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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: pablofranzo

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http://Learning-Layers-euhttp://Learning-Layers-eu Learning Layers Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters Smarter Learning in Primary Care Learning Layers (EU 7th FP) 1 Dr Micky Kerr (LEEDS) Dr John Bibby (NHS) Dr John Sandars (LEEDS) Paul Carder (NHS) Tamsin Treasure-Jones (LEEDS) Rose Dewey (NHS)

http://Learning-Layers-eu Today’s Session • Learning Layers Project Overview • Year 1 Empirical Research • Group Discussion • Future Plans and Next Steps 2

http://Learning-Layers-eu Learning Layers Project Consortium 3 Project Coordination Technology Research Regional Application Clusters Scaling Partners Technology Partners Health Care – Leeds Construction & Building – Bremen

http://Learning-Layers-eu Healthcare Cluster 4

http://Learning-Layers-eu Four year project (Nov 2012 – Oct 2016) 5

http://Learning-Layers-eu Healthcare Activities 6 Empirical study Co-design Capacity building - Stakeholders and Scaling

http://Learning-Layers-eu Empirical Study: Healthcare • Aims and Objectives – To understand how learning currently takes place in Diabetes Clinic Teams based in GP Practices – To identify how technology could effectively support and enhance this learning • Research Issues – Learning needs in the workplace – People; Digital and Physical Artifacts – Barriers and Opportunities > Support; Enhance 7

http://Learning-Layers-eu Context & Participants • 3 GP Practices • Practice Managers • General Practitioners • Practice Nurses • Healthcare Assistants • Diabetes Specialist Nurses • Dieticians

http://Learning-Layers-eu Methodology: Data Collection • 3 Focus Groups • 11 Graphical Elicitation Interviews • 3 Meeting Observations • 7 Snapshot Interviews • 8 Learning Diaries & Interviews

http://Learning-Layers-eu Methodology: Data Analysis • Qualitative Data – Audio-recordings; Transcriptions; Fieldnotes • Thematic Analysis (on-going) – Identifying, analysing, and reporting patterns • Coding – Top-down through research interests – Bottom-up from data – Prevalence; Importance; Exceptions

http://Learning-Layers-eu Preliminary Findings • Pressure to deliver and keep up-to-date • Essential vs. Nice to knowTime • Navigating resources and targeting relevancy • Sharing vs. Overload Information • Variation by role and perceived needs • Face-to-face vs. Opportunities Network Support • Value of specialist knowledge and expertise • Person vs. ServiceSpecialist Support

http://Learning-Layers-eu Group Discussion Reactions to the issues highlighted?

http://Learning-Layers-eu Future Plans for 2014 • Research – Learning Practices in Cross-Organisational Networks including: • Clinical Support Unit (WSYBCSU) • Practice Managers • Practice Nurses/HCAs • Social Media • Academic Health Sciences Network

http://Learning-Layers-eu Future Plans for 2014 • Co-design and Development 1: Help Seeking 3: Bits and Pieces2: Living Documents

http://Learning-Layers-eu Thank-you Questions? Contacts: Tamsin Treasure-Jones (t.treasure-jones@leeds.ac.uk) Micky Kerr (m.p.kerr@leeds.ac.uk)

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