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Information about Cryptococcosis

Published on February 11, 2008

Author: hanjho


Hx and chest PA A 52-year-old man with a lung nodule 15 년 전 HBV(+) 5 년 전 HCC 진단 4 개월 전 까지 TAE #6 시행받음 . 최근 CXR 상 lung nodule 발견 되어 w/u 위해 입원함 . A nodular opacity on right upper lung zone

15 년 전 HBV(+)

5 년 전 HCC 진단

4 개월 전 까지 TAE #6 시행받음 .

최근 CXR 상 lung nodule 발견 되어 w/u 위해 입원함 .

Chest CT


A core of gun biopsy Copyrightⓒ2007 By Joungho Han, All right reserved. Gun biopsy: Necrotizing inflammation with granulomas

Granulomatous inflammation Copyrightⓒ2007 By Joungho Han, All right reserved. Granulomatous inflammation

Organisms Copyrightⓒ2007 By Joungho Han, All right reserved. Many yeast-form organisms in cytoplasms of histiocytes

Special stains Gomori methenamine silver stain PAS stain Fontana Masson stain Mucicarmine stain Copyrightⓒ2007 By Joungho Han, All right reserved. Cryptococcosis

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