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Published on June 14, 2019

Author: Darioagud



2. PROBLEM SOLUTION Projects are not incentivized for their achievements Quality of each project is not visible to the community Projects can deceive crucial information, achievements and market and get away with it. Projects are tested for their achievements and awarded the corresponding badges which reflect recognition, credibility and enable them to mine QCP tokens Projects can use tokens for services with our partner companies (exchanges, compliance and other service providers). Crypto Badges:

3. How it works? . Acquire achievement 1 . Publish achievement 2 . Start mining 3 Each achievement is represented by one badge. STEP 1: Acquire your 1st achievement by applying and providing the necessary documentation. STEP 2: Customize and publish your achievement represented by the badge on your website. STEP 3: You are now eligible to mine QCP tokens weekly without computing power.

4. Projects with badges are the crypto elite What does each badge mean? Legal document & token audit report The project has done market and competition analysis. The project has the legal opinion and token audit report. Legal document & token audit report The project has team introduction videos and has done KYC with Crypto-Potential. Legal document & token audit report The project has the minimum viable product (MVP) which can be tested. Legal document & token audit report The project has at least 2 famous PR articles or 2'000 YouTube video views.

5. ..mine QCP tokens. Projects with achievements.. Current: 1 QCP= $0.01 Legal document & token audit report 500 QCP Legal document & token audit report Legal document & token audit report Legal document & token audit report weekly 1'000 QCP 2'000 QCP 5'000 QCP 3'000 QCP weekly weekly weekly weekly

6. Crypto market new projects yearly 8 600 spending on blockchain solutions $2.1B How big is the opportunity?

7. Team Dario Sagud CEO Nikola Roginic COO Helena Sagud CMO Sandeep Shukla Lead Developer Parham Lilian SM Strategist Jason Meng Blockchain Advisor Filip Zolota Business Advisor Cyril Claire Investor Relations T. K. Hamed Strategy Advisor Pratik Gandhi Marketing Advisor +10y software dev +10y business +8y marketing +5y blockchain +3y graphic design

8. Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 600 400 200 0 TRACTION SCALABLE MODEL IN UPWARD TREND Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May 1,250 1,000 750 500 250 0 Badges issued Registered usersWhitelisted Investors 391 249k 22 063 Crypto Projects Tokens Mined Crypto People 505 Issued Badges 7 Providers accepting QCP token 1004 Investors Whitelisted QCP

9. You find this interesting? Contact us: @crypto_potential @cryptop0tential "The reward of success is far greater than the risk of failure.", Nikola Roginic COO, Crypto-Potential "Life is too short to wait for the change to happen.", Dario Sagud CEO, Crypto-Potential More information on

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