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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: RichZaluski



The parameters for CSCSS Intelligence Services (CIS) are defined by CSCSS leadership and our CSCSS Select Intelligence Committee which defines CIS func5ons are to obtain and provide informa5on and perform other tasks relating to the acts and intentions of attackers.

CSCSS Intelligence Services conduct our assignments and operations:
• In the interests of na?onal transna?onal level security;
• particular reference to the cyber defence, cyberlaw and related and international law and policies;
• in the interests of the economic security and national security; and
• in support of the prevention or detection of serious crime.

Richard Zaluski President, CEO and Chairman

CSCSS  Cyber  Intelligence  Services  (CIS)        Se3ng  the  Stage                CSCSS  Cyber  Intelligence  Services  plays  vital  role  in  enabling  the      rela5onship  between  defense  and  cyber  intelligence  services  as  a          mission.                                            The  Threat  Landscape    The  threat  landscape  presents  an  incredible  challenge  facing      industry  in  securing  informa5on  from  evolving  internal  and      external  threats  while  enabling  beneficial  collabora5on  within    our  security  infrastructures.                      Your  Challenges  –  Our  Services      We  realize  that  no  engagement  is  the  same,  we  tailor  our      services  to  unique  requirements.                

CIS  –  Our  Intelligence  Services   §  The  parameters  for  our  CIS  ac5vi5es  are  defined  by  CSCSS  leadership  and   our  CSCSS  Select  Intelligence  CommiCee  which  defines  CIS  func5ons  are   to  obtain  and  provide  informa5on  and  perform  other  tasks  rela5ng  to  the   acts  and  inten5ons  aCackers.         CSCSS  Intelligence  Services  conduct  our   assignments  and  opera5ons:       •  In  the  interests  of  na?onal   transna?onal  level  security;   •  par5cular  reference  to  the  cyber   defence,  cyberlaw  and  related  and   interna5onal  law  and  policies;   •  in  the  interests  of  the  economic   security  and  na?onal  security;  and   •  in  support  of  the  preven?on  or   detec?on  of  serious  crime.  

Understanding  the  Threat   Cyber  intelligence  relates  to  effec5ve  threat  enterprise  risk  management  as   organiza5ons  spread  business  and  opera5ons  around  the  world.     The Landscape Cyberspace Hostile Actors. State Sponsored Cyberspace"  is  the  term  used  to  describe  the   2 electronic  medium  of  digital  networks  used   to  store,  modify  and  communicate   informa5on.     Hos5le  actors  exploit  cyberspace  to  conduct   espionage  opera5ons  (stealing  informa5on)   or  launch  damaging  computer  network   aCacks.     Foreign  states,  criminals,  'hack5vist'  groups   and  terrorists  use  cyber  to  target   government,  military,  businesses  and   individuals.   Your Logo

CSCSS  Cyber  +  Intelligence  Services  (CIS)   CSCSS  Intelligence  Services  provide  client  services  that:    Operate  with  a  Global  Prospec?ve    CSCSS  Global  Presence:    Canada,  UK/EU,    East  Asia  /  India,    Asia  Pacific  /  Australia,  Africa,  and  the  United  States   §  Deliver  A  Mul?disciplinary  Approach:    CIS  provides  robust  cyber   Intelligence  Services  and  security  solu5ons  to  clients  and  industries,   enabling  them  to  confidently  pursue  the  opportuni5es  offered  by  the   cyber  revolu5on.   Our  engagement  with    our  clients  and  partners  to   plan,  develop  and  manage  corporate  cyber  +   security  and  manage  their  threats  and  develop   intelligence  opera5ons  in  today’s  complex  cyber   environments  that  draw  on  CSCSS  intellect,   experience,  knowledge  and  global  prospec?ve.      

CSCSS  Intelligence  Services  Demonstrate   §  Superior  interpersonal  and  liaison  skills  in   order  to  build  strong  rela5onships  with  our   corporate  partners  and  staff;     §  Provide  an  ‘Intelligence’  presence  and   impact,  with  a  proven  ability  to  interact   effec5vely  with  diverse  cultures  and   backgrounds;     §  Deliver  specialized  exper?se  skills  and   knowledge,  high  levels  of  maturity  and  self-­‐ management  skills,  with  excellent  judgment   and  the  ability  to  assess  risks;     §  Resilience  and  mo?va?on,  with  a   determina5on  to  achieve  results  in  difficult  and   high-­‐pressure  environments;     §  Highest  levels  of  personal  integrity  and   professionalism,  which  CSCSS  will  con5nue  to   support  through  comprehensive  training  and   development  programs.      

