CTIA 2004 Wireless I.T. & Entertainment, "M2M Seminar Panel Discussions", Jean Barrette, Moderator

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Published on November 1, 2008

Author: jean.barrette

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CTIA, 2004, "M-to-M business", Jean Barrette, Moderator

Preparation for Machine-2-Machine Communications Seminar October 26th, 3:00 to 4:30, room 3003 Jean Barrette, Moderator General Manager, VASP, Bell Mobility

Panel Agenda  Panel Presentation  What is M2M?  Speaker Presentation  Panel Discussion  Question Period  Shot Gun finish –Top Three Things to Remember about M2M Please Visit the Machine-2-Machine Zone on the Floor

Your Panel! David Brandos, President, Boatracs  Dean Fledderjohn, GM of M2M Business Segment, Kyocera  Wireless Corp. Dick Gossen, CEO, Aeris.net  Benson Hougland, Director of Technical Marketing, Opto 22  Charles Nelson, President, Cingular Interact. , BU Unit of  Cingular Jeff Smith, CEO, SensorLogic Inc 

What is Machine-2-Machine “M2M are communications where a remote machine is monitored or  controlled by a central server, and the link between the two machines is provided by a network, wireless or fixed, at least in part. Infrastructure ecosystem is complex…  Ovum, Machine-to-machine over Cellular: New returns from Old Investments, 2002 FocalPoint

What is Machine-2-Machine (continued) …and requires many players to provide all value-chain segments.  Ovum, Machine-to-machine over Cellular: New returns from Old Investments, 2002

AirIQ Marine Inc. dba CTIA M2M Communications David Brandos (858) 922-9086 Oct 26, 2004 dbrandos@boatracs.com

AirIQ family of companies

AirIQ / Boatracs / Aircept breadth “More than 150,000 combined subscribers with ARPU’s from $5 to $220” Communications Markets Applications Technologies Rental Car Fleets  Asset tracking / Recovery  MicroBurst / Amps  Commercial Trucking/Trailers Logistics   GSM  Heavy Equipment Telematics   CDMA  Consumer Vehicles Business Process Automation   Geo-synchronous Satellite  – KU Band Sub-Prime Leased Vehicles Safety / Security   – Inmarsat Commercial Marine Regulatory Compliance   Low Earth Orbit Satellite  – Offshore – Iridium  Asset Monitoring – Inland Waterways – Orbcomm – Fishing – US Government

Who Is Boatracs?  Leading provider of wireless telematics solutions for the commercial marine market segments  Regulatory approved Vessel Management Systems  Over 4 million transactions processed each year  Highly experienced team of wireless & maritime professionals – Combining deep vertical industry knowledge with wireless industry professionals to provide complete solutions

Vertical Markets History It all started with: • 1993 Comdex, CDPD & Wireless Vending Machine, GPS tracked UPS trucks Since then we have had: • TheGroup) of Inflated Expectations” & the “Trough of Disillusionment” “Peak (Gartner Recently we spoke of the: • transition from “Early Adopter” to “Competitive Advantage” to “Competitive Necessity” Now we have: • a viable, growing, & profitable industry • For the fiscally responsible, with deep vertical knowledge & the patients to deal with the slow ….. BUT steady adoption curves of vertical markets

Thank You www.boatracs.com

Your Machines would like a word with you! Dean Fledderjohn Kyocera Wireless Corp.

Kyocera CDMA Modules and M2M Leveraging core competencies of CDMA expertise, design  and manufacturing to address the growing need for wide area M2M solutions – Enterprise customers needing access to dynamic information on demand – Carriers looking for strategic and incremental revenues To date over 40 system integrators embedding the KWC 200  module into their applications Key Markets for KWC  – Fleet Management – AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) – Landline replacement - ATM, Lottery, Homeland Security, etc – Asset Tracking

Example - PPL Business Case •OBJECTIVE • Improve retrieval of data from remote meters and automate data reporting to facilitate business processes, system reporting, and customer response time SOLUTION DESCRIPTION • Wireless solution that automates electricity meter reading in the field using machine-to-machine communications • Migration from a legacy CDPD system to a CDMA2000 1X wireless data system from Verizon Wireless using the Kyocera 200 Module integrated into Comverge Gateway device RESULTS • The PPL Electric Utilities project is one of the largest CDMA2000 1X data deployments in North American utilities to date and the first utility deployment using telemetry communications over a CDMA2000 1X network. • The new implementation has reduced data collection lag time from 30-45 days down to a mere 30-45 minutes. This solution allows PPL Electric Utilities to have real-time checks on its meters every time it queries a meter. The AMR implementation also enables the company to detect potential problems with meter set-up and system reliability with access to real-time load profiling, voltage and pricing data, which has resulted in improved customer service.

