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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: wag03ner

Source: slideshare.net


A PowerPoint detailing my progress in a designing information course.

Controlling Supply Sign By: Tully Wagner

Controlling Supply Sign • Goal: To raise awareness of consumer control when it comes to the products that businesses put on the market. I want the consumer to feel empowered. This is why ultimately I went with the red background. • Audience: The audience is anybody that purchases products from a store or business. Consumers need to know that they can make a difference in what is available for them to purchase. • Message: The message for this sign is that consumers can control supply through joining together to demand products that they want. If enough consumers buy a good, producers will continue to supply it.

First Design

First Key Design

First Key Design Notes • This was the first breakthrough I had in my design. I decided to go from 4 pictures to 1. • I think that this change really helped focus on my goal of my sign rather than giving too much to look at. • I also added a catchier caption to go along with my picture instead of boring informational text.

Second Key Design

Second Key Design Notes • In this design, I moved forward by using repetition. I organized my text using bullet points. • I also used contrasting colors to help key words stand out in my bulleted list. – This will come into play in my later designs. • My final step forward here occurs by breaking up my background a little bit and getting a better crowd picture. • P.S. The rest of my designs are actual slides themselves, not pictures of slides. The notes will continue to be posted after the designs.

One lone Controlling Supply Three Keys to Control: 1. Strength in Numbers! The more people that demand a product, the more will be supplied. 2. Be Outspoken! It’s easier for a company to understand that they need to produce more if consumers are outspoken in their want for the product. 3. Buy It! If a company has a hard time keeping their product on the shelf, they are more likely to produce more. One lonely individual will have a minor impact on supply. However, an infectiously energetic throng of people will always be heard!

Third Key Design Notes • This design is very similar to my last design, I just improved it by using complementary colors and fixing some previous alignment issues. • I wanted to show this design because it is probably my second favorite design I created.

Controlling Supply One lone

Fourth Key Design Notes • In this design I kept the complementary purple and yellow color scheme. • I got rid of a lot of the text but kept the bulleted list headings. • I also used contrasting fonts in this design. – This gave me my inspiration for my final design. (Shown on the next slide.)

Control Supply One lone Be Outspoken! Apply Strength in Numbers! Buy the Product! One lonely individual will have a minor impact on supply. However, an infectiously energetic throng of people will always be heard!

Final Design Notes • My final design incorporates a few of my other designs in one cohesive sign. • I kept many of the elements from previous designs. – A contrasting color and font scheme. – The crowd picture. – The caption with descriptive text. – The bullet point headings with contrasting text. • Over the course of the class it has been neat to watch my design improve.

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