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Information about Cultivation2

Published on August 25, 2008

Author: gooseunl


Cultivation:  Cultivation Water Injection Cultivation :  Water Injection Cultivation Research at MSU for Toro (Murphy & Rieke. 1994. Agron. J. 86:719-724) High pressure water pulse-injected 10 millisecond pulses at 5000 psi = 600 mph! Water-Injection technology:  Water-Injection technology Used for about 10 years Should be used as a supplement to normal core-aerification Used frequently during the summer on bentgrass greens (Can be over-used) Very little disruption of the surface Slide5:  Water (chemical) injection systems Water Injection Cultivation:  Water Injection Cultivation Advantages No surface disruption, can use anytime of season Improved shoot growth Decr. bulk density Incr. saturated hydraulic conductivity (percolation rate) Water Injection Cultivation:  Water Injection Cultivation Disadvantages -Most useful for putting greens Expensive Slow Requires nearby H2O source Coring vs. Water Injection:  Coring vs. Water Injection Dryjet:  Dryjet Slicing & Spiking:  Slicing & Spiking Slicing: V-shaped knives on drum; 3-4" depth Minimal surface disruption Alleviate midsummer stress on fairway/high traffic turf Slicing & Spiking:  Slicing & Spiking Spiking: Similar to slicing; only 1" depth; reduced hole length Greens Athletic fields: facilitate overseeding Slicing & Spiking:  Slicing & Spiking Both used for: infiltration Minimum alleviation of soil compaction stimulate root/shoot growth Vertical Mowing:  Vertical Mowing good for preparing to overseed thatch removal Vertical Mowing (Power raking, dethatching):  Vertical Mowing (Power raking, dethatching) Vertically oriented knives on rapidly rotating shaft High set: Cut stolons/leaves for grain control Disrupt cores from coring Low set: Remove/disrupt thatch Very low set: Cultivate soil—surface compaction? Overseeding operation Secondary Cultivation Practices:  Secondary Cultivation Practices De-thatching Aerification Top-dressing Rolling Why are secondary cultivation practices necessary ??:  Why are secondary cultivation practices necessary ?? Repair compaction Protect grass crowns Stimulate shoot and root growth Smooth surfaces Enhance overall quality Specific problems that require secondary cultural practices:  Specific problems that require secondary cultural practices Wear and compaction Thatch or organic layer building Uneven or bumpy surfaces Good Turf = Good Roots:  Good Turf = Good Roots Topdressing:  Topdressing The application of sand, soil, or organic matter to a turf surface Used heavily on golf and sports fields to: protect crowns reduce thatch smooth surface Used to backfill aerification holes Slide21:  Top-dressers come in many styles and sizes Slide22:  Light Smooth surface Enhance green speed Protect growing points Heavy Backfill aerification Reduce thatch Slide23:  Heavy top-dressing must be brushed in to holes and the turf canopy Slide24:  fiber mats Steel mats Various types of methods are used to smooth top-dressing sand blowers

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