Cultural Attributes

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Information about Cultural Attributes

Published on March 12, 2009

Author: dreggers



Study Guide for Europe Exam



The London Underground

London Bridge

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey & Big Ben

The English Countryside


Celebrating Scots


The Abbey

Landmarks here at the Abbey…

Croissant with Coffee

Apple Tart Eau Claire

France’s Main Source of Food



Sunset at the Abbey

Subway Performer

More Subway Performers

The Eiffel Tower , the symbol of France, right in the heart of Paris

Notre Dame

Got to watch out for those narrow, Winding Stairs!

Gargoyles, Gargoyles Everywhere!


The Arc de Triumph

What narrow alleys they have here!

Normandy Beach


Cemetery at Normandy


Belgian Waffles


‘ Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh

Cobblestone Street

Horse Carriage


Ornate Beer Mugs in Berlin

Reichstag Roof St. Lukas’ Church

Reichstag Roof

St. Lukas’ Church

Outside the Hofbrauhaus

Where Hitler Got His Start…

Holocaust Memorial

Remains of the Berlin Wall




Napoleon’s Hat

Dachau 1

Dachau 2

Dachau 3



Typical Architecture in Prague

Waltzing in a Restaurant


Casa De Mila in Barcelona

A Surviving Roman Aqueduct!


The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Outside the Roman Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

All that remains of Constantine’s statue

Trevi Fountain

The Triton Fountain

The Vatican Dome


Oh Look, the Pope is Here!

The Swiss Guard

“ The Creation of Adam”

Daniel, Before and After

Libyan Sibyl at Sistine Chapel


Michelangelo’s ‘David , ’ ‘Moses’

Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’ Done at the age of 24!

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Work

John the Baptist The Mona Lisa

John the Baptist

The Mona Lisa

Raphael’s ‘School of Athens’

The Roman Forum


Gondolas in Venice


The Acropolis - Greece


The Immortal Venus De Milo, perhaps the most well-known Greek sculpture ever!


World Religions

“ The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire!” Result ---> Global Education on English Language

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