CIS  –  Services  Delivery   §  Exper?se  and  experience  with  various  agencies  within  the  law   enforcement  and  military  intelligence  communi5es  we  deliver  a  spectrum   ac5onable  intelligence  services:   •  Na5on  Player  Threat  profiling  and  Corporate   Risk  Profiling   •  Incident  Response  +  Forensics  /  Malware   Analysis   •  Cybercrime  Cyber  Fraud  Preven5on  and   Inves5ga5on  services   •  Open  Source  Intelligence  (OSINT)   •  Directed  Threat  Research  and  Collec5on   (DTR+C)   •  Cyber  Intelligence  (CYBINT)   •  Breach  Event  Forensics  +  Analysis   •  Structured  Threat  informa5on  +  Ac5on

CIS  Structured  Threat  Informa?on  +  Ac?on   •  Structured  Threat  Informa?on  providing  a  unifying  a  diverse  set  of  cyber   threat  informa5on  sets  including:   §  §  §  §  §  §  §  §  Cyber Observables Threat Vectors + Indicators Incidents + Response Adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (including attack patterns, malware, exploits, kill chains, tools, infrastructure, victim targeting, etc.) Exploit Targets (e.g., vulnerabilities, weaknesses or configurations) Courses of Action (e.g., incident response or vulnerability/weakness remedies or mitigations) Cyber Attack Campaigns Cyber Threat Actors  

CIS  Intelligence  Assets  /  Experience  +  Exper?se     CSCSS  Intelligence  Service  staff  is  composed  of:       §  Intelligence  Analysts,  Network  engineers,  and  Computer  Security  Analysts   who  have  worked  with  various  governments  within  the  law  enforcement  and   military  intelligence  community.  CSCSS  personnel  have  been  security  screened   to  NATO  SECRET  in  accordance  with  host  na5on,  5i  and  NATO  security  (and   above)  requirements.   §  Our  standard  is  a  comprehensive,  highly  trained,  highly  skilled  and  agile  team   that  enables  CSCSS  to  provide  a  response  to  the  evolving  trends  and   challenges  faced  by  our  clients.   §  Intelligence  staff  members,  associated  with  CSCSS  Intelligence  Services,  have   provided  opera5onal  support  to:    the  MET,  Department  of  State,  Naval   Systems  Center,  Army  Intelligence  Center  of  Excellence  and  White  House   Communica5ons  Agency  as  well  as  Police  and  Military  Intelligence  Agencies.    

CSCSS  Cyber  +  Intelligence  Services  /  Divisions   and  Groups   §  CIS  is  formed  from  our  divisions  and  experienced  professionals  offer   and  deliver  unparalleled  exper5se  in  cyber  assurance,  engineering,   solu5ons,  IT  management,  and  mission  assurance.    

CSCSS  Cyber  +  Intelligence  Services  /  Divisions   and  Groups   •  CIS  provides  protec/ve  security   services  to  businesses  and   organiza2ons  spanning  na2onal  cri2cal   infrastructures.     §  §  §  §  §  Banking & Financial Services Water Agriculture Public Health Emergency Services

How  is  CIS  Intelligence  Services  Tackling  the   Cyber  Threat?      CSCSS  Cyber  Intelligence  Services  and  Groups  work  in  concert  to  tackle  the  cyber    threat  along  with  public-­‐private  sector  and  industry.       •  We  are  dedicated  to  tackling  the  cyber  threat  by:   §  Iden?fying  cyber  opera5ons  targe5ng  industry  and  gathering  intelligence  in   order  to  beCer  understand  the  threat  posed.     §  Providing  protec5ve  security  advice  to  the  Na5onal  -­‐  Cri5cal  Na5onal   Infrastructure  Providers  and  Industry       §  Responding  to  computer  network  aCacks  by  engaging  with  and  assis5ng   vic5ms.     §  Repor?ng  to  government  and  other  stakeholders  on  the  cyber  threat  to   assist  policy  makers  to  beCer  decide  how  best  to  ensure  cyber  security.  

How  is  CIS  Intelligence  Services  Tackling  the   Cyber  Threat?   Cyber Intelligence Convergent + integrated Enhanced Security Address  the  Evolving  Threats  and  increased  risks  of  cyber  crimes,  our  Intelligence  Services  work  directly  with     public-­‐private    sector  partners  to  enhance  cybersecurity.      We  work  to  promote  cybersecurity  awareness     and  cyber  literacy  amongst  all  Internet  users.       CIS  Collaborates  with  the  financial  and  other  cri5cal  infrastructure  sectors  to  improve  network  security  with  a     special  focus  on  and    dedicated  to  comba5ng  serious  cyber  crime,  cyber  aCacks  and  protec5ng     cri5cal  infrastructure.    

Engage  with  CCSCSS  Cyber  Intelligence  Services   All  our  opera5ons  are  conducted  within  a  framework  of    Interna5onal  law   and  legisla5ve  acts  that  defines  our  roles  and  ac5vi5es  in  cyberspace..              Why  Engaging  with  CIS?     §  §  §  §  §  §  §  Dedicated  Intelligence  +  Cybersecurity  Professionals   Confiden5ality  /  Non  Disclosure   Deep  Cyber  +  Intelligence  Exper5se   Engagements:    Are  defined  by  client  needs  and  requirements   We  deliver  Impact,  Exper5se,  Experience  and  ROI   We  are  Globally  Focused   Agile  Services  

Ques?on  &  Answer   Next  Steps   CSCSS  /  Centre  for  Strategic  Cyberspace  +  Security  Science   Leadership  /  Research  /  Defence                     hCp://     RICHARD  ZALUSKI   Chief  Execu?ve  Officer    

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