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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Kliment


When Cultures Collide: generic cultural differences:  When Cultures Collide: generic cultural differences Minjuan Wang Educational Technology San Diego State University What is Culture?:  What is Culture? What is Culture? :  What is Culture? Beliefs and behaviors accepted within communities that may range from small family units to national or intra-national systems Signs (body language, symbols) Tools (other behavioral patterns and procedures set to function within the culture Shakehands:  Shakehands In the US? mutual understanding and agreement In Middle Eastern Countries? 'serious' negotiations are just beginning. Japan? Seinfeld episode China? Many Types…:  Many Types… Ethnic culture Speak up, motivation (extrinsic, intrinsic) Local culture Using examples Academic culture Honesty, grading scales, teamwork Disciplinary culture Why Culture?:  Why Culture? Global online learning reaching 160 million by 2025 Even a small slice of that would mean handsome financial returns to the universities (Goodfellow, 2001, p.65). The World is Flat!:  The World is Flat! The 10 Forces:  The 10 Forces The Berlin Wall (89) Netscape went public (95) Let’s do lunch: have your application talk to my application Web-enabled workflow; the vast network of “underground pluming” Open sourcing Out sourcing Offshoring Running with Ganelles, eating with lions Insourcing Your world is synchronized! In-forming The Steroids Digital, Mobile, Personal, Virtual Is Learning…..:  Is Learning….. Abstract rules, concepts, facts, processes, skills, or procedures? Or the construction of internal models of outside reality consistent with their understanding of the cultural contexts in which they operate. (Pincas, 2001, p. 31). Models of Cross-Cultural Instructional Interaction:  Models of Cross-Cultural Instructional Interaction Looking at culture from the schema theory “Culture can be seen as a body of knowledge contained in schemata whereby culturally appropriate behavior is generated” (Thompson, 1998 in Wilson, 2001, p. 53) Models of Cross-Cultural Instructional Interaction:  Models of Cross-Cultural Instructional Interaction Cultural discontinuities occur when the schemata of a learner and instructional designer do not correspond. Cultural Discontinuities:  Cultural Discontinuities Unfamiliar seas with schematic signs and tools Following are some mismatch between schemas Humors that are not funny :  Humors that are not funny Seinfeld commercial for American Express Confucian and Buddaist (truth, sincerity, politeness) Will Sarcasm and Crazy jokes work? Jokes about religion, sex, minorities, older people; black humor Germans and Japanese If no one laughs, tell them to a Korean Turkish jokes International Humor:  International Humor Let’s write about elephants Hunting elephants in British East Africa The love life of elephants in French Equatorial Africa The origin and development of the Indian elephant in the year 1200-1950 (600 pages) How to breed bigger and better elephants International Humor (2):  International Humor (2) How we sent an elephant to the moon Elephant and the welfare state Techniques of elephant fighting Spaniard As a means of transportation before railway What the elephants think about us? Norway and Norway’s mountains A Way with Words:  A Way with Words Germany Next week I should become a new car What is your death line (deadline)? Japan I have spilt up my boyfriend My father is a doctor, my mother is a typerwriter Are you hopeful of any change? I am hopeless. Mismatch between Schemas :  Mismatch between Schemas Body languages A-OK: obscene in Brazil; $$ in Japan Touching a child’s head? not in south-east Asia Avoiding eye contact: suspicious? Stare and Blinking eyes? Widened eyes Astonishment or anger? Culture-Specific Advertising:  Culture-Specific Advertising First bite at the Big Apple Fly United Airlines DELTA SERVICE Every year we fly more people than the largest airlines of Great Britain, Germany and France..Combined Culture-Specific Advertising:  Culture-Specific Advertising Lufthansa There's no better way to fly Eastern Airlines We have to earn our wings every day. Eastern Airlines. The Wings of Man. Air France Air France. One of the best places on earth More Airline Ads:  More Airline Ads Bangkok Airways Asia's boutique airline - Exclusive Service to Exotic Gems Braniff Airways We Better be Better, We're Braniff  If You've Got It, Flaunt It Slide21:  Martin Airline, flying their planes way too close for comfort? Categorizing Culture:  Categorizing Culture Linear-active, Multi-active, Reactive See handouts Japanese, Chinese: listening culture but lengthy discourse to attain ultimate harmony Dialogue-oriented or data-oriented From Dialogue to Data-oriented:  From Dialogue to Data-oriented 1. Latin Americans 2. Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, French 3. Arabs, Africans 4. Indians, Parkistanis 5.Chileans 6. Hungarians, Romanians 7. Slaves 8. American subcultures 9. Benelux 10. British, Australians 11. Scandinavians 12. North Americans, New Z, South A 13. Germans, Swiss Why are they so quiet?:  Why are they so quiet? Listening culture! Allow ideas to mature Tend to be accommodating in decisions Resilience! Economic success Japan, Asian tigers, Finland The Use of Time (1):  The Use of Time (1) Past-----present--------future Can’t bear to be idle Past (over) Present: today’s tasks (A->B->C->D->E) Future (plans for Jan. worries for Feb.) 8 hours of his time cost $400! The Use of Time (2):  The Use of Time (2) Italian: “why are you so angry because I came at 9.30?” German, “because it says 9am in my diary” “Why don’t you write 9.30 and then we’ll both be happy?” Southern Europeans Multi-active Best way to invest their time? Complete a human transaction Priority: thrill or significance of each meeting Punctuality in Spain:  Punctuality in Spain Messes up schedules A (start late), B, C(merges with Lunch) D(not starting until 4:30) E(delayed) F (cancelled or meet in bar) A subjective commodity; manipulated “My time is up; I have to rush” Spaniard or Arab, only use these if death were imminent Chinese?:  Chinese? Value time Penchant for humility Expect generous allocation of time for discussion Dwell on details of a transaction Walk around the pool to make decisions Careful nurturing of personal relationships More topics from When Cultures Collide :  More topics from When Cultures Collide Leadership styles (handout) Horizons and Team building (some nice charts)—(p. 86) Bridging the communication gap Manners and Taboos Audience expectations during presentation (handout) Online/Video Games (welcome Joe) Profile of many culture: good references if you need them! Add some Graphics Here:  Add some Graphics Here Managing styles The collision of Japanese and Latin culture Characters of Multicultural manager For Day 2 Tips for training and motivating Asians For Day 2

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