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Published on November 5, 2007

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Change Management Overview C-Spin - November Meeting November 2, 2000 Michael Hughes The Revere Group:  Change Management Overview C-Spin - November Meeting November 2, 2000 Michael Hughes The Revere Group Objectives:  Build awareness of the need to manage change Explore Change Management principals and practices Tie concepts to Software Process Improvement initiatives Objectives What is Change Management?:  What words/ideas come to mind around Change Management? How does this tie into Software Process Improvement? What is Change Management? What is Change Management?:  What is Change Management? “The transforming of the organization so it is aligned with the execution of a chosen corporate business strategy. It is the management of the human element in a large-scale change project….” Gartner Group In Simpler Terms...:  A process that enables people to assimilate changes more quickly and completely. A process that connects significant change to the culture of the organization. A process that allows employees to be more successful more quickly in the post-change environment. In Simpler Terms... Reactions to Change:  What changes are you currently experiencing? School Family Personal We have all been through change - but how do we think about and manage it? Reactions to Change Reactions to Change:  How do we react to change? People’s reactions to change are not based just on the change itself Reactions are based on past experiences and perceptions of the change (e.g., movies) Most people don’t resist change but resist the perception that it is being forced upon them Reactions to Change Reactions to Change:  So, what’s the point? In change, the target is not always clear and/or how to get there is not always clear So what do we do about this? “When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” Reactions to Change Organizational Change:  When we change behaviors, we change the “Rules for Success” What are some Rules for Success at college? What if some of these are taken away? Organizational Change Organizational Change:  When rules for success change, we begin to see people get disoriented Why are Rules for Success important? People want to do their best work - to be successful If people can’t figure out what it takes to be successful - what happens? What if the rules for success are not clear? Organizational Change Slide11:  Why do organizations change? Why do some of these changes fail? How can we help organizations change more successfully? Organizational Change Slide12:  $250 billion per year on IT application development of approx. 175,000 projects. Average cost of a development project for a large company: $2,322,000. Medium company: $1,331,000. Small company: $434,000. Organizational Change Slide13:  31.1% of projects will be canceled before completion. 52.7% of projects will cost 189% of their original estimates. In 1995 $81 billion was spent for canceled software projects. An additional $59 billion (over budget) was paid for software projects. Figures from the Standish Group CHAOS study Organizational Change Slide14:  October, 1999 - Reuters Computer Glitch Haunts Hershey's Sales “ Hershey could lose $100 million in sales between back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…” “Most serious is the potential for a 0.5 percent loss in U.S. market share... The company's computer system began operating in July. But it quickly presented the 1,200-strong sales force with a steep learning curve. Managers are now expected to have the upper hand by the first quarter of 2000… November, 1998 - Chicago Tribune ComEd Clients Blow a Fuse Over Bill Snafus The troubles have put a strain on the company's cash flow by as much as $200 million a month… "There's a period of time, they call it the `storm period,' where you've got people adjusting to a new system," he said. "The storm period normally is a four- to six-month period, and we seem to be tracking along there, though I would say we've had more problems than we expected on the business side." Organizational Change Slide15:  Current State Future State The expectation... Time Performance What Does Change Look Like? Slide16:  Current State Future State Transition State The reality... Performance Time What Does Change Look Like? Slide17:  Specific General Specificity Awareness Inform Understanding Clarify Acceptance Convince Commitment Involve Lack of urgency Formal structures make it difficult “Bosses” do not model behavior Employees lack required skills Personnel and information systems are not aligned from John Kotter, Leading Change What Are The Inhibitors? Slide18:  Risks of not managing change Change does not occur people refuse to change people find ways to get around the change people accept only portions of the change full impact of change is not realized Change Management Slide19:  Risks of not managing change Change occurs only after great expense implementation process takes longer than planned business is disrupted to a greater degree than expected people suffer high levels of anxiety/stress; morale declines managers create tense environment Change Management Change Management:  Where is the value of Change Management? Speed Integration Reduced business disruption Change Management Slide21:  Speed Business Results Minimal Disruption Integration Software Process Improvement:  Software Process Improvement What are the goals and objectives of Software Process Improvement initiatives? BOTTOM LINE - YOU ARE ASKING PEOPLE TO CHANGE... Software Process Improvement:  Software Process Improvement What Change Management challenges are inherent in these initiatives? What are some examples from specific projects/situations in which you are currently involved? Software Process Improvement:  Change Management challenges inherent in these initiatives: Cultural changes (accountability, project-based work) Integration across business and IT functions (meeting needs of both sides) Competencies and skill sets within IT and business employees (training, organization design) Quality Assurance Software Process Improvement Preparing for Change:  Specific General Specificity Awareness Inform Understanding Clarify Acceptance Convince Commitment Involve Vision Sponsorship Communication Organization Design Training/Integration Support Preparing for Change Slide26:  Understand the overall vision Tie specific initiatives to this vision Build the need for change (“Burning Platform”) Ensure visible, consistent sponsorship Assess organization structure and competencies Identify impacts/needs from various groups Best Practices Slide27:  Provide consistent communication and involvement - WIIFM Develop a Change Network to help build support and understanding Identify training needs by role - teach people how to “get things done” Determine support needs - where do people go for help and information? Measure and communicate progress (Quick Wins) Best Practices Slide28:  Communication Training Sponsorship “What’s Happening?” “What do I do?” “Who supports it?” Vision “Why?” Importance of Vision Slide29:  “Managing at the Speed of Change: Guidelines for Resilience in Turbulent Times” by Daryl Conner (Villard Books, 1993) “Communicating Change: Winning Employee Support for New Business Goals” by T.J. Larkin & Sandar Larkin (McGraw-Hill, 1993) “Teaching Elephants to Dance” by Rosabeth Moss Kanter (Simon & Schuster, 1989) “Leading Change” by John P. Kotter (Harvard Business School Press, 1996) For more information... Slide30:  Michael Hughes Solution Center Leader - Change Management The Revere Group 1751 Lake Cook Road, Suite 600 Deerfield, IL 60015 (847) 790-2173 mhughes@reveregroup.com Contact information... Slide31:  ? ? ? ? QUESTIONS??? Slide32:  Thank You!!!!!

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