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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Janelle


Information Sources in Crystallography:  Information Sources in Crystallography Your Logo Here Gregory K. Youngen Physics/Astronomy Librarian University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign A Dynamic Guide to the Crystallographic Literature:  A Dynamic Guide to the Crystallographic Literature Founded on a request to consolidate reference sources around campus A dynamic literature guide to the history of crystallographic information from the print to the electronic Using resources available at UIUC and elsewhere Article: Science Libraries vol. 19(1), 2000 pp. 49-78 Presentation Outline:  Presentation Outline Nature of Crystals Development of Crystallography Nature of Crystallographic Information Development of the electronic resources Nature of Crystals:  Nature of Crystals Crystals Structure of the unit cell arrangement of atoms within the molecule Lattice - a repeating array of points in space arrangement of the molecules Crystal properties physical characteristics,mechanical, electrical, magnetic & optical Symmetry & Mathematics:  Symmetry & Mathematics Symmetry, Lattices & Space Groups 17 Plane Groups 32 Point Groups 230 Space Groups International Tables for X-Ray Crystallography Vol. A - Descriptions Vol. B - Mathematical Applications Development of Crystallography:  Development of Crystallography Outgrowth of Mineralogy Importance to chemistry, solid state physics, materials science, engineering, biology Industrial and Academic interests Critical Developments:  Critical Developments X-Ray Diffraction Max von Laue (Nobel Prize 1914) W.H. and W.L. Bragg (Nobel Prize 1915) The Powder Method Peter J.W. Debye (Nobel Prize 1936) Crystal Structure of DNA Watson & Crick (Nobel Prize 1962) Societies:  Societies Too much data Crystallographers Unite (Seperately) UK (CDD, Cambridge) US (ACA) Germany (Zeit. Krist. Min., Strukturebericht) International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Publishing History:  Publishing History Textbooks W.H. Bragg - X-Rays & Crystal Structure (1915) Ralph Wyckoff, Crystal Structure, et al International Conferences Dedicated Journals Acta Crystallographica (1948-) Zeitschrift fuer Krystallographie un Mineralogie (1877-) Publishing History (cont.):  Publishing History (cont.) Guides to the Literature Crystallographic Book List - Megaw Abstracting and Indexing Sources Mineralogical Abstracts, Bulletin Signaletique Handbooks, Tables and Manuals Crystal Structures - Wyckoff Int’l. Tables for X-Ray Crystallography (IUCr) Laue Atlas - Preuss Publishing History (cont.):  Publishing History (cont.) Databooks Crystal Data Determinative Tables (NBS) Structure Reports (IUCr) Powder Diffraction File (ASTM) Database Development:  Database Development Crystal Data Center Cambridge Organic Information (CSD) International Center for Diffraction Data (NBS/NIST) PDF FIZ - Karlsruhe Inorganic (ICSD) Brookhaven National Lab Biological (Protein Data Bank) Reading the Data:  Reading the Data Standardization Crystallographic Information File (IUCr) Interpretation Software Visualization Tools Data -> Structure Future Developments Integration services Large data sets + E-Journals + Software

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