Kyocera is Enabling M2M Energy and Utilities Fleet Management Asset Tracking Retail Industrial and Manufacturing Government

Thank You ! Kyocera - Connecting M2M applications at home and on the road

The M2M Network Dick Gossen, CEO

What is M2M? 1+ Trillion M2M Applications Humidity Microcontrollers Temperature Content from the Vibration Device to the Tens of Billions of Liquid Process Internet Controllers Weight Monitors Enviro- Bandwidth – and Low sensors Appliances Industrial 2 Billion High Speed - Homeland Machinery Controls always on! Smart Devices Security Vehicles HVAC, etc. 1 Billion Information Devices Consumer Mobile Applications Personal Phones, PDA’s Computers Internetcontent to Web 300 Million the Device Tablets, Etc. High Bandwidth Wireless Machine-to-Machine Communications Set to Grow to $31 Billion in 2008 - Wireless Data Research Group

M2M- Unique Requirements COST COVERAGE CONTROL

“Location, Location, Location!”

Opto 22 Benson Hougland

Opto 22 – enabler of M2M from the ground up Benson Hougland  Founded in 1974, privately held, based in Temecula, California  30 years as pioneers in computer-based data acquisition and control  Worldwide reputation for system reliability and standards-based device connectivity  Core competencies – Technology – manufacturer of rugged and reliable physical device interfaces (solid-state, processor-based input/output systems) – Partnering – technical and marketing partnerships with respected leaders in the telecommunications industry (AT&T Wireless, Nextel, Cingular, Sprint, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, SensorLogic, nPhase, etc.) – Experience – broad portfolio of successful M2M applications

Where we exist in the M2M mix We’re the “fingers”   Connectivity to any physical device – Electronic – Mechanical – Electrical – Environmental  Integrated radio interfaces – GSM/GPRS – AMPS – CDMA  Standard data interfaces – Internet Protocol (IP) – SMS – SNMP

Nvio – From assets to applications, it’s all you need.™

M2M applications worldwide Tower management and leasing companies  – Remote monitoring of cell sites for regulatory compliance Process control and manufacturing  – Supply chain and vendor-managed inventory applications Retail and commercial building and outlets  – Energy management, facility monitoring Transportation  – Security, communications Telecommunications  – Equipment monitoring and control, environmental

Machine-To-Machine Communications Seminar October 26th - 3:00 to 4:30 - Room 3003 Charles Nelson President & CEO

Velocita Wireless  Cingular Interactive (CI) subsidiary of Cingular Wireless acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (Oct 22nd)  Mobitex Network Operator  Blackberry Email & Messaging Subs  Field Force - M2M - AVL Subs  Mobitex Footprint 422 of the Fortune 1000  3,068 Radio Channels at 2,247 Sites  0.5 Billion Packets Delivered a Week  Leadership  CI Management Team Coverage No Coverage  Strategic Reseller Partnerships  Email: Cingular, RIM, SkyTel, EarthLink, Good, TCS  Verticals: First Data, Global Payment Services, Honeywell & more

 Key Attributes Required of M2M Provider  Extensive Coverage, To Include In Building  Proven Reliability  High Availability  Low Latency  Always-On, Always Connected  True Push  Guaranteed Delivery  Seamless Roaming  Inexpensive Solution Components

Target Markets Segments Venue Devices Partners Security/ Access  HVAC Honeywell AlarmNet Buildings  Profile Systems Lighting Office Equipment  Power Distribution Profile Systems Energy  Power Quality Nertec Test & Measurement  Industrial SensorLogic/ AVIDWireless Infrastructure Healthcare Medical Monitoring &  Recruiting Medical Diagnostics Verticals  Discrete Wireless M2M  DMD  Networkcar  Mobile Wireless Tech  Vetronix Commercial  TCS/Aether Systems  Ideal Mobile Group Vehicles Transportation  Coleman  Time Management  Descartes Systems  FamHost  Infrastructure Parkeon   Paymentech First Data Merchant Service.   TNSI POS Global Payment   Apriva Nova Information Systems Retail  TNSI Vending  USA Technologies  Wireless Matrix Field Service FFA Handhelds  Antenna Software Management

