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Information about Cucumbers

Published on January 18, 2008

Author: Renzo


Cucumber (Cucumis sativus):  Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Key concepts Center of origin Monoecious Gynoecious Parthenocarpic Slicing versus pickling cucumbers Quality characteristics Problems Originated in Africa or Asia:  Originated in Africa or Asia Why the uncertainty? Ancient ___________ routes connected Africa and India A network of sea routes linked the incense ports in Saudi Arabia and Somalia with ports in the Persian Gulf and India _____________ freely flowed along these routes Cucumber center of origin:  Cucumber center of origin What is a center of origin? Where the crop species or its relatives grow in the _______ Two processes Utilization as a __________ Ability to grow as a _______ Some crops spread rapidly from center of _____ others spread is slower Cucumber – ________ spread Eggplant – ________ spread Separate male and female flowers:  Separate male and female flowers Separate male and female flowers Monoecious Require ___________ pollination Will produce __________ flowers first Produce 10-20 times more flowers Release pollen and fall off Gynoecious cultivars:  Gynoecious cultivars Have all _______ flowers Why use a gynoecious cultivar? Energy not used to produce __________ flowers Can produce more fruit Usually a small amount of seed from a standard cultivar is mixed in as the ________________ Parthenocarpic cucumbers:  Parthenocarpic cucumbers Produce fruit without _______________ Often used in _________ production Why? Differences from field grown cucumbers Longer and thinner Plants are grown ______________ Seedless Flavor is better? Is it worth the additional cost Cucumber – Slicing:  Cucumber – Slicing Used fresh without addition ___________ Look for: Dark, smooth skin Small diameter Burpless cucumber:  Burpless cucumber These are _________ in flavor and thin-skinned Some people get stomach problems when they eat cucumber ____________ Probably don’t stop burping and name comes from Burplee Seed Company Cucumber - Pickling:  Cucumber - Pickling Pickling Used for making pickles and sometimes ________ Types of pickles depend on: Preparation (i.e. dills) Size West Indies Gerkin or bur cucumber:  West Indies Gerkin or bur cucumber Derived from an _____________ species Brought to Americas directly from Africa Extensively grown in West Indies Almost spherical fruit used for ____________ Gerkin also used to describe small pickles Slicing Cucumbers vs. Pickling:  Slicing Cucumbers vs. Pickling Cucumbers: Harvesting:  Cucumbers: Harvesting Pick before the _____________ start to mature Fruit that contains ______________ seed is preferred Do not allow cucumbers to turn _____________ Yellow fruit are overly mature Often have a bitter taste Cucumbers: Problems:  Cucumbers: Problems Cucumber beetle Must be controlled because they transmit ______________ wilt Control Synthetic insecticides Exclusion with ______________ Poor fruit quality Incomplete ___________ ____________ during pollination and fruit development

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