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Published on September 24, 2017

Author: JohnLon


Cultural Festivals and Celebrations: Cultural Festivals and Celebrations John Loner Allison Budaj Humanities 1101 CRN 20746 Slide2: 1. Cherry Blossom Festival – Japan “Hana means “flower” in Japanese, and hanami means “flower viewing.” While the word for “cherry blossom” is sakura , the appreciation of the cherry blossom is so widespread in Japan that hanami has come to refer specifically to cherry blossoms. The pink-and-white blooms last for about two weeks in March-April, and during that time people swarm to Japan's public parks to picnic, play games, tell stories, and dance beneath the canopy of flowers” (“Hanami”). Slide3: 2. Holi Festival – India “Holi is a colorful and boisterous Hindu spring festival in India, also known as the Festival of Colors. This is a time of shedding inhibitions: People smear each other with red and yellow powder and shower each other with colored water shot from bamboo blowpipes or water pistols” ( "Holi." ). Slide4: “The running of the bulls, an event that has taken place here for 400 years where each morning during the celebration, young men, dressed in typical Basque costumes, risk their lives running through the streets of Pamplona ahead of the bulls being run to the bullring where the bullfights will be held” ( "San Fermin Festival." ). 3. The San Fermin Festival Slide5: 4. Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts “The Glastonbury Festival, dedicated to contemporary music, art, and culture, traces its roots to 1970, and to Worthy Farm in Pilton, England, where it was launched by Michael Eavis and is a five day event, which is recognized as the largest outdoor performing arts festival in the world” ( "Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts”). Slide6: 5. COSPLAY – Japan “Cosplayers adopt the clothing and sometimes the accent, physical traits and mannerisms of a specific, often idolized character (sometimes even of the opposite sex) from science fiction, fantasy, comic books - both the classic American Marvel and DC variety and the more modern Japanese manga and anime - video games, films or TV series. The result is inevitably much bolder and more outlandish than, for example, historical re-enactment in period dress” ( "Cosplay.” ). Slide7: 6. The Carnival in Rio de Janiero “CARNIVAL is the largest popular festival in Brazil, the last chance for partying before LENT . The most extravagant celebration takes place along the eight miles of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, where, since the 1930s, the parades, pageants, and costume balls go on for four days, all accompanied by the distinctive rhythm of the samba”( "Carnival (Brazil)."). Slide8: 7. The Albuquerque International balloon festival N. Mexico “The first hot air balloon rally was held at the St. Paul (Minnesota) Winter Carnival in January of 1962. Three balloons took to the sky. In 1988 at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico, a world record 605 hot air balloons were on hand. The Albuquerque Fiesta is the largest in the world. People come from Australia, Japan and Switzerland to take part in this spectacular event. The sport of hot air ballooning continues to grow” ( Costanzo, Christie). Slide9: 8. La Tomatina (Tomato Fight) “Residents prepare for the impending food fight by protecting their storefronts and homes with plastic, donning special clothing, and imbibing alcohol. Thousands of pounds of tomatoes are trucked into town and dropped off at the Plaza del Pueblo, Buñol's main square, and the light-hearted battle commences” ( "Tomatina (Tomato Battle)). Slide10: 9. The Mud Festival “The Boryeong Mud Festival takes place in the coastal town of Daecheon , South Korea. First held in 1998, the ten-day event centers on the Boryeong mud flats and attracts millions of people every year, where activities include mud wrestling, a mud pool, a mud prison, mud slides, and mud skiing” ( " Boryeong Mud Festival”). Slide11: 10. Mardi Gras New Orleans “New Orleans had its first organized Mardi Gras parade in 1857. It consisted of two floats and was presented by the first Carnival society, the Mistick Krewe of Comus , its name alluding to John Milton's masque, Comus . The parade was apparently well received; it was one of the first local institutions revived after the Civil War” ( "Mardi Gras”). Slide12: 11. The Day of the Dead “The night is spent in this communion, as the candies flicker, the prayers are offered up, and the children drop off to sleep. At 8:00 A.M., or thereabouts, a mass is said, and the spirits depart. The living snuff out the candles, gather up the food (now soulless, but still very edible), and take it to friends and relatives in the community”( Day, Douglas). Slide13: 12. Oktoberfest “Oktoberfest usually takes place from late September to late October, and is one of the biggest secular (non-religious) festivals in the world. While many cities hold their own versions of the festival, the biggest Oktoberfest’s take place in Munich, Germany and Cincinnati, Ohio where each year millions of festival-goers converge on the festival grounds to consume foods such as bratwurst, roast chicken, cheese, pretzels, sauerkraut, and beer” ( "Oktoberfest...A German Festival”). Slide14: 13. Chinese New Year “The Chinese New Year is a traditional holiday in China . Also called the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year is celebrated for fifteen days and is traditionally the most important holiday of the year for the Chinese. Those celebrating the holiday engage in many different activities and traditions, including decorating the home, enjoying special meals with their families, watching firework displays, and giving gifts of money to children” ( Mazzei ). Slide15: 14. Saint Patrick's Day “Ireland's national festival, celebrated with a bank holiday, parades and (recently) fireworks and other events on 17 March. The feast day of the national saint is celebrated with different spectral intensities of green in many venues throughout the world. It was early on a holiday in America, being declared such by some Irish Protestants in Boston in 1737, and the first St Patrick's Day parade was held there in 1779” ("St Patrick's Day”). Slide16: 15. Motorcycle Week (Bike Week) “Bike Week is the largest motorcycle meet in the world, held for 10 days in Daytona Beach, Fla. The event began in 1937, as an outgrowth of automobile races. These had been started years earlier on Daytona's Ormond Beach by Henry Ford, who had a mansion and was testing cars there. It was suspended for a few years during World War II, but the 50th anniversary was celebrated in 1991, with half a million people attending”( Motorcycle Week (Bike Week). Slide17: The End

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