Crumpled Paper Watersheds

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Published on April 22, 2014

Author: mitchellm



Model how water is collected in a watershed.

Crumpled Paper Watersheds Which way does water flow?

 RR – Go get/fill out a purple sheet and put it on the end of the table.  MM – Go get map pencils.  SI/T – Go get a white tub.  ** - The teacher will give you a blue marker. Getting Ready

 Create a unique landscape by crumpling up the piece of paper.  Then opened your paper part-way to reveal mountains, valleys, crevices, etc. Step 1 –

 Place the paper in the pan, making sure all of the paper is contained in the pan. Step 2 -

 Use a brown map pencil to mark the ridges and high points of the landscape.  Use the blue marker to mark the low spots, where you think the water will collect. Step 3 -

 Decide where you think the best place to build roads would be. Then draw in the roads using a black map pencil.  Decide where you think the best site to build a house would be. Then draw a spot for the house with a purple map pencil. Step 4 -

 Show the teacher your predictions of where you think the water will collect! Step 5 -

 Now you're ready for it to rain.... The teacher will spray your watershed with “rain.” Step 6

 RR – Please turn in your purple sheet to the finished box! Step 8 -

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