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Published on January 15, 2009

Author: aSGuest10662

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Information Technology in Electronic Government : Information Technology in Electronic Government Arthur Csetenyi Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration Department of Computer Science H-1828 Budapest, Fovam ter 8 Fax: (+) 361-266-2219 mailto: csetenyi@cs.bke.hu Four perspectives of e-government : Four perspectives of e-government reengineering / redesigning administrative processes in public sector tele-cooperation (CSCW), groupware knowledge management improving communications with citizens Success vs. Failure in DG projects : Success vs. Failure in DG projects Objectives Management Resources Information Technology Processes Skills Potential of e-governance : Potential of e-governance new form of delivering information and services new ways of making information widely available new ways of initiating dialogs new forms of linking communities (on-line communities) Slide 5: new ways of tailoring services to individuals’ needs new forms of involving people in the process of policy making new ways of enhancing the representative role of government new ways of reducing digital divide Priorities : Priorities To improve cost efficiency for governments To support democracy and democratic processes To deliver better quality services for citizens through effective use of IT To increase accountability and transparency of PA institutions and their policies toward citizens Technical features : Technical features Web publishing Uploading reports, resolutions, bills Discussion forums Infodesks, infokiosks Information retrieval Electronic mass opinion polling Electronic voting systems BPR vs. CPI : BPR vs. CPI one-shot radical change in organizational processes to achieve maximal increase of efficiency and dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance incremental refinement of existing processes Fundamental principles of administrative process improvement : Fundamental principles of administrative process improvement Increasing responsiveness to citizen needs and priorities Focus on organizational values Utilization of global (national) distributed resources Decision making at the lowest applicable level Additional principles of API : Additional principles of API Concurrency activities must be carried out in parallel Non-redundancy information must be captured only once and stored at the source Just-in-time knowledge delivery System maintainability Groupware taxonomy : Groupware taxonomy Electronic mail and messaging Electronic meeting systems Video conferencing Group scheduling Group document handling Workflow Workflow management systems and computerized tools : Workflow management systems and computerized tools Representation of logic of administrative processes Four types of routing: sequential, parallel, conditional, iteration Petri-nets Intelligent agents : Intelligent agents Intelligent artificial agents an agent is a piece of software that knows how to do things that you could do yourself if you had the time Application of agent technology filter agents search agents mail agents Knowledge hierarchy : Knowledge hierarchy information = data (facts) + purpose + meaning + interpretation knowledge = information + application + action wisdom = knowledge + experience + intuition KM components and organizational processes : KM components and organizational processes Document management tools Workflow tools Web conferencing tools Visual thinking tools DSS Digital whiteboards Data warehouses Groupware Intranets Distribution, publishing Organizational procedures and routines Communication Knowledge maps Problem solving Brainstorming Knowledge discovery Collaboration, coordination KMS objectives : KMS objectives Find knowledge Create new knowledge Apply knowledge Reuse knowledge Knowledge bases, search-and-retrieval tools Groupware, collaboration support tools Search, retrieval, and storage tools Customer-support knowledge bases User interface design : User interface design Smart digital public kiosks Talking avatars Lifelike agents Pedagogical agents Knowledge-based learning environments Security concerns : Security concerns Protection Confidentiality Non-repudiation Authenticity Authorization Conclusions : Conclusions e-government will soon be conducted in routine fashion advanced communications technology alone are insufficient culture of openness in public life innovative partnership among governments, private sector, and academic world Thank you for your attention : Thank you for your attention

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