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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: rosscarlson


Cuba 1956-1998: By: ramon carlson y Bartolo harry Cuba 1956-1998 1956 Cuban revolution begins: 1956 Cuban revolution begins The Cuban Revolution began as a result of economic drought and many political factors. Many of the nations people were tired of Batista and wanted a new person in charge. Fidel Castro saw this as a sign and took his opportunity. A couple years later he would overthrow Batista and become Prime Minister of the nation. 1959 rebel forces take control of havana: 1959 rebel forces take control of havana Castro and his crew moved in to Havana on the morning of January 2, 1959. Castro and former exiled President Manuel Urrutia wanted to act quickly to get Cuba a new government. The United States meanwhile was hoping this new government would be democratic. Everything in Havana from stores to businesses was closed on this day. The day before, President Batista had fled the country. 1960 eisenhower embargoes cuba: 1960 eisenhower embargoes cuba Now that Cuba had remodeled it government, it was clear that Castro was a socialist. President Eisenhower was not happy with this so enforced an embargo on sugar, oil, and guns with Cuba. When Castro retaliated, Eisenhower enforced a total embargo on Cuba later in the year. 1961 Castro takes over: 1961 Castro takes over On February 16, 1961 Fidel Castro was sworn in to office. After leading a guerilla campaign against former President Batista, Castro had successfully overthrown the Cuban government. With a persuasive political campaign he had won the votes of the Cuban people. Little did they know that this was the beginning the Castro Regime. 1962 Cuban missile crisis: 1962 Cuban missile crisis In October of 1962, the two superpowers, United States and the Soviet Union, were the closest to having a nuclear war the world had ever seen. After the United States failed to overthrow Castro, the Soviet Union secretly set up missiles in Cuba. The U.S. soon found out and did not take it lightly. After the U.S. set up missile in Turkey, the Soviet Union took down their missiles in Cuba. 1980 Carter expels cubans: 1980 Carter expels cubans After letting Cuban refugees into the country, on May 14, President Carter wanted to exclude Cubans who were imprisoned in Cuba. On June 7, 1980 Carter ordered the Department of Justice to expel refugees who committed serious crimes in Cuba. It was found out in December, Castro wouldn’t take any refugees back. 1983 clash in grenada : 1983 clash in grenada In 1983, President Reagan tells the military to seize control of the island of Grenada and end the Marxist Regime. Cuban military engineers were working to expand the island’s airport, but soon found themselves fighting the U.S. Although it never sparked a war, 14 Americans were killed and 25 Cubans were killed. 1998 Pope john paul ii visits Cuba: 1998 Pope john paul ii visits Cuba This was the first time a Pope had visited Cuba since the beginning of the Castro era. While in Cuba, Pope John Paul visited Castro himself, University of Havana, and visited religious leaders. The Pope’s goal was not only to promote religion, but also help officially put an end to the United States’ embargo on Cuba.

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