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Published on August 12, 2008

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CSA COMPUTER4 LESSON 6 : CSA COMPUTER4 LESSON 6 VB6 Multiple Document Interface 8/12/2008 1 created by: sdr CAL – AP3 Textbook , pages 49-50 Creating MDI Forms : Creating MDI Forms All the projects you've created so far have been single-document interface (SDI) projects. In SDI programs, every form in the application is a peer of all other forms; no intrinsic hierarchy exists between forms. VB also lets you create multiple-document interface (MDI) programs. 8/12/2008 2 created by: sdr What is Multiple Document Interface? : What is Multiple Document Interface? 8/12/2008 created by: sdr 3 MDI program contains one parent window (also called a container) and one or more child windows. A classic example of a MDI program is Microsoft Word 95 (2000 behaves slightly different, depending on how it's set up). When you run Word 97, a single parent window appears. Within this parent window, you can open any number of documents, which appear in child windows. FIGURE 1 : FIGURE 1 8/12/2008 created by: sdr 4 In MDI program, all child windows share the same toolbar and menu bar, which appears on the parent window. One restriction of child windows is that they can exist only within the confines of the parent window. Figure 1 shows an example of Word in runtime mode with a number of child (not children) document windows open. MDI applications consist of a single parent window and one or more child windows. FIGURE 2 : FIGURE 2 8/12/2008 created by: sdr 5 Note: MDI applications can have several normal windows in addition to child windows. FIGURE 3 : FIGURE 3 8/12/2008 created by: sdr 6 The MDI parent form has an ActiveMdiChild property, which you can use to get a reference to the currently active child window. You must set a standard form as MDI child as shown in Figure 3 so that form1 would be confined in the parent MDI form. SAMPLE PROGRAM: : SAMPLE PROGRAM: 8/12/2008 created by: sdr 7 CAL Textbook - AP 3 page 50 Exercise #1 Please examine the following: {Steps, Codes and Illustration(s)} Please bring a copy of this lesson individually. Discussion with recitation tomorrow. (Program defense of the remaining groups right after the lecture.)  God Bless Augustinians….

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