Cuba y Canadá   Son hermanos soberanos de la libertad Son hermanos soberanos de la libertad. La Canción de las Américas What Should We Call Them?:  What Should We Call Them?   Historical origins: Latinos? Hispanics Chicanos? Illegal immigrants? HHM: Celebrating our contributions in Sciences:  HHM: Celebrating our contributions in Sciences Dr. Ellen Ochoa –first hispanic female astronaut Dr. Mario Molina –received a Nobel prize in chemistry Sid Gutierrez –a NASA astronaut piloted Space Shuttle Columbia Dr. Tamara Ulibarry –investigating the effects of materials aging on mechanical properties Doris Sandoval –site engineer for the construction of a uranium mill-tailing repository cell Richard G. Castro –world expert in the plasma spraying of beryllium alloys Sociological Strengths of the Latino Family:  Sociological Strengths of the Latino Family Collectivism Simpatia Familismo Fatalismo Dealing with authority figures Personal Space Time Orientation Gender Roles Religion Sense of Respect Some Differences Among Latinos:  Some Differences Among Latinos Nationalism Regionalism Localism Indigenous Languages How Do They Get Here?:  How Do They Get Here? Naturalized Citizen Legal Permanent Resident Refugee/Political Asylum Temporary Protected Status Aliens who are spouse or children of American Citizens or LPR H2A Workers Student or Visitor visa Undocumented Profile of the Average Latino Immigrant:  Profile of the Average Latino Immigrant Traditional Limited English Limited knowledge of culture and customs Multiple problems: housing, food, health, home sickness, schooling for children Desperate for a job Large family back home expecting support Acculturated Better education level Speaks fluent English More community involvement Better jobs Acquiring dominant culture values Giving up language and values of culture of origin Assimilation:  Assimilation A process of giving up the values and customs of the culture of origin and adopting values and customs of the dominant culture. Why is slower for Latinos? Proximity of country of origin Means of communication The global village The immigration waves were larger than other groups The acceptance of the local culture of symbols, language and cultural products. Slide19:        Most Euro-American & Highly Acculturated Latinos Nature to be used and controlled for man’s needs.   Individual achievement. Nuclear family. Limited expression of feelings and emotions.   Religion separate & apart from culture.   Dualistic linear thinking.   Time is specific.   Task orientation.   Learn best thorough description Accepts the viewpoint of similar cultures.     Latinos & Most Ethnic Minorities Nature as an equal and integral part of man’s existence. Group achievement. Extended kinship family. Open expression of feelings and emotions. Religion permeates the culture Holistic non-linear thinking. Time is relative. Relationship orientation. Learn best by doing. Accepts the viewpoint of different cultures. Cultural Orientations Impact of the rapid demographic changes on the local community:  Impact of the rapid demographic changes on the local community Inadequacy of the current infrastructure in serving a large number of newcomers with specific challenges: DRIVERS LICENCE/INSURANCE IMMIGRATION STATUS LANGUAGE BARRIERS Benefits to the local region:  Benefits to the local region Rejuvenation of dying communities A steady and reliable workforce Bilingual and tri-lingual workers Open-minded organizations who are helping to built the proper infrastructure to meet the needs of all residents New organization in the region:  New organization in the region Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of East Tennessee El Centro Hispano HOLA: Hora Latina Hispanic Catholic Ministries Tennessee Immigrants and Refugees Rights Coalition Alianza del Pueblo Leadership Plenty Project Recommendations for Improved Relationships:  Recommendations for Improved Relationships Make first impression memorable: Become familiar with Latino history and culture Learn some words in Spanish, it impresses us! Become familiar with Latino issues: Immigration reform, the passing of the Dream Act, home ownership opportunities/predator lenders, drivers regulations. The most pressing one is the education of children of new immigrants; the preparation of future mathematicians and scientists. Be a mentor and an advocate! Recognize that the future USA citizens will not look like you or me! It will be Loren Velazquez, it will be Harley Diamond, it will be Jonathan Sumpter, it will be Tiki Duquella, it will be Rudy Marquez. Become involved in making our state and our region a welcoming one, a place that appreciates and values its diversity.

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