Jeff Smith SensorLogic is an M2M TSP that provides Manufacturers, OEMS, and Systems Integrators private-labeled M2M solutions. M2M Portal™ Monitoring Optimization Control

Challenge to Market Growth Telemetry systems are complex –  developing them is difficult Vertical Telemetry Telemetry Remote Wireless Application Server Modem Device Network • Hardware • Hardware • Hardware • Hardware • Software • Software • Software • Software

M2M Portal™ Telemetry Application Functions Optimization Control • User control & administration • On/Off command • Simulation & Testing features • Customize system behaviors • Customize alarms & notifications Notification • Cellular or land-line phone • E-mail • Paging or text to cell phone • Web-based • Instant messaging Reporting • Tabular reports • Export to MS Excel • Graphical reports • Export to .PDF • Custom perspectives • XML interface to enterprise and other applications Logging • Telemetry data • Administrative transactions • Wireless activity • Call detail records Communication • Internet • Motient (Packet Data) • T-Mobile (GSM/GPRS) • WebLink Wireless (2way Paging) • Sprint (CDMA) • Aeris (Cellular Control Channel) • Telemetrix (SMS) • SkyWave Mobile (GEO Satellite) • Cingular Interactive (Packet • ORBCOMM (LEO Satellite) Data) Copyright 2004 SensorLogic, Inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and confidential

M2M Portal™ Full-featured application building platform. Health M2M Portal is a full-featured telemetry building service that can be customized for any application and deployed Security to users quickly and inexpensively.  User personalization & customization – Reports – Alarms Transport – Notifications – Device groups  User self-administration Factory Automation – Users – Devices – Wireless carriers

M2M Portal™ : Enabling the telemetry business. Health Designed to be resold by application developers – Reseller branding – ASP business model – pay for usage Security – Automated business processes • Account administration • Service provisioning Transport • End user billing Factory Automation Your Industry Your Application Your Logo

Sony Ericsson M2Mstarter™ KIT AVIDirector™ - M2M Dust Networks SmartMesh™ Evaluation Kit Opto 22 - Nvio Zworld – GSM/GPRS Application KIT

Panel Discussion  Market  Customer need  Technology  Business model and financial challenges  General

Question Period

Top 3 things you should remember about Machine-2-Machine

Top 3 things you should remember about M2M David Brandos, Boatracs 3 - Like Canada, there are no hockey stick growth curves in vertical markets!  2 - Growth is limited by the expense of your distribution channel  1 - Hybrid networks and least cost routing dominate the future

Top 3 things you should remember about M2M Dean Fledderjohn, Kyocera Wireless 3- 3 Cs - Coverage, Cost of Service, Cost of Device 2 - Pick your suppliers wisely - ROI’s RULE! 1

Top 3 things you should remember about M2M Dick Gossen, Aeris.net 3 - Cost  2 - Coverage  1 - Control

Top 3 things you should remember about M2M Benson Hougland, Opto 22 – Pilot 3  2 – Partner  1 – Dare to Dream

Top 3 things you should remember about M2M Charles Nelson, Velocita Wireless  3 - Flexible Business Model  Pricing: Usage Based, Off-Peak, Seasonal, Bulk  Distribution & Support  2 - Proven Track Record & Commitment to M2M Segments  Fully Automated Provisioning & Activation  Back-Office Allowing Extremely Competitive Pricing Capability  1 - Mobitex Network  Extensive Flexible Network Footprint  Low Latency, High Availability

Top 3 things you should remember about M2M Jeff Smith, Sensorlogic  5 - Embedded Everywhere - Success is when no one notices it is there.  4 - Arpu poo, simplify provisioning - Carriers must carry their weight  3 - Location is Everywhere  2 - FORTUNE 500 or the unfortunate 500,000  1 - One Killer App or 10,000 Life threatening Applications

Top 3 things you should remember about M2M Jean Barrette, Bell Canada 3 – California has unfair advantage…  2 – In 2010, first recorded occurrence  of an industrial HVAC eloping with a consumer refrigerator…. 1 – 2015 killer application….software  that prevents your assets from talking behind your back!

Thank you!

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